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2017 Registration Renewal IS NOW OPEN
(are you retiring this year and not renewing? let us know!)
Due before: October 31, 2016(*subject to late fees after Oct 31)
**Reminder to PDP 2016 candidates:Due Sept 15th (100$ late fee)**
1. Online Renewal Process (5min)
CLICK HERE to PRINT a Step-by-Step Procedure (with Photos) to post in your department
(Click here to print the french version)
Registrants will need to log into 2 different websites with 2 different 
log-ins to register :

1.  “Member Log In” tab on the right                     
      *Log in 1 Hint for NBSMLT website :  lastname.firstname, pswd: CSMLS #.

2. Choose “Registration Renewal” tab at the very bottom, then
         Click " Renew registration information"
*Log in 2 Hint for Service NB Portal:

 For Horizon/Vitalité/GNB employees:  Use CURRENT username/password used daily to log into your work computer "Active Directory" (after CTRL+ALT+DEL), *Not your Medictech login, nor email address.
For All others who created Service NB accounts:  If you can't remember, Click "forgot ID/password"  at the bottom of the portal login page. For 24/7 technical assistance call 1-888-832-2762 24/7 

2. Payment Information
a.Payroll Deduction: *** DO NOT PAY if you participate in the payroll deduction program at your work ( not sure if you participate? Check your paystub)
b. Non- Payroll Deduction: Please ensure payment online before Oct 31 &  Contact your payroll department to sign up for next year (helps reduce bank fees = keeps dues low)
3. Print receipt
 NBSMLT Official Tax Receipts are now SELF-Printing
  • Print  2 copies of your official tax receipt via the Service NBportal  AFTER  Registration+payment+ PDP (2016 candidates) have all been received and processed by the NBSMLT office (within 2 weeks after registering)
  • Cards are no longer mailed since they are no longer required to vote at the AGM. 
  • If unable to print = payment or PDP not received or not processed yet ( allow 2 weeks)
4. CSMLS Registration
In November,  the NBSMLT will forward all CSMLS registration info & payment on behalf of all certified/practicing registrants.   (** Only Inactive, retirees, students, MLAs, non-certified  must register directly with CSMLS in late SEPT: )
Click here if you are an MLA who wants to register for the first time (50$)
Questions? Our FAQ section has the answers. Located below  Step 3 in the "Registration Renewal" tab. If question not answered here, email