Late Summer Heart
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photograph by Leigh Aschoff |

Late Summer Heart 
As we move from within the chrysalis 
and take the ripe fruit from what’s been changed
we move forward to see the allure
and bring our gifts to the world
We open like a butterfly
slowly beating our wings against the walls
to open again
to offer again
to try again
to see the beauty
We are playful
We are Soulful
Beings of the Earth
we are
we are
we are
the Dancers


This course is designed for WOMEN to dive deeply into the intimate knowledge they have of the ways they relate to and embody the sacred feminine. This course is for us to explore our own relationship with the divine and create multiple avenues for greater connection with the highest aspects of our power, individually and as a collective.

 Saturday, September 19th, Module 1: Sacred Feminine as Nurturer In this class we will explore what it means to BE NOURISHED wholesomely. We will use movement to foster an intimate connection with our physical body, awakening consciousness at the level of the anamaya-kosha, also known as the food body. Through practices of movement, breath and awareness we will consider the view we have of our own body-wisdom and evolve our personal experience into one that is expansive and deeply nutritive.

 Saturday, October 17th, Module 2:Sacred Feminine as Creatrix This class will focus on CREATION. We will use the power of our breath and flowing transitions to discover the natural cadence that invites us to manifest our desires. Moving from inner to outer realms we will access a deep connection to the subtle intelligence that flows at the level of the pranamaya-kosha, also known as the vital-energy body. Through practices of movement, breath and awareness we will consider the view we have of our own energy-wisdom and evolve our personal experience into one that swells and substantiates our becoming.

 Saturday, November 14th, Module 2:Sacred Feminine as Warrior As a warriors of the heart we understand that the most difficult trials we face will hone our greatest strengths. In order to empower our actions we must heal by transforming our obstacles into opportunities for growth, sustenance and insight. In this class we will use the power of mind, body and breath to compassionately aid in the break down of old, outmoded belief structures, catalyzing your practice into a synergy of release, clarity and renewal.

All 3 Modules $120, $45 drop-in, Limited to 6 students.
All Whole-Heartedly Welcome.
No experience necessary.

Sign up HERE

580 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NYC

SEPTEMBER 11TH 7:30-9:30PM


Join us as we celebrate our one-year anniversary! Expect an evening of fun and magic including tarot readings, reiki treatments, aromatherapy, sound therapy, Aura readings, AcroYoga, Thai massage, class card discounts and more. Free and open to all. 

For more information click here

with Catherine Moon & Andrea Frade

Friday September 18th, 7-9pm 

Union Arts Center 
2 Union Ave. Sparkill, NY

Prepare to immerse yourself in the healing sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls and chimes, the mystical drone of the harmonium, soft guitar, and angelic ethereal voice weaving sacred mantras into the sound scape.

Gift yourself this nurturing time of deep relaxation. Dissolve your physical stresses and move into the luxury of  spaciousness within you. 

This 2-hour nourishing sound bath will include:

- Gentle therapeutic yoga + Restorative poses 
- Breathwork
- Guided relaxation
- Hands on Reiki*

*Reiki is a gentle hands-on modality, originally a Japanese technique, designed to aid in stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Bring someone special with you or come alone.
No experience necessary. All are Welcome.

$40 in Advance
$50 Day of

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FRIDAY - SUNDAY  ∞  SEPTEMBER 25 -27, 2015

Welcome all to the energy of OM. We give you all a chance to express your Divinity and allow your True Self to shine forth from within. We accept everyone regardless of religion, creed or origin. We give you the full recognition of your Divinity and allow you to see the truth of your entire being. This is what we are doing here at OM fest. Allow yourself to journey within. Allow yourself to be the one you came here to be and allow yourself to understand your true nature by being a part of the journey OM.

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