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Faith Abiodun Executive Director, UWC International

Dear friends of the UWC movement, 


On the entrance steps to the library at the Dover Campus of UWC South East Asia, these words are printed: “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences”. I was deeply struck as I read those words two weeks ago when I arrived in Singapore to join colleagues from all over the world participating at UWCSEA’s 50th anniversary Forum on the theme “Learning to Shape the Future”. 

Over the two days of the Forum, through various keynotes and thematic discussions, I was inspired to discover the many ways in which the UWC mission has been expressed. I was thrilled to hear Mia Eskelund Pedersen (UWC Mahindra College 2005-2007) and Polly Akhurst (UWC Atlantic 2004-2006) present highlights of Amala’s transformational impact on refugee education over the last five years, with particular emphasis on the involvement of teachers at UWCSEA in developing their curriculum. Seeing two UWC alumni from different colleges collaborating with teachers to develop education solutions for refugee students was heartwarming. It was further proof that each one of us has a unique role to play in shaping a better future for all, and we can achieve so much when we choose to recognise, accept and celebrate our differences, rather than allow them to divide us. 

From Singapore, I travelled on to Thailand where, after two days of constructive engagement at a retreat with several UWC Heads, I had the privilege of spending time with the UWC Thailand community. If UWCSEA’s key distinctiveness was the overwhelming focus on service, UWC Thailand’s uniqueness was mindfulness. The campus is adorned with the words “Good Heart, Balanced Mind, and Healthy Body”, and at a time when we are all keenly focused on mental health, we could certainly take a cue from Kim Young, UWC Thailand’s Head of Mindfulness, who invites us to take deep breaths before launching into each day’s activities. 

I can imagine that this advice is especially timely for all UWC students who are currently writing the IB Diploma examinations, some under extremely challenging conditions. For our students at UWC Changshu China, it must be additionally tough to prepare for examinations as huge swathes of the country go into lockdown; and for our students at UWC-USA, it is unimaginable having to be evacuated from your campus under the threat of wildfires. Our thoughts are with all students, faculty and staff members at these campuses as they forge ahead through difficult times, and we are sending our best wishes to all students who are writing examinations. 

As always, I would like to thank you for all that you do in service of the UWC mission.

Faith Abiodun
Executive Director, UWC International

Calling all London-based UWCers - Come and Meet Shelby & Gale Davis!
Meet Shelby & Gale Davis

We’re excited to announce our first in-person event in two years will be happening on Saturday, 28 May from 11am-2pm, where you can meet UWC patrons Shelby and Gale Davis. Come and hear why they believe so deeply in the power of a UWC education as they join in conversation with Dr Musimbi Kanyoro (Chair of the UWC International Board), Faith Abiodun (Executive Director of UWC International) and a UWC alum.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with some of UWC’s most steadfast supporters, as well as other London-based UWCers.

Hosted in a community space in the heart of London, drinks and canapés will be served at this free, informal event. There are limited spaces available, so make sure to book your spot soon. If you would like to write a message for Shelby and Gale to be shared on the day, please add it when registering.  

Register for the Event and Book Your Spot Here
Wildfires Cause College Evacuation
Wildfires at UWC-USA

The UWC-USA community has pulled together like never before this week as it deals with the effects of the Hermit's Peak and Calf Canyon Fires in New Mexico, which have pushed close to the College’s campus. The decision was taken to evacuate students, faculty and staff to the Glorieta Adventure Camps, where they will continue to conduct classes. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the students and staff at this extremely challenging time. 

Watch a Message from UWC-USA's President, Victoria Mora
Read More About the Wildfires in New Mexico
Learning to Shape the Future at UWC South East Asia

UWC South East Asia recently welcomed speakers from across the world to the UWCSEA Forum, a two-day event designed to bring together notable figures from the UWC community in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The opening keynote speech was delivered by Howard Gardner from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and discussed ways of measuring ‘good work’.

Chair of the UWC International Board, Dr Musimbi Kanyoro, and UWC International’s Executive Director, Faith Abiodun, were delighted to be able to join the event in person, and gave keynote speeches touching on the history of the UWC movement, and our commitment to remaining a positive force for change in global education. 

Listen to Recordings From the UWCSEA Forum
UWC Sustainability Champions
UWC Sustainability Champions

In honour of Earth Day we’ve been sharing stories from some amazing UWCers who have dedicated their careers to supporting our planet. Showcasing innovative ways of turning waste into luxury goods, Kresse Wesling CBE (Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong, 1994-1996) has built a worldwide reputation as an environmental entrepreneur, while Aurelio Ramos, (UWC-USA, 1989-1991) uses his background in environmental economics to work at a local, national and international level to increase biodiversity. Meanwhile, Selina Leem (UWC Robert Bosch College, 2014-2016) draws on her personal experience to speak movingly on the world stage about the devastating effects of climate change, and Bhushan Tuladhar (UWC-USA, 1985-1987) demonstrates his unwavering commitment to supporting environmental sustainability in his homeland, Nepal.

Find the Latest UWC Impact Stories Here
UWC Short Courses Roll-out Summer Programme
UWC Short Courses

After a COVID-19-induced hiatus, whereby some UWC short courses had to be deferred or moved online, we are pleased to be offering a full summer programme this year. Some courses will remain online, but many will be happening in-person in various locations across the world. These courses provide a unique insight into UWC’s experience-based learning methodology, exploring a range of socio-political issues, from migration to environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship to youth leadership. They can be a fantastic jumping off point for young people interested in joining the UWC community, making new friends, gaining new skills, and learning how to become agents for positive change in the world.

Browse UWC Short Courses
Community corner
Heads Meet-Up at UWC Thailand

Heads Meet-Up at UWC Thailand

UWC Thailand was delighted to welcome heads from UWC South East Asia, UWC Robert Bosch College, UWC Dilijan, Pearson College UWC and UWC Maastricht to their campus for a packed few days of activities and discussions. The Heads were also joined by UWC International’s Executive Director, Faith Abiodun, who took part in a live streamed talk to discuss the future vision for the UWC movement.

Watch a Recording of UWC Thailand's Facebook Live
Global Affairs Re-imagined

Global Affairs at Pearson College UWCPearson College UWC decided to call on the expertise of their alumni community to re-imagine their Global Affairs programme, delivering a speakers’ series focusing on sustainability, equity and peace. The sessions were carefully planned to procure speakers and alumni from different ethnic, gender, and national groups and ensure diverse perspectives of opinions on common global issues. The success of the programme sparked a call for the entire school community to put forward their ideas for projects to reduce the College’s ecological footprint. The USD 500 grant was awarded to a team of students who designed an innovative composting programme, which will be implemented on campus in August.

Top Tips for ARDEI at Your School

Reid Pierce, Anti-Discrimination Officer & History and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher, UWC Mahindra College, India

Last month we spotlighted UWC Mahindra College’s efforts in creating a bespoke ARDEI policy. Their IBDP history teacher and Anti-Discrimination Officer, Reid Pierce, now shares what he learned from the process; this is an important read for anyone interested in creating an ARDEI policy specific to their school. 

Learn About Reid's ARDEI Strategies and Approaches for Schools
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