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The Plan 
Yes, that plan for a scrap-metal yard in West Norwood, receiving, sorting and despatching 38,000 tonnes per year (proposal ‘for starters’).
Southwark Metals estimates 120 vehicles a day in then out of the site, and that means through our local road network too.  Of these SM predicts 25% will be OGV2 trucks – that’s the largest and heaviest class allowed on British roads.
SM has now decided to restrict its own vehicles to the 32 tonne type shown below, though these are as tall as a double-decker bus, twice as heavy but thankfully 25% shorter.  However, trucks from other companies could be up to 44 tonnes.


West Norwood has measured a big air quality improvement in our town centre since new buses became hybrid.  Air quality needs to improve further, not receive a significant backward step.  SM says its trucks will avoid the town centre.   There would be little control over others coming to the site, which would be the majority.
The December exhibition of plans provided a bit more information, and NAG has reviewed its FAQ sheet to reflect this – find it
A planning application is expected in the near future – you can be sure NAG will continue to vigorously engage and represent the community interest.  If you are concerned, support NAG!

Dear Neighbour,

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Welcome to the January NAG newsletter.  Please forward to family or friends you think will be interested.  

How to support NAG!
NAG works for the community in so many ways.  As an independent, unfunded volunteer group we need a small income to cover expenses.  Membership is only £5 per year.  This not only helps with the expenses but also visibly and meaningfully expresses to 'authority' the support we have from the community in our engagement with all manner of challenges.  We would so much appreciate you acting right now, ideally by annual standing order to Barclays Bank, Norwood Action Group, 20‑94‑67, 20410489.  We thank every one of you who already is a paid-up member and supporter.
Congratulations Helen
Helen Hayes has again been returned as our local MP.  She has proved to be a very engaged constituency MP as well as being very active in the Commons.  However, not so many know that she is a bat fancier!
In 2017 the Bat Conservation Trust appointed Helen as MP Champion of the Common Pipistrelle (perhaps since then known as the Common's Pipistrelle) – more
here.  And in December she was awarded Best Parliamentary Champion, and presented with, errr, a bat.  Even more here.
Gerald Bowden, MP
We report the death on 7th January of Gerry Bowden.  He was the Conservative MP for Dulwich from 1983 to 1992 (before the previous boundary changes).  Two families recently experienced unimaginable tragedy.  Daughter Emma Bowden with fiancé Richard Cousins died with three other members of the two families in an air crash last year.
Boundary Changes
Constituency boundary changes could come back onto government agenda.  Under the 2018 proposals our neighbourhood would ludicrously be split between three constituencies.  As the recommendations were ‘put on the back-burner’, it’s possible that there may be new proposals and consultation.  Or the government may feel no need to act.

The strange world of fly-posting in Norwood

Draft new Lambeth Local Plan
The proposed review submission version has now been published, with many changed or new generic policies that affect all neighbourhoods, plus changes to our own neighbourhood proposals: check
here – WN and TH policy PN7 starts at page 430.  Lots to fascinate avid planners – such as the Creative Enterprise Zone is dead – long live the Creative Business Cluster!  Also, significantly it states: ‘West Norwood and Tulse Hill are historic suburbs, with relatively lower density housing and a strong community focus.’  This is significant as it has planning and other policy outcomes which are generally positive.  For Summary of Key Changes to the preceding draft and consultation (and other relevant support documents) go to item 4 here.

Our colleagues Norwood Forum
As regular readers know, NAG and Forum cooperatively work alongside each other with different focuses and with some overlap.  NAG is more about the built environment and Forum more about the community.  We encourage you to support Forum as well.  Latest Forum newsletter here and website here with many important tabs, such as the Community Safety Partnership, and useful tabs, such as Events.
Regarding Community Safety, Forum is playing a leading role in bringing different interests and resources together to reduce youth crime.  For instance, based at the Old Library, the marvellous Rathbone Society (last year awarded London Youth Quality Mark, and ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission) has increased its attraction to young people, offering food and interests as an alternative to being bored on the streets.
Old BT phone boxes
Regular readers will recall NAG asking to be notified of ‘derelict’ BT phone boxes – we believe that action by BT is slowly rolling-out.  In a different vein, BT’s wi-fi ‘digital hub’ business InLink has collapsed into administration after the planning regime tightened its grip following exploitation with ‘blanket’ applications.  These new obelisks are regarded by many as being an underhand way of getting on-street advertising revenue, so it’s doubtful that it will result in BT removing these latest monstrosities.

Rely on South London Theatre…
…for amazingly varied programming, and two different productions each month.  Next up is Jumpers for Goalposts, Tom Wells’ comedy drama focussing on a down on their luck five-a-side football team in an LGBT league.  Make 2020 the year you discover
our wonderful local theatre.  Start in January!
At the sign of Ye Olde Tescoe
Until a delivery truck felled the antique sign marking the locally listed premises of Tesco (in an earlier life the Thurlow Arms) this helped to mark the historical architectural distinctiveness of the building, now largely disguised.  We can report to keep an eye open, as it may well return.

Water main replacement
As you will all know, we have now entered the second-half which is forecast to continue till June. 
Yes!  It is painful, but PLEASE keep using our local traders.  Ideally visit by foot or bicycle, and you can use the FREE HOME DELIVERY service which is likely to recommence shortly to take heavy shopping to your doorstep.  Set-up by Station to Station, this employs an electric cargo bike operating from Bon Velo bicycle shop at 495 Norwood Road (close to KFC).  Now, grit your teeth.  We are informed there will be major electric cable replacement on Norwood Road to follow.  No details available yet.  And then resurfacing.

This is a major event with nationally important speakers on February 8 organised by Dulwich and West Norwood Climate Coalition.  We urge you to check it out here (scroll down to read) and get involved.
Hetty Feather
CBCC shows this long-running series, and nationally recognised local television music composer Sandy Nuttgens wrote and produced the excellent music for Hetty Feather’s Christmas Adventure.  Find it
here, and more about Sandy here.

What’s it worth?
You have a garage?  A
pair of dilapidated garages behind Knight’s Hill recently sold for £41,000.

“If you can’t see me now…
.. you’re blind” says Mr Bollard.  Thank you to Ross on the fruit and veg stall for using some applied common sense and anointing
Mr Bollard with a mega cone.
Cats and Bollards
Our King Cat Caption Competition festive bottle of prosecco was presented to Laura for her very topical contribution.
“Yes it’s quiet, but I’ve already used 8 of my lives
sitting on the bollard outside the Coop.”

Thank you to the many who sent in other excellent imaginative contributions. 

Cash machines, watch out
NAG has been told of a cash machine at Tulse Hill that had been interfered with to not return cards.  A bit vague, but perhaps extra vigilance is necessary
Friends of West Norwood Library AGM
this Saturday, 4pm
And meet The Book Doctor.  Full info here.
Lambeth Community round-up

Our local credit union
London Mutual Credit Union has great loan deals, competitive savings accounts and current accounts.  Check LMCU
Alcohol control zone
St Luke’s garden has this designation.  It’s not a ban on alcohol consumption, but gives clearer legal powers to deal with alcohol related anti-social behaviour.  Now you Feast Folk – behave!
Fixed Penalty Notices for…
…litter and engine idling.  NAG has been told of an FPN being issued for a discarded cigarette on Knight’s Hill.  But here’s the thing, nobody in authority seems aware of local enforcement.  Could it be a fake Civil Enforcement Officer?  Either way, watch out!  We’re told FPN’s are under consideration locally for inappropriate engine idling.  Again uncertain as nationally this is in its infancy.  More
Dulwich news…
…care of the Dulwich Society is
here  Amongst other topics it reports that the architecturally commended Colour Palace in Dulwich Gallery grounds over the summer, is being upcycled into educational rubbish bins!  Goodbye to the Colour Palace here.

Planning Progress
NAG with support from Forum frequently engages with planning matters, frequently with satisfying outcomes. 
It must be understood that not liking a plan carries no weight whatsoever.  Any objections may only be based on National, Regional and Lambeth planning policy.  Nothing else carries any weight whatsoever.  When Lambeth makes a decision on an application, it has to decide on how much weight to put on positives and negatives, as almost all decisions are the balance of favourable aspects to unfavourable.
Engaging with the planning process (only applications that have a public dimension) involves much careful, detailed research, and report writing.  This assists Lambeth officers with local information, and locally appropriate interpretation of policy. We do seem to get it right.  Of the last 33 applications we have opposed, 24 were refused, and most of the 9 approved were improved in line with our intervention.  Occasionally we support applications, but usually these would be heading for approval anyway, so our intervention would serve no purpose.
If you would like a résumé of current applications, click

Still calling IT gurus…
NAG would welcome help with a simple new website.  Can you help?  If so, do please bounce-back an email.  Many thanks!

Do you love Sushi?
Few seem to know that West Norwood is home to
Yoshida Sushi.  Order now for home delivery.

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