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Summer dawn over West Norwood 

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Welcome to the September Norwood Action Group newsletter.
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London Good Growth Fund, WN bid?
There’s often money available for local government and community-led ideas. It needs effective leadership and hard work to generate concepts and take them all the way. The Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund has £20m to allocate.  Training on 11 September 2019, applications by 14 October, but no-one to work on it. Can you take up the challenge? If so, more information here and contact us too.
Clean Air events: West Norwood and Herne Hill
Air quality is something that concerns us more and more.  Locally Norwood Planning Assembly has convened a public meeting in conjunction with Norwood Forum and NAG on Tuesday 24 September, 7pm at The Portico. Speakers will include Florence Eshalomi, our GLA representative and chair of the Transport Committee; Tom Venables of NPA; Tom Denhof of Open Orchard; and Cllr Pete Elliott of Gypsy Hill ward. More info on Facebook.

Meanwhile, for those closer, Herne Hill Forum and Mums for Lungs have set up a similar meeting on Monday 16 September, 7:30pm at Herne Hill Baptist Church.

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October Feast
There’s Black History Month programme of events for October Feast on Sunday 6th, including an African drumming workshop. There will be talks about black inventors and entrepreneurs in the library community room. To mark Harvest Festival,  Chatworth, St Luke’s and probably St Matthew’s joining together to form a single choir to sing on St Luke’s steps on Feast day.  We ask Feast goers to bring donations of food for the Foodbank to HQ.  See next item too.

Norwood & Brixton Foodbank
Based at St Luke’s, helping those who are going through difficult times. Always appreciative of volunteers, and food and essentials gifts. August newsletter

Lidl at last!
Despite Lidl’s gloomy prognosis a little over a month ago about its new Crown Point store, they are all set to have a grand opening at 8am on Thursday 19 September. Big shop, big car park.

Workmen in the loo
No, not for a pee, but in the disused subterranean public loo outside Tesco. The loo was privately acquired to convert to a café, but turned out more challenging than at first realised, so all quiet for a few years. Maybe progress.

A 196 bus ride away
Community cinema Screen25 has a 7-metre screen and raked seating at Harris Academy, behind Stanley Halls at South Norwood. Independent and mainstream films every Wednesday and Friday. Seats £8.50 or less, or free for members. More here.

Meanwhile, at our Portico Gallery, Knight’s Hill
Yoga, arts and crafts, kids events, boxing, and more!  Find out here.
…and South London Theatre
A full programme from Shakespeare to contemporary. Sweeney Todd the musical coming up. Programme here.

Outside our Library…
…and Picturehouse, there's a great expanse of pavement that is crying out for some benches and litter bins.

Talking of benches…
…and the reduction of parking generally, and in the town centre in particular, we could do with more benches. Also on the hilly streets to the west of our shopping centre. Shoppers with heavy bags would appreciate them. Bins are desirable too, but need frequent emptying.

Bench on Thornlaw Road with planter and bin 

Rash of local car break-ins - prevent it!
There are many ways to break into and steal a car, and it’s notable that an old-style key in door and steering-lock/ignition is perhaps the least vulnerable. The current concern is keyless cars, where the driver touches the door handle. This causes the car to send a signal to the fob in your pocket which sends back an opening signal. Thieves can often trigger and 'capture' the fob code even when it’s unused indoors, and use it themselves.  Fobs that require you to push a button aren’t at risk in the same way, though the signal can be captured if an equipped thief is standing nearby when you use it. More here and here.
Rash of burglaries
So take precautions. Also scammers on the streets – same faces saying need £10 to get home.

Pintadera Café and Deli reopened
A favourite of many. It’s been closed for a refit and is now pleasing customers once more with its meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Find it at 50 Knight’s Hill. Also here.

Planning News
Brooks Laundry Following last week’s special newsletter, NAG has just put in its formal objections based on planning policy.  Norwood Planning Assembly and Norwood Forum support these comments. Fundamentally, we think it’s an unimaginative scheme that brings nothing special to the town centre – no new destinations.

Some support the plan because the site has been a mess for so long. NAG believes that so much better is possible, and best to wait longer than be saddled with something that will not lift the vitality and prosperity of our town centre. This is a once in decades opportunity that should not be lost. For more information on the plan and how to comment, go here.

West Norwood Car Breakers At the end of the Royal Mail sorting office road (Windsor Grove), this had traded for over 70 years. The site has been sold and the new owners want to install state-of-the-art equipment for handling end of life cars (ELVs) and scrap metal handling. The owner’s projection is for around 38,000 tonnes to be processed annually. NAG has concerns for traffic generation and pollution affecting its neighbours and the feeder roads, but holding judgement till more is known. Public consultation is expected within the next few weeks.
Tennis club redevelopment This plan has been knocking around since 2007, and it’s close to the end-game. The principle of the scheme has been approved, but there’s still a key matter of approval of ‘reserved matters’ relating to appearance contained in application 18/04902/REM. New documents were filed at the end of August, and comments can be made until 18 October. Go here and put reference number into search box to find out more.

Tulse Hill car wash Planning application for flats very soon.
The old KFC The workmen have left and the premises are padlocked. As they left, they said the client had run out of money, but that's not been confirmed.

Cherry Tree Nursery, Barston Road
Under private operation, it closed suddenly stating increased operating costs as the reason. We’re told that a parent cooperative may take over.
Lambeth Inclosure Act
A map following the 1806 Act. Pre-St Luke’s, the Cemetery, Crystal Palace, and almost all else locally. Lord Thurlow owned most of the northerly land.  Just a cluster of houses around what is now Chapel Road, then named Gypsy House Road after the local Romany encampment. Note West Norwood’s oldest extant business, Horns Tavern. This hostelry precedes even the 1745 map when The Horns and Knight’s Hill Farm were the sole buildings recorded on the rural hillside.

Click on map to enlarge

Heathrow third runway…
…will have many impacts beyond the obvious of local over-flights and noise. Anyone opposed to the third runway can respond to the consultation by 13 September. You don't have to answer all the questions, but if it’s helpful, the No 3rd Runway Coalition has provided a guide on how to answer the consultation. You can view it here.
Love Lambeth… here.
Kiddies’ playground…
…at the Health & Leisure Centre has been renovated and improved. It’s just over five years since the centre opened, and still it’s only partially occupied. A second doctors’ surgery was to have moved in, but preferred to stay where it was – close to its patients.

Lambeth Car-Free Day
As far as we can tell, no-one in Lambeth is taking advantage of using the Car Free Day 2019 opportunity to close a street to celebrate life without cars over the weekend of 21-22 September. Too late to apply as this had to be done by 1 August. Surprising, given the enthusiasm by many for less reliance on vehicles. Neighbouring Southwark has many closures for jollies.

West Norwood station
Some say art, some say graffiti. You make up your mind.  Certainly packs energy!

Compare with Auckland Hill...

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