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The wonderful Doulton Mausoleum on Doulton Path in West Norwood Cemetery.  Like to know more?  Currently a campaign is underway to secure funds for maintenance and improvements, but new entrances are controversial.  See the cemetery from a drone here.
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Dear Neighbour,

West Norwood’s Retail Heart
Last month we reported that the owner of the major but hidden town centre site, the derelict Brooks Laundry industrial site, was likely to put in a planning application in January.  Representatives for NAG and Forum have been busy.  They met with the owner, its planner and architect to positively engage them in producing an improved plan, particularly asserting the need to work with the owners of the adjacent land fronting Norwood Road.  That way the prospects would improve for development that reflects Lambeth policy: landmark buildings of architectural ambition forming focal points and destinations for retail and leisure, plus open air leisure space off Norwood Road, to mention two key aspects. Plans that will create quality and increase footfall, both helping our retail heart to prosper for the benefit of all.  The plans last viewed are for a block of flats and a block of small business units.
In parallel our representatives made a submission to Rob Bristow, Lambeth Head of Planning, that made pre-planning application community representations.  This asserted the need for Lambeth to have close regard for policy for this site.
In addition they approached local MP Helen Hayes and local councillors for their support, particularly in the matter of making our case with planning officers.  Helen Hayes and Councillor Fred Cowell have been especially active concerning this.
Also there has been contact with the owners’ representative of the land fronting Norwood Road and the workshops behind, who has shown willingness to work with the developer of Brooks Laundry.
The current status is that the Brooks Laundry site owner says that its plan that responds to some concerns, will be submitted soon, without further public consultation (the plans are substantially different than those exhibited last year).  In addition it was said that “…a line has to be drawn…” regarding working with other property owners.
NAG and Forum are continuing to pursue a good outcome.
NAG Social coming shortly…
We will soon send out a special bulletin to announce the details of our social with refreshments, plus agm and a discussion on Norwood’s cultural future.  So watch-out for it!  Meet others who care about our neighbourhood and community for a lively discussion, and hear about NAG’s ongoing programme.
West Norwood Wonder…
…aims to use local spaces for community arts projects – art not anxiety, pottery not pills – is the tag line.  It’s early days yet with a planning group at formation stage.  Last Saturday there was a brilliant fund raiser at The Portico with local post-punk band The 49ers.  If you would like to learn more or offer your services
click here.
Knollys Yard
Owner of the site, Be, is proposing a high-density high-rise development in the triangle of land between the railway tracks, possibly 11 storeys.  More than 500 homes are proposed as well as units for small business at ground level, employing up to 100.  Replacement of the low and narrow railway bridge access would be essential and a footbridge toward Norwood Road is also proposed.  Be has been accused of misinformation and misuse of personal data.  Lambeth currently wishes to maintain its light industrial use by designating it a Key Industrial and Business Area (KIBA).  Another community meeting with the developer is likely for late February / early March.

Click here for alternative plan, Knickers of Knollys, or here and here for more from Be.
Rosendale Playing Fields – controversy over proposed new fencing
Lambeth has submitted planning application 18/00156/RG3 (
click here and enter ref no in search box) to install Protek 2000 Medium Security Fencing around most of the site. Whilst many support the need for improved fencing, the devil, as always, is in the detail.
The last Norwood Forum newsletter…
…featured local crime statistics that made interesting reading,
check here.  Knife crime isn’t specifically mentioned, though tragically it’s no stranger to our neighbourhood.  London statistics state it’s increased by 23% in one year to 12,980.  Clearly these aren’t all use of knives, most must be possession.  Mayor Khan is now in favour of increasing stop and search.  Police engage in ‘knife sweeps’, often with resident assistance, in areas where they are thought to be hidden for quick access, or discarded, so as to avoid the risk of offenders getting caught in possession.
What is the role of a Safer Neighbourhood Team?
We have SNTs to cover different local areas.  Anyone can attend their meetings where residents and local business people meet with police, council and other bodies (or can sign-up for their emails).  This is to exchange information to enable informed and better policing and policy, and to be advised of crime trends, to increase awareness and precautions, which we often report.
Co-operative Local Investment Plan – CLIPS
This is the use of funding generated by fees that developers have to pay Lambeth via Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  25% should be spent in the local area, 75% goes in a borough-wide pot.  Find out all about it
here.  No mention of funding neighbourhood planning forums.  The Knollys Yard development, if it should happen, is said would generate £150k+ local funding.
The Choir with No Name…
…is for the homeless and disadvantaged, carers, or anyone at all in Lambeth and Southwark
More here. Rehearsals are at The Young Vic.
Local water leaks
There seems to be a never-ending succession of water main leaks locally, fortunately mostly minor.  Thames Water is fighting a battle against leaks throughout its service area.  Last year it reported a loss of 630 million litres of water each day!  That’s 630,000 tonnes of water each day!  Water board contractors say the local infrastructure is old and fragile, but there are no TW plans for planned  replacement within Lambeth at all.  We hope for no major catastrophes as seen nearby in Streatham Vale and Herne Hill for instance.
Gas leaks…
…also massive, don’t think about it!  Only gets reported when disaster strikes. 
More here.
Blocked street drains
It’s proving very difficult to get blocked drains cleared, even when standing water on main roads presents special hazards of aquaplaning, not to mention drenching pedestrians.  Notifications to StreetCare Call Centre are acknowledged but action can take months.
The State of our Streets
NAG members have alerted us again to the poor level of street cleansing, trade waste outside shops, escalating fly-tipping, air pollution.  Time to put back on the agenda?
South London Theatre – first production at The Old Fire Station
Congratulations to SLT who are close to being back in their home of 50 years after its renovation.  First home production is His Dark Materials, 20-24th March.  More
here.  Work cannot be completed on upper floors due to the cost of the work having increased, so please support this fantastic local group.  Hard-Hat video tour here. In the meantime, the comedy The Servant of Two Masters is on 24-28th February at The Upper Hall, Stanley Halls.
SLT also need a building manager.  Act quick!  Closing date for applications is midnight 10th February.
Cinema Museum
Whilst not in our neighbourhood, it’s worth a mention as few seem to know about it and it is under threat from redevelopment.  It’s located in an old workhouse building just beyond The Oval and is a treasure house of all things cinema.  More
here. Visit it and support it in its hour of need!
Waylett Place car park
As reported previously, this has been smartened-up to replace the car parking about to be lost on Norwood Road.  Unfortunately it is small and not free; you can pay for up to four hours.  It will not replace the current rapid turnover of vehicles on Norwood Road, AND fly-tipping and road-side repairs of vehicles has resumed.  Not salubrious.  Not encouraging.  Not good for shoppers.  Not good for shopkeepers.
Brockwell Park festivals
Following controversy regarding the number of events Lambeth has been considering licensing for this location, Lovebox has moved to Gunnersbury Park in West London, and Field Day / Hoopla remain, along with Lambeth Country Fair.  There had been 46 days of event occupation (build-up, event, then breakdown) out of 67 days between 20 May and 25 July. The footfall of 40,000+ over many days has a massive effect, not to mention heavy trucks and equipment.  If the weather is bad, the impact could be catastrophic to the park. 
Friends of Brockwell Park and Brixton Buzz.
Quietway 7 update
Well, no update.  Final round of consultation was due to start in January, but all quiet!  As things stand the proposal to make the route safer for cyclists (as well as pedestrians) looks very dubious. 
 Click on picture to enlarge one small section, Robson Road / Rosendale Road junction. The pavements are built-out and cycles are given priority through the junction, but cyclists will feel vulnerable in the centre of the road if impatient or careless drivers are close behind.
Lambeth London Borough of Culture
Lambeth has made a pitch for this accolade and a £1.1mill award which would be a wonderful boost for the arts.  Both the 2019 and 2020 winners will be announced later this month. Smaller prizes for runners-up!  Lambeth's announcement 
here and Evening Standard overview here.

Love Lambeth website
…is the on-line resident news outlet for Lambeth Council, and always worth a visit.  However, West Norwood and Tulse Hill barely get a mention.  For example, in the last three months: 17 Brixton news items, 5 Streatham, and 1 Norwood (well, West Dulwich).
Check it out.
Equality Streets…
…is a major review of plans and policy relating to the outdoor environment.  Lambeth’s Scrutiny Committee examined the action plan which can be found
here.  It’s worth taking a look at as there are many far reaching proposals. For instance the minutes noted: “The Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment also added that a borough-wide Parking Zone (CPZ) had to be done incrementally as resources were finite. She further added that there were measures in place that helped monitor the impact of CPZs, and that there were predictors of the impact of CPZ before they were implemented.  It was also important to consult residents and act in accordance with feedback received (our emphasis).
Housing in Lambeth
Lambeth Council has recently made announcements about house building, and issued
a map showing current sites which includes significant private developments.  Interestingly, none in our neighbourhood except Avenue Park Road that awaits development.  Click on map dots for details.
…won its appeal against Lambeth’s planning refusal so will now go ahead at 489/491 Norwood Road, next to Adarshi Pharmacy.  The Appeal Inspector adjudicated that the 400 metres from schools prohibition should be based on walk distance, not as the crow flies.  The alternative ‘minimum 10 minute walk’ requirement he adjudicated as an approximate guide – he walked it in 8.  KFC is seeking costs against Lambeth.
Domino Pizza…
…as that was refused permission to replace Kahvah on the same basis, may we expect an appeal to lodged?
Knowles of Norwood…
…along with the vacant premises next door, are both owned by pub chain Antic.  Notoriously slow in doing anything, there are currently planning applications in for minor works.  The last promise of opening of the restaurant by mid-February is no further advanced.
Picturehouse latest…
…is no news.  On
the webpage it says opening in 2018.  On site, matters proceed slowly, so not too late for a Founder Member Brick!  No signs of staff recruitment, always an indicator of approaching completion.  Meanwhile the Picturehouse refusal to commit to London Living Wage remains unchanged and the dispute with BECTU has become more complex and intense.  More here.

Library latest…
… is no news.  Whether it will be able to continue at its temporary home in The Old Library until the cinema / library is completed is unknown.  Everyone is doing a sterling job in the circumstances.
Greater access into West Norwood Cemetery?
Lambeth and Friends of West Norwood Cemetery are currently making a bid for Heritage Lottery Funds.  They hope for £7mill to enable major maintenance and improvements, including a visitor centre.  One matter attracting controversy is whether to have more entry points.
Currently there is just one, but in bye-gone days there were four or five.  It would be interesting to know why the others were closed-off.  Many treasure the cemetery for its beauty and tranquillity.  They believe the cemetery should remain as tranquil as possible rather than there be passing walkers and cyclists, possibly using it as a short cut with attendant litter and other potential issues.  Others believe that more people would have many benefits to outweigh such fears.  An entrance at the east end of Robson Road would not be a short-cut for disinterested people but would provide a convenient route for many cemetery visitors, also walking tours that visit both the cemetery and Dulwich Gallery.
Although there has been extensive
consultation, the principle has yet to be settled, so you may like to vote in the poll below.  The leading contender is an entrance toward the eastern extremity on Robson Road.  However, one at Hubbard Road is much more difficult as there are recent graves, and the route past the crematorium would conflict with those attending services, and would also impact the vulnerable Doulton Path.
Click on one only:
 I would prefer no new entry points
 I would like a new entrance on Robson Road
 I would like more entry points, if possible
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