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The Plan develops 
Southwark Metal and Urban & Provincial are continuing developing their plan for a major enclosed yard in West Norwood  to receive waste metal, sort and despatch.

Recognising that there are more challenges than at first thought, the depollution and dismantling of ‘end of life vehicles’ (ELVs) has been dropped from the immediate proposals.  This will reduce the proposed initial annual tonnage from a stated 38,000 to 35,000 tonnes per year, resulting in less traffic to the site, and activity on the site that's off Norwood High Street. 

In response to public comments, the site plans have changed to an all-enveloping building to reduce pollution and noise as much as possible, with green roof and more trees.

A 32 tonne hook-loader truck at Vale Street.  Lorries of this kind will find their way to Windsor Grove one way or another, with smaller vehicles about 100 each day.
NAG is still fact-finding and will circulate a special newsletter soon.  In the meantime the developers have updated their website, though we judge that it is disingenuous in some respects.  You can find it here.  Local residents have set-up an on-line statement and petition to sign opposing the plan, and you can find that here.
Dear Neighbour,

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Welcome to the February NAG newsletter.  Please forward to family or friends you think will be interested.  

Quietway to Healthy Route
Quietway 7 in Lambeth from Turney Road to Crystal Palace Parade is dead.  What is proposed instead is a Healthy Route (as forecast in our December Newsletter), from Brockwell Park to the Myton Road junction toward the southern end of Rosendale Road. 
This plan is consistent with London and Lambeth policy to reduce car dominance, and a better, safer environment to encourage walking and cycling by the young through to the elderly.  The Lambeth Healthy Routes Plan which shows the larger intended network can be found here.

The current proposal is for a two-way cycle track segregated from other traffic to as far south as the Parkhall Road junction, then segregated one-way tracks on either side to Myton Road, plus 11 pedestrian crossings, and a net reduction of over 50 car park spaces.  There’s also to be tree and other planting plus benches and cycle parking.
The Q7 proposed pinch-points bringing cyclists and cars into intimate proximity happily have been dropped.  Now the cycle tracks will continue in a straight-line over junction build-outs.  Of concern though is that in places the cycle track crosses zebra crossings where pedestrians may not expect it. Traders and customers are worried about loss of parking serving the shops with objections being led by Scotch Meats.
For vehicles heading south on Rosendale it would be no left-turn into Turney.  Also straight-on only heading south on Rosendale at the South Circular.  Going north at this junction the left-turn will remain (as will no right-turn).
Below is the schematic for the replacement of the Parkhall Road roundabout. The current roundabout is regarded by many as hazardous but in fact no ‘injury accidents’ have been recorded there.  We wonder whether the new plan is more hazardous at this point, and whether there is a less complex option.  Similarly at the Turney Road junction.

There’s a public exhibition at 6-8pm on 13th February at All Saints' Church, Lovelace Road.  Comments can be made till 29th February.  Much more here.
Meanwhile in Dulwich 
Whilst strictly speaking outside NAG’s area of interest, many will wish to read
Southwark’s traffic plans for Dulwich Village.  We are told that parking charges now apply in Dulwich Park, but not yet in Belair Park.
If you’re interested in other Lambeth Streets Plans, click
here, or for consultations here.

TODAY! Saturday 8th, Speak up for the Climate
Major Herne Hill Participation Event with national speakers

here to read the headline acts.  Plus you really do need to click on this link to discover the impressive scope of this important all‑day event for all the family.  It breaks down into six areas so you can choose which are most important to you and your family. Lunch, tea and refreshments are all available in this 10.30 till 5pm event, which continues informally into the evening.  Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, SE24 9HU.

Support Norwood Forum
Our colleagues in Forum continue to do a great job, with a local information-rich
website that is rewarding to visit frequently.  They too have an email newsletter that covers often different topics to ours, particularly community events.  At the moment, one project is investigating blue plaques for both old and contemporary West Norwoodians and Tulse Hillites, and historic sites.  Do you have suggestions?
Don’t take chances
The family of a young doctor has launched a campaign with the Met to encourage safer winter driving.  Jasjot Singhota was struck and killed by a car on a zebra crossing on Thurlow Park Road.  It was established that the driver could not see properly as his windscreen was still largely frosted.  Don’t move until your windscreen and side windows are properly defrosted.
We are blessed with shops
We are lucky indeed to have such a relatively healthy shopping centre.  For instance, how many towns still have a book and record store as we do at 20 Norwood High Street?  Compared to so many town centres, the vacancy rate is very low.  But… how many will succumb to the business crushing effects of the water mains replacement continuing till June, more than a year in all? 
YOU can play your part by not just continuing to use West Norwood and Tulse Hill shops, but to make a real effort to use them to the maximum.  Traders, there is a Thames Water compensation scheme for lost business.  There are good and bad reports of it, but you should properly investigate if you haven’t already.  Station to Station business group is a good starting point here.
One of the little things NAG gets done
This filthy display board for our Health& Leisure Centre is rather more clean now.

The White Hart
Deserted and desolate on the corner of Station Rise for more than two years now, it looks set to reopen under a fresh new name in the summer.  Owner and operator of the popular Prince of Peckham, Clement Ogbonnaya has a particular passion for community centred pubs with a wide variety of activities, and plans to repeat this success at Tulse Hill.  The ground floor will be the bar, and the intention is that both the upper floors will be in event, community and family use.  You can make comments on the licensing application
South London Press, Free at Last!
Literally free.  After more than 150 years, this South London local newspaper has joined the ranks of the free papers, and is available from various pick-up points at shops and other locations. 
Waterworks Bar & Kitchen
Completion of works and opening is now predicted for the summer.  It’s an unusual subterranean venture in the old public lavatories at the top of Robson Road.  Progress has been halted due to the ongoing water main replacement.
Norwood Community Choir
…welcomes new members of all levels of ability.  They meet on Thursday evenings at The Portico and can be reached
Noisy neighbours?
Lambeth has reinstated its Public Protection Team against noise pollution.  Details
A physical attack
Last year a local woman was attacked but fought-off her assailant, who was later convicted of the crime.  Advice:

1. Carry a ‘rape alarm’ but not pepper spray. Loud alarms can scare-off attackers but sprays can enrage.
2. Keep screaming/shouting and try and scratch the attacker. The recent conviction was due to DNA found beneath the victim’s finger nails.
3. If you feel you are being followed have 999 ready on quick-dial and be prepared to call it and say you are being followed, and/or enter a shop or go to a front door, which will usually deter the follower.
4. Don’t wear headphones while walking, particularly at night.
5. Keep valuables out of sight.  Some phones cost £1000+; a robber may steal your cheapo hoping it’s an expensive one. 
Most expensive iPhone? Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5mill.
Unauthorised parking in St Luke’s grounds
For years some drivers have taken advantage of St Luke’s to park their cars.  This is soon to end with the introduction of ANPR equipment, and presumably fines.
Shop break-ins
Station to Station reports a spate of shop and pub break-ins.  A key perpetrator has been identified from CCTV.  It is hoped that the arrest will bring an end to this local crime-wave.  S2S has a WhatsApp group for businesses to instantly share information on problems.
Burglary team
The Met is recruiting 30 new officers each month for Central South (Lambeth and Southwark).  These officers will first go to Response and then probably to a new Burglaries team before they filter down to local safer neighbourhood policing.  If this is backed-up, numbers should rise again and it should start to make a difference.
The bosses
Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Messinger is moving after four years as Basic Command Unit (BCU) Commander for Lambeth and Southwark.  He will be replaced by Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove.  Does the frequent turnover of command produce better policing?
Norwood Community Safety Partnership
At present the NCSP is a series of meetings to bring the various local health, welfare, youth, education, skills, social, community and faith groups alongside the professional organisations, including schools, council, NHS and police to discuss co-operation across boundaries. Successes have already included augmenting and setting-up new youth groups that have proved popular.  Invitations to NCSP meetings are intended for groups rather than individuals, although a number of individual activists are involved in a number of groups. See next item if you wish to participate in a local group.

Brilliant job, Forum
Forum has done a brilliant job of pulling together all the Safer Neighbourhood Team information for the next couple of months.  You can find it
here.  If you wish to help address the challenges, check it out and get involved.
Forget Big Ben, what about our own Bongs!
St Luke’s church has given permission for the permanent reinstatement of the famous clock chimes which has been trialled for several months now.  Only praise has been received, indeed asked to be a bit louder.  Fund raising is involved, details soon.  Unfortunately this week the almost 200 year old clock stopped but will be proudly back in tick-tock condition very soon.  By the way, the peregrine falcons have returned to nest.
Norwood & Brixton Food Bank…
…needs all kinds of volunteers from the obvious to not obvious, like a graphic designer. 
Check it out.
Crocuses are out
You need to start thinking of your garden, and Lambeth Horticultural Society is thriving still after more than 50 years with shows, meetings, trips, newsletters, advice, and… The Hut where you can buy many of your garden needs. 
DetailsLHS welcomes new members.
And don’t forget…
South London Botanical Institute and gardens, the hidden little gem of Tulse Hill.  Since 1910, more
The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum on Rosendale Road.  A treasure trove of older science, technology and nostalgia.  By appointment; or the next Open Day is Saturday 7th March.  More
… also by appointment and occasional open days, The Clockworks on Nettlefold Place.  Focussing on precision clocks, master clocks, synchronisation and electric instruments the collection includes from ancient to modern, even an atomic clock.  Founder Dr James Nye is an acknowledged authority, and without him St Luke’s clock would probably still be motionless and silent.  More
Next up at South London Theatre
Stranded on a desert island after a plane crash, it’s up to the four survivors to preserve their humanity – and possibly the entire human race.  Just as soon as they’ve dealt with all the duty free.  A black comedy.  If you haven’t already, get to know and enjoy our own local theatre at The Old Fire Station, almost opposite the Library and Picturehouse.
Check it out .
Paint or hazardous chemicals to dispose of safely?
The London Boroughs have a joint scheme for disposing of such unwanted substances.  You can book a free household collection for when they’re next in our neighbourhood.  Phone 020 7332 3433 or book via
this link.
Worldwide Mission church on Elder Road
More than three years ago the church received planning permission to rebuild the ageing 1897 building with a modern construction of the same capacity.  Nothing is believed to have happened since then to commence work so that the consent has time expired.  The church would need to reapply.  Approval would be likely but need to conform to the latest building and other regulations.  If you should spot activity, please advise NAG
400 Rabbits Pizzeria
This growing South London chain of craft pizza and beer restaurants has now taken-on the Art Deco café at Brockwell Park Lido.  Check it out both in West Norwood and with or without an outdoor swim at The Lido.  More
Paint our railway bridge
Station to Station tells us that the bridge over Norwood Road at Tulse Hill is to receive decorative painting.  Well done, it should be an uplift to the area; we hope soon.
Planning News
The major
Brooks Laundry site redevelopment on Site 18 is in limbo.  The scheme approved at the Planning Committee awaits final formal approval pending agreement on CIL and S106 payments.  Meanwhile the preceding refused scheme is being taken to appeal. The unloved redevelopment application for 3 Thurlow Park Road / 339 Norwood Road (opposite The Tulse Hill Hotel) is due to be decided next week, but is likely to be deferred again.  Similarly the unloved ‘bunker’ proposed for 125-133 Norwood High Street is due to be decided by the 18th.  At Curnick’s Lane, Prior Approval for Permitted Development is being sought for disused industrial premises.  It’s thought that the premises do not conform to regulations for PD.  This could be a blessing as what is proposed would be low specification conversion to flats as small as 22sqm when proper redevelopment via a Full Application could produce a much better outcome.
We know it’s not kind to smile on the misfortunes of others, but well into the building work, a recent planning application stated: Due to the original approval granting permission for a scheme that would not fit on the site.” 

BTW, there IS an English word for schadenfreude, it’s epicaricacy.

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