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15th June - Support your local shops!
NAG likes to tease, intrigue, and please…..

Cool Hand Luke recklessly wagered, in a laconic moment of southern penitentiary labour camp madness, he could eat fifty hard-boiled eggs in an hour.  So, NAG declared West Norwood’s wonderful community can help inspire 4000 supporters onto the independent grass-roots petition (started unbeknownst to NAG), plus 1000 objections into Lambeth concerning the now widely infamous Waste Metal Site that
ALL local politicians now oppose.

Play the scene, and recall the young Paul Newman over-egging it..
Now NAG needs everyone’s help to walk us round, and massage the group’s tummy and cheeks, to push over the line. 

It should still be easy.  If you have already done both, just get one or two others to match your inspiration and action to save West Norwood, and go to petition and Lambeth website (enter 20/01066 in search box and hit the Comment tab).

Act now, or we may all end-up with egg on our face!

Small print: Comments can be short or long, just as you please.  They are all moderated by Lambeth for GDPR anonymity and can take up to 3 days to appear, so the total always lags behind.  Don’t worry over much about the final dates shown, these are ‘soft’ deadlines, and wrong anyway due to a techie problem, no sooner than the 16th.  In practice comments can keep coming for some while, right up to the time of the officer report.  But… as always the sooner in, the better.
Dear Neighbour,

Welcome to the June NAG newsletter.  Please forward to family or friends and ask them to play their part in stopping the waste metal yard.  

Old school
Ted Knight, who has died aged 86, was the uncompromising Hard-Left leader of Lambeth Council from 1978 to 1985, who challenged Labour and Tory governments alike.  He was an original conviction-led politician.  In retirement he was prominent in the Gipsy Hill Labour Group, continuing to challenge authority and provoke reaction.  Obituary in
Labour Briefing, other brands available!
se27cast – All Things West Norwood
We have a new show in town!  Alexandra and Martin Schenk love West Norwood, so for something different decided to produce regular podcasts about whatever is topical, and this week,
tadah, it’s the BIG campaign!  Listen in here for a gentle audio meander around the waste site issues with angles that will be new.

On Facebook too.  Thank you so much Alex and Martin for giving ‘airtime’ to this SE27 existential threat.  They would love more followers.

Continued after what our MP and councillors say
What our elected representatives say about the waste site
Helen Hayes MP - Labour
“‘Windsor Grove is a completely unsuitable location for a large metal recycling facility, bringing a high volume of diesel heavy goods vehicles to the local area increasing air pollution and compromising road safety. Along with the local councillors I am vigorously opposed to this application and have submitted formal objections to the council.”

Cllr Fred Cowell, Thurlow Park ward - Labour
“We are very concerned about this development. It has a lot of environmental impacts on the area which do not seem addressed in the application. Also it poses a danger for air quality and cyclists, even if it can work safely.”

Cllr Jane Pickard, Knight’s Hill ward - Labour
“A big waste metal site is completely unsuited to our suburban area. At a time when we are trying to cut traffic, we would see dozens more trucks ploughing past houses, schools and the park, plus more cars and vans. Knight’s Hill councillors are opposed to this planning application as are our colleagues in Gipsy Hill and Thurlow Park wards, and have all objected.”

Cllr Pete Elliott, Gipsy Hill ward – Green Party
“Anyone thinking this could work for West Norwood is not aware of the current challenges, the ambitions of local groups, and the passion of residents.  Our neighbourhood needs cleaning up and genuine sustainable investment, not a scheme that is going to bring more traffic congestion, air pollution and risk to everyone.”

All of our nine councillors reject the plans,
but please also play your part
Black Lives Matter, Lambeth emergency motion
Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite of Gipsy Hill ward delivered a wonderful speech to Lambeth Council Cabinet last Wednesday concerning the emergency motion, ‘Black Lives Matter’.  NAG is completely behind this movement – it’s all about our shared humanity which is more important than ever with all the power struggles evident in the world. Lambeth Against Racism,
letter from Jack Hopkins, council leader.

Optimism and Hope
We thought this would be a good theme, but we guess people were already creatively and window-displayed to the max as NAG received but one though beautiful entry.  So a generous prize goes to the lovely Helme family.
“Here's our creation about optimism and hope - it made us think of Noah's Ark!  Sorry the photos are not the best, it was hard to get ones without reflections in. If you want to see it in real life we live on St Julian's Farm Road!

Click on photo for full depth view 
“I made this with my 3 year-old daughter.  We love seeing what other people have put in their windows when we go for walks around the local area, and hope that other people enjoy our pictures too.  All the best.”
Big day, 15th June
As things currently stand, the 15th is the day most shops are permitted to reopen.  It will be brilliant to again buy from our wonderful local shopkeepers, rather than on internet where profits don’t feed into the local economy, but go to distant places, often with no UK tax paid.  Also totting-up all those polluting white-van miles.  Just take delight and buy from Floral Hall’s lovely displays.  A West Norwood bedrock and classic.
The main Post Office…
…is open again.
The Met says…
…it should not be called to enforce social distancing or called to maintain queues, etc.
NAG on Facebook
Just as NAG does things differently in its newsletters, so does our
Facebook page.  Make friends with it and see a different side of local life.  So much to relish.
Backstreet hero
Our resident genius and all-round good-guy in backstreet shop 27a Dalton Street, Goodways Electronics is back at work fixing all your electronic and electrical items, but currently there’s a covid-era  appointment system. 
Here for more.


Planning news
Here’s another biggie. The first portion of the Central Hill Estate to have a planning application submitted, by Homes for Lambeth.  It’s at Roman Rise on the edge of CHE. The design seems dated even before it’s even decided, trying to make a virtue of some features that experience seems to have proved unsuccessful.  Click here for a unique video CGI ‘fly-through’.  Or go here and enter 20/01480 in the search box to read documents and make a comment. 

The main estate is now set-back to at least 2030, Maybe Lambeth will by then see the virtue of updating and restoring the relatively low-rise homes instead of the highly polluting carbon generating demolition and rebuild planned.  Gipsy Hill ward councillor Pete Elliott is a vigorous exponent of why the whole concept is bad.
Dalton Street latest
The most recent plan for no. 28 (the empty site) has been refused, though there is an earlier approval.  However, even the developer doesn’t like that one.  It could be built but perhaps another fresh application.

Over-ambition and hubris! 
A cautionary tale for developers.  How one plan
the tennis courts, plan, took 15 years.

Lambeth Local Plan
Examination draft is available to view
here.  This is the policy document for the next five years. Follow an on-page link to the Examination Library.  The main plan document has a hyperlinked index to make navigating easier.  This is Lambeth’s aspirations.
Local pub for sale
A pre-covid casualty.  At 56 Elder Road, opposite Norwood Park, always a handsome building, The Park is on the market at £895,000 freehold. 
Check it out

NAG gets balance wrong?
We know some cyclists think NAG is anti-bike.  We are not, but last main issue we were sceptical about commuting any distance by bike for those that are less than fit and athletic.  A reader writes (slightly edited for space): “My husband would not describe himself as an athletic type, but he has found his ebike perfectly manageable on our hills, on dark November nights, cold mornings, etc. He’s only had accidents on one icy morning or down to human error rather than the dark or weather. 
“Please don’t put people off by reinforcing the idea that cycling is not ideal in our area - of course it’s not for everyone, but it has been hugely beneficial for him, and the ‘cycle to work’ and ‘try before you buy’ schemes are there to help - and for those put off by the idea of a pushbike, an ebike is definitely something to consider. Weighed up against commuting costs it does become affordable and local bike shops are there to help with repairs and support.
“The quieter roads of late have given our children a chance to try cycling on the roads which I would never have contemplated before - and it’s been one silver lining to the lockdown.”
Local cycling conditions
Some readers have expressed that good intentions have not worked so well in practice at all locations.  They cite our shopping centre as being more hazardous for cyclists (pre water-mains works), and following our request for feedback, no one has praised the new layout of the Norwood and Rosedale Roads’ junction at Brockwell Park.  It seems likely that the Healthy Route on Rosendale may not be delivered due to TfL being in financial crisis.  Government loans have temporarily augmented the reduced flow of revenue due to the pandemic, but TfL faces the future in very straitened circumstances.  To redress the balance, please tell us where conditions have improved for cyclists.  This has to be got right, changes made will be with us for a long time.  Find TfL’s covid plans
here, Streetspace for London some of which may well become permanent.
Tulse Hill couple wed in hospital chapel
A lovely

Fingers crossed for LHS Summer Show on 7th September
The Lambeth Horticultural Society Spring Show was a ‘virtual’ success!  Results
here, on Facebook too.

Cheap money from LMCU
Our local credit union offer loans at 5.9 to 6.9%.  Check it
Please sign the pledge…
…for a pesticide free Lambeth. 
The pledge
Food bank
Do help those worse-off than you, many ways shown
Scrubber mask pattern
Masks will be required in many situations –
here’s how to make your own.
Vale Street recycling pre-booking
People report that the compulsory booking system works well, but no entry other than by car or light van.  Some people want to use cycles to support bags of garden waste, etc but not allowed.  NAG is concerned that the present arrangements may become permanent – we’re making representations to Lambeth to ensure it’s open to all residents including those without cars.
Cycle and storage for residents of flats
A reader writes: “Residents of flats were contacted by Lambeth Council about ten days ago to say that communal spaces in flats can no longer store bikes, etc. This seems reasonable given the pandemic.  Lambeth only considers new secure cycle units being installed when there’s enough demand from people in the area..... so please share
the link for anyone who needs bike space.”

AC Cars started its long history in West Norwood
World famous builders of the AC Cobra and other classics, including the wildly contrasting quirky blue three-wheel Ministry of Works & Pensions provided ‘invalid cars’ started life in 1901 in Thomas Place, now known as Waylett PlaceJohn Portwine, a wealthy butcher, and John Weller, a gifted engineer, formed Autocarriers Ltd (hence AC) to build a light tricar.  This was adopted by many London stores for deliveries, starting a long
AC History which continues to this day.  On Wiki

Please show patience, kindness and generosity to all in these difficult times -
we don’t know what others are undergoing.
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