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No matter where you live in West Norwood and Tulse Hill, it will touch you and your family’s life.
How much do you want a Waste Metal Site processing 35,000 tonnes each year, 130 tonnes each day, in West Norwood?   Set to be only 400metres from St Luke’s, down Windsor Grove, the narrow back‑water where the Royal Mail delivery office is.
The developer says 220 vehicle movements each full working-day, 5½ days a week – that’s about 60,000 each year!  And a big slice of them will be big trucks, some of them through our shopping centre, the rest through other local roads.  Big trucks can be intimidating, dangerous and polluting, especially for cyclists and pedestrians.
Dear Neighbour,
Welcome to an extra NAG newsletter.  Please REALLY DO forward to family or friends, we need everyone's help.  
It's a long letter because it's a BIG challenge over a BIG scandal!  Lambeth planners seem happy for us to be dumped-on to allow more homes at Herne Hill.  To do this they have to ride rough‑shod over Lambeth’s own protective policies.  But we can beat this!
We had a Public Meeting planned a couple of months back but Covid took care of it, though Covid didn’t stop this planning application being set in motion by Southwark Metals’ property partner, Urban & Provincial.

Now is the moment when we can all play our part in saving our much loved town and community from a very genuine, ruinous blight.
Our apologies for taking a little while to inform you, but around 1800 pages of formal documents plus 25 sets of plans available only a couple of weeks back takes a bit of reviewing and absorbing before we can say
“Yes, NAG now knows for sure what the plans are, and they’re BAD news!
But why would Southwark Metals want to operate from cramped West Norwood when they own two better waste sites?  Profit!  Their Old Kent Road location is being redeveloped as part of a 1000+ homes scheme, and they would also like to build 200+ homes at their site at Shakespeare Road in Herne Hill.  So we are having their current waste metal business dumped on us while they make £mills profit elsewhere.

So homes elsewhere, but what benefits do WE get?  NONE!  Just trucks, danger and pollution.
Yet Southwark Metals’ consultants seem to turn reality upside down, slyly managing the figures, suggesting negligible effects on congestion and pollution.  For instance, they say NOX pollution won’t change because vehicles will get cleaner, and assume all the trucks will move around freely, and other traffic will decrease.  There are lies, damned lies, and statistics!  As Mark Twain attributed to Benjamin Disraeli (though our Prime Minister never said it!).

Do they know West Norwood at all?  It’s suggested that Norwood High Street can flow 1000 vehicles per hour – that’s an average of 1 every 3.6 seconds, so they say it will be easy for 420 an hour!  Hahaha!  (continued after Action Box)

We want to go virile!  What YOU can do – Go VIRILE! 
NAG prefers not to use the normal word at this time, but
VIRILE is bang-on!  Go on-line to your favourite local social media and rouse EVERYONE, your local friends, partners, and their friends too, to:
  1. Go to the link here and sign the big independent petition – we need 10% of our local population to. YES, we can do it with the help of YOU and YOUR FRIENDS if we all go really bonkers.  That’s about 4000 names, and there’s already over 1300, so let’s all go for it!
  2. Go to Lambeth’s planning website and make your feelings known. Never done this before?  It’s soooo easy.  Your comment can be pithy, maybe a line about what concerns YOU most, or lengthy and profound if that’s your style.  Already over 100 shocked citizens have objected, and we want to take it to over 1000 so that councillors and Lambeth really understand how important this is, why West Norwood mustn’t be flushed down the pan.  So pleeeze play your part for your sake and your family’s sake.  There’s a Tip Box to make it dead easy a bit further down. 
  3. Bang-off an email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Nextdoor, etc to EVERYONE you can think of, local friends and families.  Also to our councillors, our MP, tell them what you think, ask for their help, and ask what they will do.  Their email addresses are at the foot of this newsletter.
  4. Make a fuss any way you fancy.  Freestyle! Your style. Prize of fame for the most imaginative.  Lady Godiva, anyone?
  5. And a big ask, help by leafletting your street, or more, later this week.  Contact coordinator Thomas at or phone him on 07788 993 396, he’d love to hear from you.
  6. Let’s Get Excited!© The Pointer Sisters are BIG for West Norwood!  Here we are getting fanciful.
Please act now, lest you forget and we ‘lose’ the West Norwood we love to an ongoing pervasive abuse.
Overall Urban & Provincial’s PR approach has been deceitful.  Strangely, in the entire December exhibition guff showing artist’s impressions and CGIs of a tranquil  and serene Windsor Grove there is not ONE truck to be seen, nor even in the Design & Access Statement which forms a key part of the planning application.

And then there’s the Planning Statement that declares there has been broad support for the application”What!  Read the detailed Statement of Community Involvement and it tells a rather different story.  But then another developer did say candidly that public consultations are a box-ticking exercise that no one ever reads.  NAG reads everything.
Or the Ecological Impact Assessment.  The site never having been developed, on the course of the Effra, so with much wild life within it including bat and hedgehog activity.  This, including a portion of a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (a SINC), was cleared last September by bulldozer, it seems without any planning or regard for the diverse wild life.  If the plan should go ahead it will pretty much be covered by concrete and a large operations shed. 
The EIA assessment says the site will have a 113% increase in “biodiversity value” - a big barn with a bat box. It seems a sedum roof and green walls rate very highly!

If you want to delve into the application and its 56 documents click here (please see the footnote if the link doesn’t work for you).  While you’re there, DO click on the Comments Tab and tell them what you think.  There’s a Tip Box to make it dead easy is a bit further down.
If you want to dip into or read the entire joint objection submitted by NAG, Forum and NPA click
here.  It is a formal document for the planning process, so by all means skip the Preface and go to the Key Reasons for Objection, and click on just the ones you fancy.  Probably most people will focus on 5 and 6, which outline trucks, traffic, and pollution whether you are close to the site or more distant. 

Or you can read through as if a 30-minute Frederick Forsyth mini-novel, lots of twists and intrigue.  If you get to the end there is an explosive ending! 
And you can find out whether your street’s been bombed!
So please act right now, don’t delay – go to the action box and do 3 of the 5, or more!

SAVE WEST NORWOOD!  We’d all rather appreciate it! 
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'TIP Box'
For making a Comment on Lambeth’s ‘Planning Public Access’.  You can direct enter text but safer to prepare first – the system times-out after 20 minutes if your mobile rings, or you cogitate too long, so…
  1. Prepare your Comment in your favourite text app.
  2. It can be just a single line about what concerns YOU most
  3. Or longer, BUT… no more than the 5000 characters limit
  4. Then copy/cut ready to paste
  5. Click here (please see the footnote if the link doesn’t work for you)
  6. Hit the Comments Tab, and follow the instructions to direct enter or paste your comment
Can all be done in five minutes!
Alternative route to the planning application.  Go to and put the number 20/01066 in the search box that’s a little way down, hit Search and you’re there. 

Email addresses:
Helen Hayes MP
Gipsy Hill Ward councillors
Matthew Bennett
Jennifer Brathwaite
Pete Elliott         
Knight’s Hill Ward councillors
Jackie Meldrum 
Jane Pickard     
Sonia Winifred  
Thurlow Park Ward councillors
Fred Cowell      
Anna Birley       
Pete Ely            
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