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The eventual power of a Section 215 Notice.  The corner of Windsor Grove, before and after.  Councils can issue an improvement notice where something adversely affects the amenity of an area.  Failure to comply can result in prosecution.  Only taken 20+ years.  Meanwhile, planning enforcement action by Lambeth is proceeding at three other nearby sites as a result of NAGging.
Dear Neighbour,

Major Opportunity Site 18: York Hill Estate extension!
The recent exhibition of the developer’s plans, such as they are, for the Brooks Laundry site (between Norwood Road and York Hill Estate) was barely promoted by them and displayed minimal effort.  It was astonishing for its lack of ambition and banality.  Lambeth’s vision is much more imaginative, stating:
‘Site 18’ provides an exciting opportunity for regeneration at the heart of the town centre: providing new homes, creating new jobs and diversifying the local retail and leisure offer.
The key components are:
• New housing, including affordable housing
• More variety in retail and leisure offer and potentially larger units
• Potential to retain existing businesses such as B&Q
• Improved public realm and civic space
• Improved east-west connections through the site and an additional connection between Lansdowne Hill and York Hill to improve pedestrian and cyclist permeability
• Improved quality of buildings along this central part of Norwood Road
• Personal and road safety
• Evening Economy, and
• Parking for commercial uses and disabled users as a priority
The limited information provided at the exhibition showed two rectangular blocks of seven storey flats parallel to those on the York Hill Estate.  To provide employment for 100+, it’s said that the ground floors will be B1 offices.  There will be four parking spaces for the disabled, plus one other.
So the limited and dull proposals that add nothing new to our town centre will conflict with Lambeth’s vision, but as there have been pre‑application talks with planning officers, we can assume that Lambeth is likely to roll-over.  This would be a dereliction of duty to our neighbourhood if Lambeth abandons its local plan aspirations.  Could any future local plan have any credibility?

To address these issues and more, Norwood Planning Assembly, supported by Forum and NAG is holding a public meeting “The Retail Heart of Norwood” on Tuesday 28th November, Salvation Army Hall, 246 Norwood Road, 7pm for 7.30.  More here.  Greencourt will be represented and councillors attending.  Make your views known!
PS. Greencourt Property Group Ltd, the new owner of the site, states on
its website: “London is the most exciting city in the world and we have a genuine passion for it. We know, understand and LOVE London.”

The Cinema and Library…
As of today, Picturehouse still has no statement as to progress.  Informed sources say that it’s hoped the building will be weathertight by Christmas, and opening no sooner than February, perhaps later still.  This leads to the prospect of no library services between the end of this year and the eventual opening.  This is because the space in the old library is rented on a fixed term from Rathbone Society and the space is urgently needed for their work supporting people with learning disabilities.

Oh, and Oedipus and Jocasta are likely to stay where they are.

Christmas warm-up…
Small Business Saturday is approaching on 2nd December, with many local small traders participating with seasonal special offers.  This is followed on Sunday 3rd with Christmas Norwood Feast with the traditional Christmas Tree in front of St Luke’s, provided this year by Station to Station BID, so should be good.
There will be many special events, especially at The Portico where among the stalls and attractions will be a Pianothon.  This is to raise money for a quality piano for the Community Room in the reopened Nettlefold Hall (date still not known!).  Like to play in the Pianothon?
Contact.  The Community Room will be managed by the Friends of West Norwood Library.
Lambeth is responsible for the street decorations.  We hope for Christmas Cheer rather than last year’s sad, disintegrating, malfunctioning offerings!

The Butcher’s Knife comes to West Norwood
The Boundary Commission has published its final proposals and public consultation closes on 11th December.  These proposals affect our neighbourhood which is currently within the Dulwich and West Norwood constituency, MP Helen Hayes, who has been very active on our behalf in numerous matters.   Presumably she will stand for re-election for the proposed Dulwich and Sydenham constituency, whilst West Norwood will be divided south along Norwood Road from Tulse Hill Station then west from St Luke’s.  This will mean one town centre will be split in two with two new MPs, hardly ideal for cohesive representation and policy.  Go here to see map and make your comments. 

Goldilocks’ test
We have been told that the editorial style of this newsletter is too acerbic, but then others say ‘Go for it!’Using the Goldilocks’ Principle, we’d like to know what you think:
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Thank you!

B&Q update
Good news!  An informed source says that B&Q’s lease has recently been renewed, so presumably this means our local store’s future is assured.

Phantom Debt Fraud
The Safer Neighbourhood Team would like us to know that fake debt collectors and bailiffs are making phone calls to fraudulently demand money to settle fake debts.  Treat any calls of this kind with great suspicion.

Operation Be Safe replaces Bumblebee
Protect yourself and home.

Home Town Glory
It’s often reported that Adele’s first song, written at age 16, is a celebration of her then home town, West Norwood.  See what you think!  Click here.  Thankfully she’s improved.

Cycling routes
Click here for a map of planned and potential cycle routes in our neighbourhood.  You may comment too.

Report crime, nothing too small!
We are urged to report all crime so that Police can better determine trends and hot spots and maybe do some preventing and detaining.  You can do this by phoning 101 (but be prepared for a long wait for an answer), or on lineof course!  999 remains the number for emergency calls.

New arrival
Opposite the recently decommissioned fire station is newly opened hairdresser POP West Norwood at 264 Norwood Road. More here

Rail Warnings
Recent South Eastern Railway handouts state that leaves on the line can cause “amended timetable” with some trains not stopping at all normal stations.  It’s probably the same for all rail companies.  So check carefully before boarding, and don’t be surprised if a normal stopper goes straight past you!  The same flyer also mentions Delay Repay for delays in excess of 30 minutes.  Click here.
Also, multiple line closures are announced involving all train companies during the Christmas period, 23rd December to 1st January.


If you should miss a last train…
due to a delayed connecting train, you are entitled to a paid cab to your destination, however far it is.  Could be a long ride as you may have to share a cab zig-zagging to your destination.  You need to find station staff to arrange it.  Easy at say Clapham Junction, but not at all interchanges.

South London Theatre
is now not expected back at The Old Fire Station till March 2018.  Meanwhile astonishingly brilliant productions continue at The Stanley Halls, South Norwood. Check their programme here.   They’re still struggling to fund the shortfall on the increased resto budget and may have to leave upper floors unfinished, so please generously help them here.   

Vauxhall Bus Station
We don’t usually go out of neighbourhood, but many local people must use this interchange daily.  Currently all routes are under one roof and it functions very well.  Lambeth and TfL wish to sell off part of the site for redevelopment and disperse the bus stops around the locality.  More info here.  You can make your comments on the planning application here (consultation has been extended) using planning reference 17/04741/FUL.  As the plan is supported by Lambeth, a refusal is unlikely!

Mains water leaks, St Luke’s crypt flooded.  Connection?
West Norwood seems riddled with water leaks at present with repairs usually taking weeks.  Ancient pipes readily spontaneously fracture, but as far as known, no systematic renewals are planned.  Currently St Luke’s crypt is flooded, which has caused cessation of some of their community support programmes.  Despite a major leak just up the road, unrepaired for a week, Thames Water is denying liability.  If you have the expertise to determine whether the water in the crypt is mains water or natural ground water, please make contact.

Bus Garage poetry

Blues & Jazz Night
A Blues and Jazz Night on Tuesdays is trying to find its feet!  Location: the garden room at The Hope, 49 Norwood High Street.  It’s free entry, and you can find out more here.

Crown Point planning application
Just on the Croydon side of the border, there’s a fresh proposal to add a fourth storey to the south east corner after the previous application failed.  Want to know more? Use application reference 17/02552/FUL here.

West Norwood Discount Card
First you see it, then you don’t.  If it reappears, we’ll let you know.

Lambeth Local Plan Review
The opportunity to comment on the template for Lambeth, and of course Tulse Hill and West Norwood, closes on 4th December.  Go here to find out more.

Proposed changes to Lambeth KIBA sites
This link takes you to the proposal document.  The key aspects for our neighbourhood is that NO changes are proposed for the existing KIBA south of West Norwood Station, and the creation of a new one in the Knolly’s triangle between the intersecting railway lines.  This is already totally industrial.

Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme
Under this, £200,000 is being made available to each ward for public domain improvements.  Our three wards are due to have consultation begin in early in 2018 with plans in place by April, completion date not stated.  Find out more here

Friends of West Norwood Station
had their first meeting on 1st November with lots of ideas flowing.  Our thanks to Tim Bellenger of London Travel Watch for getting this off the ground with supporters and the various rail companies, who are at long last taking the litter and rat problems seriously.  The first stage towards improving the station and its surroundings is the planting before Christmas of spring flowering bulbs in the existing grassed banks.  Want to support or help?  Go to the FoWNS Facebook page.

Tulse Hill Station subway makeover?
Following the great success of The People’s Piano, Herne Hill is aiming for a makeover of the whole subway. See here.  Who would like to take up the challenge for Tulse Hill?

More street phone kiosks coming your way soon…
What!  Multiple telecoms companies have spotted a legal permitted right that they are taking advantage of.  Why?  These kiosks become advertising space that they can earn revenue from.  Unless there’s a change in the law, it may not be possible to stop this rash of unwanted street clutter.  Locally there are currently five in the pipeline.

Travellers on Avenue Park Road site, again
This site awaiting development has been occupied and rubbish is already being tipped.  Be sure to use only licenced contractors for rubbish collection as failure to do so is a heavily fined offence.  The onus is on you to check credentials.

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