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Major KIBA siteView into the major KIBA site from Knight's Hill, scandalously undeveloped for 20 years, appreciated only by occasional squatters and travellers.  An eysesore with dilapidated hoardings that dangerously blow away in high winds.  Even the paint applied at public cost has peeled.  Get involved with NPA to address such issues.  See the NPA survey below.
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What now for B&Q?
It’s understood that B&Q has a medium term lease, but the freehold has been sold, said at £8.25mill.  This may mean no change, business as usual, but then again may not.  The new freeholder may have bought the site as a long term investment or may have plans that affect B&Q.  Presumably if this involved buying back the lease this will have been negotiated already.  Kingfisher, owners of B&Q, have been pursuing a store closure programme.  We hope B&Q will continue as it is ‘an anchor’ store for the district attracting people from outside West Norwood to the town centre.  It’s possible that Kingfisher may seek to increase the size of the West Norwood store (one of its smaller ones) within Site 18.  Time will tell.

Norwood Planning Assembly survey

NPA requests everyone to complete this very quick survey to help establish priorities for improvements.  Closing date 10th November.  Why not do it now? 

Sorting Office
Whilst awaiting news of the fate of our local Royal Mail Delivery Office our MP Helen Hayes has been busy taking the battle to RM.  Unfortunately, since privatisation, they can do pretty much what they want without even public consultation, so it’s all down to making a good counter-case.  Helen Hayes was successful in calling for a Parliamentary debate on the subject, which took place on Wednesday.  Whilst very successful in gathering a consensus of frustration and anger against RM’s reduction in service and asset stripping for the benefit of shareholders, it’s probably beyond Government action to modify the terms of the privatisation. Watch the debate on Parliament TV.  Meanwhile the CWU has withdrawn from negotiations and were planning early strike action, now on hold following a High Court Injunction this week. More here.

Mental Health public meeting on Wednesday 18th October
Helen Hayes is also very engaged with lobbying on mental health issues, particularly affecting the young. 
Click here for full information of the meeting.

Quietway 7

The project seems to be a model of inefficiency, but £800,000 just has to be spent on the Lambeth section!  There seems to be general frustration over the patchy results of consultation – the drop-ins and co-design events seem to divide for the planners to rule.  For instance, cyclists HATE the build-outs which are proposed that will make them sitting targets – and they are supposed to be for the safety of young cyclists and family groups!
A traditional public meeting where people can hear others’ concerns and ideas, a consensus forming, would be valued.  Planners may respond to issues raised at drop-in events but there’s no effective way of the public truly affecting the outcome, hence the StreetWorks issues in Norwood Road.  However, there’s another reviewing event on Saturday 21st October, 2-5pm, location to be announced. 
Click here if you wish to be advised of the venue.  In the meantime you can consider the latest report and provide Feedback (at Point 11: Contact, near end of web page), till 5th November.

Friends of West Norwood Station!
After recent rubbish clearance from the embankments of this station, there’s a suggestion that local people might like to see further improvements and create a Friends Group to design and enable.  Funding is available from linked organisations.  A meeting is set for Wednesday 1st November 7:00pm at The Great North Wood overflow restaurant area.  There’s already a Facebook page started by Tim Bellenger of London Travel Watch.  Find out about other groups here.

Murder in West Norwood
The recent murder in Dunbar Street has added to many feeling that we live in an area of much violent crime.  Whilst there is too much, West Norwood and Tulse Hill have a low violence rate compared to many areas of London.  Click here for the ‘murder map’ of London.  It looks horrifying but includes all murders going back many years.  You can zoom-in on our neighbourhood to get a perspective. 

Police Shop closure
We reported on the closure of the Police Shop in Norwood Road which means that the local Safer neighbourhood Teams will have the Streatham Police Shop as their base.  However, this in turn is earmarked for closure leaving just Brixton and Gipsy Hill closest to us (the latter not having a public counter).  There is also a proposal to combine Lambeth and Southwark Police under the same operational command.

Clock fully funded
St Luke’s clock is again fully funded thanks to the generosity of some local businesses finding the shortfall.  Benefactors will be thanked at an event, pencilled-in for November.  Many have said that they would like the clock to strike the hours, potentially a Stage 2.  The clock will have to be stopped in the not too distant future for a couple of weeks whilst the clock chamber is having mobile phone network equipment installed.  The revenue will help the church fund its needs.

Leigham Vale open at lower end
The Leigham Vale / Norwood Road junction is open again, but Leigham Vale is closed further up.  Reopen date should be soon.

The Paxton up for sale
We understand that this landmark pub on Gipsy Road adjacent to Paxton Green, owned by Metropolitan Pub Co (a division of Greene King) is on the market.  After more than one dreary make-over it has never really found its way.  Nevertheless it’s important for footfall in that small shopping centre.  A better operator is to be hoped for rather than redevelopment.

New crossing and StreetWorks issues on Norwood Road

There’s to be a new pedestrian crossing on Norwood Road close to Harpenden Road.  Find out about this, StreetWorks, cycling and parking issues in a briefing document here.  Why do improvements go bad?  Learn more about cycling proposals and comment here.

Planning Enforcement on Norwood High Street
No 8 (on extreme left) has been obliged to convert back to retail, and there is now a To Let sign outside.  No doubt the owner is hoping for no interest to justify conversion to residential.  The whole parade has suffered the death of a thousand cuts with only The New Golden Wok take-away still operational.  Maybe reopening of South London Theatre and the new Picturehouse will regenerate this sad strip.
No 80, GNK Builders Merchants, has put in a retrospective planning application to cover some of the major non-permitted works that have taken place.  Planning Officers state that the matter is on hold till the application includes all such works so that they may be considered as a whole.  GNK must be on uncertain ground as to the outcome.  With large trucks parking (even on pavements) and manoeuvring, Norwood High Street is frequently brought to a standstill.
No 82, previously The King’s Head, then Scandals, is having a residential make-over above (and maybe front)  despite refusal of planning consent due to lack of information on the proposals.  The nightclub continues at the rear.

Updating Local Plan

When one local plan is adopted, work continues with updating.  The last Lambeth-wide one was 2015 with a separate Tulse Hill and West Norwood ‘refresh’ this year.  Click here to find out more and complete a survey if you wish.

Thinking of a basement?
Lambeth is discussing a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) with respect to basements.  Click here.

Dalmore Road accident
The junction with the South Circular was the scene of  another major accident last week.  This stretch has a very bad record including pedestrian crossing deaths.  Local councillors, officers, TfL, activists, NAG and Forum are engaged in trying to analyse the issues and plan solutions.

Croxted Road Lloyds Bank closure – still no cashpoint
As already reported this closed in September but without a local cashpoint.  Could there be encouragement for a local shop to install one to help less mobile local people?  One is needed, we don’t have a cashless society yet.

Whilst in Croxted Road
Da Porcini has closed and is expected to reopen as a pizza restaurant. And the new doctor’s surgery has been delayed as Southwark and TfL have postponed the plans to dig-up Croxted Road for sewer works. They say that more drivers are currently using the road because of the junction works in Dulwich Village – good planning, but with unfortunate consequences for the new surgery.

CPZ in force

The Tulse Hill extended CPZ came into force on 2nd October.  Be sure to check local signage when parking. More here.

No further news on completion but Picturehouse and union BECTU are dug-into their trenches in this two-year dispute for the London Living Wage and other conditions.  Owners of Picturehouse, Cineworld, is hands-off saying it’s up to local management.  This stalemate will be overcome, so why not sooner rather than later?  No doubt Picturehouse is planning non-union staff for West Norwood.  More here. Meanwhile Lambeth is still in negotiation as to what exactly will be left for the library!

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