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This is our last unit for this Course but you can expect to hear more from us soon with applications to become a Pop Up Artist.
We hope that Profile Building for Creatives has helped you get ready for this and other opportunities that come your way in 2015.
Week 6 / Unit 6 : Happening Now – Current Portfolio
At Pop Up Art we are all about ‘You have to be SEEN to be SOLD’. This premise extends to YOU as an artist, as well as in the exhibition of your work.
Presenting yourself may be challenging, but it will be easier to tackle, when broken down into specific tasks. This program provides a structure to assist you.
It’s a 6-week guide to building a portfolio of credentials that will allow you to maximize new opportunities.
Our focus is not on ‘how to’ – it’s more about making the space and finding the motivation, to tackle an achievable goal. In this sense, we hope to encourage the ‘will to’  just do it.
The finished product will be a marketable snap shot of who you are, where you come from and where you are going.
Profile Building For Creatives encourages you to make the process fun, easy and ideally a celebration of you as an artist.

  • Unit 1 : About You – Writing a Short Biography 
  • Unit 2 : The Road Travelled – Writing a CV 
  • Unit 3 : Your Point of View – Artist Statement
  • Unit 4 : A Picture speaks a Thousand words – Biographical Photo
  • Unit 5 : Your Journey in Images – Historical Portfolio 
  • Unit 6 : Happening Now – Current Portfolio


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

To collate a record of your current work.
This can include: work in progress; concepts in development; your current creative objectives; a project that you want to make happen; a statement of where you’re at right now and even unresolved creative challenges you may be tackling.
Answer these questions for your self:
  • What work have I done recently?
  • What am I currently developing?
  • What are my creative interests?
  • What are my creative objectives?
  • What materials am I exploring now?
  • How would I describe my work to someone I have never met before?
  • How would I defend my current work to a critic?

What do you want to say about what you are working on now?
          What’s the best way to say it?
Review Top Tips as adapted for this topic, from Unit 5
  • Think about your goal, purpose and audience before creating any kind of portfolio, be it historical or current.
  • When selecting images, make a gradual selection and go through stages of editing.
  • Consider your current work and think about which images are the most representative of what you want to say.
  • Ask for help: get feedback from friends or colleagues to see if they agree with your selection.
1) Create a physical space to work in over several consecutive days.
        Allow space and time to mull over your images.

2) Take out and review any visuals you want to include
3) Write notes about what you want to say.
  • Suggest you brain dump first.
  • Then create a plan of your key messages.
  • Note major ambitions, achievements and creative breakthroughs.
  • Tweak the content and order the information as you review.

4) Choose a method of communication
        Traditional Portfolio / Booklet / Brochure / Power Point Presentation /
        Film clip / Other
5) Determine if you need the support of others (skills or advice)
6) Cull until you have a succinct story in images and text
        Avoid repetition unless it’s important for your intended message. 
        Note: Selective editing is important Impact is key.
7) Review your images and/or text in relation to:
        Size / Quality / Format / Layout on each page / Titles
        Note: Further image production may be required.
8) Choose your image holder ( for first impression ):
        Bound Booklet / Portfolio / Folder / Level of finish / Quality of material / Colour /
        Titled / Framed / Digital / Memory stick / Other
9) Collate with consideration to:
        Order and sequence / Flow of message 
        Overall presentation.
1. Your portfolio must be presented in a professional manner, have continuity and give viewers a strong sense of your vision.

2. Be a tough editor of your work: it is crucial that your current portfolio contains only impressive work.

3. Keep it simple: avoid complexity. Break down concepts into simple sequential ‘language’ ( both visuals and text ).

4. Revise your portfolio regularly and update it as your body of work grows.

5. Make it easy for the viewer to take note of the images they like: include page numbers and titles for example.

How to Increase Your Art's Market Value 
Creating a Knockout Online Portfolio
A New Portfolio Service
Carbon Made
Big Black Bag

Once you've completed units 1 to 6, you will have a swag of tools to communicate who you are creatively and professionally. It’s not necessary to present all of these, all of the time. You can choose the applicable tool for the viewer and for the conversation you wish to enable.
Pop Up Art is aiming to provide an online platform for Visual Artists in 2015 and all of these materials will be essential to both your application for selection and later for your own ongoing relationship with this arts enterprise.
Thank you for your continued interest: Your active support is essential to the success of Pop Up Art.
Good luck with using your new Creative Profile and we’re looking forward to hearing about how you’re expanding your art practice and profile.
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Pop Up Art – White Shoe Box Gallery
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Open to all artists from 4 neighbouring Shires of Mount Alexander, Macedon,
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