POP UP ART- Week 5 / Unit 5 - Your Journey In Images.
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Before we begin….we would like to hear from you!! Please send us a message on our Course feedback page ( and tell us how you are going ??
Also if you are a visual artist – we hope you’ll be a part of The White Shoebox Gallery at the Castlemaine State Festival. See details below to jump in! No selection process - just creative fun
As to the business at hand : ) ….this is our second last unit….POP UP ART PROFILE BUILDING FOR CREATIVES Week 5 / Unit 5 : Your journey in images 
At Pop Up Art we are all about ‘You have to be SEEN to be SOLD’. This premise extends to YOU as an artist, as well as in the exhibition of your work.
Presenting yourself may be challenging, but it will be easier to tackle, when broken down into specific tasks. This program provides a structure to assist you.
It’s a 6-week guide to building a portfolio of credentials that will allow you to maximize new opportunities.
Our focus is not on ‘how to’ – it’s more about making the space and finding the motivation, to tackle an achievable goal. In this sense, we hope to encourage the ‘will to’  just do it.
The finished product will be a marketable snap shot of who you are, where you come from and where you are going.
Profile Building For Creatives encourages you to make the process fun, easy and ideally a celebration of you as an artist.

  • Unit 1 : About You – Writing a Short Biography 
  • Unit 2 : The Road Travelled – Writing a CV 
  • Unit 3 : Your Point of View – Artist Statement
  • Unit 4 : A Picture speaks a Thousand words – Biographical Photo
  • Unit 5 : Your Journey in Images – Historical Portfolio 
  • Unit 6 : Happening Now – Current Portfolio

“The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize."

Robert Hughes
(Time Magazine,1996)


To collate a visual portfolio of 6 – 10 images that document the highlights of your creative journey [career]
Assemble a series of images that reflect different artistic phases and / or visuals that demonstrate a varying range of creative projects.
Ideally a selection of images that take us [your viewer] through the historic evolution of your creative practice; demonstrates your skills and showcases your development. 
Line up an interview with one of the following: a gallery owner; a visual arts academic, an art shop owner, a professional graphic designer, an architect (….any professional who has cause to deal with visual portfolios).
Ask them :
     - What makes a great portfolio in their eyes ?
     - Can they show you an example ?
     - Can they show you their portfolio ?
Find a contemporary art hero on line and check out their portfolio. Preferably an artist who is alive and still working. How do they present themselves? How do they choose and edit images from their body of work?
Choose a historical art figure….find and then flick through their life’s work. Focus on how images are chosen to tell their particular story and how major developments are illustrated through choice of image.
Take a guess at what has been omitted from the story of their work and why ?
1) Create a physical space to work in over several consecutive days.
         Allow space and time to mull over your images.

2) Take out and review all the visuals you already have on hand.
        Are there important ‘missing’ representations of your work ?
        Can you get hold of these ? 

3) Short list 15 - 40 images that represent your work historically.
  • This does not include what you're working on now.       
  • Ensure you have representation from every key stage.
Note: Images that reflect major achievements / creative breakthroughs.

4) Cull until you have a succinct story in images.
  • Reduce number of images to:
  • 6 – 10 ( for a small portfolio)
  • 16 – 20 ( for a larger portfolio )
  • Avoid repetition unless it’s important for your intended message.
Note: Selective editing is important - Impact is key.

5) Review your images in relation to:
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Format   
  • Layout on each page
  • Titles
Note: Further image production may be required i.e. printing / photographing / videoing / mounting / laminating

6) Choose your image holder ( for first impression ):
  • Bound Booklet
  • Portfolio       
  • Folder
  • Digital       
  • Level of finish / quality of material      
  • Colour       
  • Titled       
  • Framed
  • Other?

7) Collate with consideration to:
  • Order and sequence
  • Flow of images
  • Comparison
  • The key messages of your overall presentation
1. Think about your goal, purpose and audience before creating any kind of portfolio, be it historical or current. This will make the selection process easier.

2. Your historical portfolio should contain images of your past work, created within a specific period of time.

3. Selecting the images that will go into your historical portfolio: make a gradual selection and go through stages.

4. Consider your body of work and think about which images are the most representative within each timeframe.

5. Make sure your historical portfolio shows your growth as an artist over time.

6. Ask for help: get feedback from friends or colleagues to see if they agree with your selection.

Have a great week everyone. You'll receive your final unit on February 10th ! :-)

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