Week 2 / Unit #2
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At Pop Up Art we are all about ‘You have to be SEEN to be SOLD’. This premise extends to YOU as an artist, as well as in the exhibition of your work.
Presenting yourself may be challenging, but it will be easier to tackle, when broken down into specific tasks. This program provides a structure to assist you.
It’s a 6-week guide to building a portfolio of credentials that will allow you to maximize new opportunities.
Our focus is not on ‘how to’ – it’s more about making the space and finding the motivation, to tackle an achievable goal. In this sense, we hope to encourage the ‘will to’ – just do it.
The finished product will be a marketable snap shot of who you are, where you come from and where you are going.
Profile Building For Creatives encourages you to make the process fun, easy and ideally a celebration of you as an artist.
  • Unit 1 : About You – Writing a Short Biography 
  • Unit 2 : The Road Travelled – Writing a CV 
  • Unit 3 : Your Point of View – Artist Statement
  • Unit 4 : A Picture speaks a Thousand words – Biographical Photo
  • Unit 5 : Your Journey in Images – Historical Portfolio 
  • Unit 6 : Happening Now – Current Portfolio



To document an account of your career

Include what you can do and what you have done.
Think of your career as a journey: where have you set up camp in the past? Who have you travelled with? What special skills do you carry around in your backpack?
Map your journey in a clear, sequential and concise way.

"Help! My life does not fit into my CV!"

Ponder this - fact or fiction?
"My work speaks for itself – I do not need to market myself!"

If fiction - List a minimum of 10 possible benefits to marketing yourself (your list can be on the back of an envelope….be wildly creative…and should include the ripple effect….)
If fact – maintain and debate this position with a friend
Forget about the worlds view and think about your own view / experience, then answer this question for yourself - What are my career highlights as I see them? How many highlights have there been ?
Ask yourself this: are all my career highlights – as I see them – relevant for my CV?
On Post-It notes name a career highlight for each year of your adult life – start anywhere, note each event on a separate sheet, note events as you remember them. Then put the notes in date order.
From these you can chose which to include / exclude on your CV.
Interview a friend – What do they see as their career highlights?
Review the links provided below.
Review: The Nuts & Bolts section provided last week in Unit 1
  • Find a collaborator
  • Set up a template
  • Number and date each draft
  • Word count
  • Proof read
  • Get Feedback
Stick to the facts: Let each milestone you have reached speak for itself
Dig out: Your old CV, if you have one. Read it with fresh eyes and perhaps get some honest feedback on it, before you commence. Caution - choose a supportive person to give you feedback.
Consider: Having someone else write your CV and perhaps you can write theirs!

A CV for arts opportunities is different from a CV used for applying for jobs.
1) Put together a selection of these sections below, where relevant.
  • personal and contact information
  • education (after secondary school particularly art related)
  • solo and group exhibitions
  • collections
  • awards
  • publications
  • commissions
  • awarded grants
  • residencies
  • gallery
  • other interesting information
2) Present your CV in a neat and clear manner: avoid elaborate fonts and designs. Use only black text.

3) Keep the length to two pages of A4 max. (list rather than prose)

4) Make the most of what you have achieved so far.

5) Customize your CV – include only the information that’s relevant to each opportunity.

6) Keep your CV updated with new achievements.

Creating Your Artists Profile

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