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Happy Monday!

I am honored to have been selected by TheInformation as one of the 30 Most Powerful People in Crypto. Thank you Akash Pasricha. Thank you Race Capital. Thank you Mom and Dad. =) 

Here's 5 great reads for this week: 

  • Data Investment Thesis - The Predictive Transaction Processing Revolution is imminent. This algorithm will learn what you like based not on your stated preference, but on your revealed preference.  We will need improved machine learning models that are more precise in their predictions, as marginal gains will make the difference when they are cascaded through a logistics chain. We will also need learning systems that can look backwards and correct for previous mistakes, so that errors are not compounded. Read more.
  • Web3 Communication is Impossible - In the Web2 space, users sign up with their email to create accounts and act as the default channel to communicate with developers. In Web3, since authentication and sign in happens with wallet addresses, there is no way for developers to communicate with their users. Most of this “user notification” happens on Discord or Telegram where it’s extremely unspecific and un-targeted. And that's why we invested in Notifi
  • Branding for VC - How to define and position your VC brand to attract funding and deal flow?  All investors need to hone in your unique deal flow funnel and marketing activities. From content, PR to events or Twitter, we need to develop our own superpower. Read more.
  • VC Fund Capital Call Schedule - Capital calls are like “buy now, pay later” of the venture world. In 2021, LPs saw an average of 32% re: % of capital called in a fund’s first full calendar year. Assuming a fund reserves 50% for follow-on capital, this implied an initial investment period well below two years.  From 2015 to 2018, this metric hovered in the 20% range. Read more
  • Race Capital Web3 Founders Meetup - After 2 years of hiding, we are hosting our first meetup on March 15, 2022. Join us!   

This week a total of 36 startups raised $1.6339B in fundingM&As:

  • $469.8.3M goes to 16 Enterprise startups
  • $11.6M goes to 1 Legal Tech startup
  • $28M goes to 2 E-Commerce startups
  • $3.1M goes to 1 Real Estate startup
  • $15.5M goes to 2 Gaming startups
  • $32.9M goes to 1 Blockchain startup
  • $42M goes to 1 Robotics startup
  • $262M goes to 3 Renewable Energy startups
  • $502M goes to 2 Construction startups
  • $105M goes to 1 Hardware startup
  • $15M goes to 1 Food Service startup
  • $67M goes to 1 BioTech startup
  • $80M goes to 4 Healthcare startups
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Venture capital funding in the US continues to break records.

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