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Being Brilliant and Human

“Being Brilliant and human” curates and shares human, practical and realistic approaches to life and work for those who are following their own path and are juggling multiple projects or streams of focus.
Hi <<First Name>>

Lovely to chat today!
I have signed you up to my newsletter, but this is the one I think would be useful for you to read based on our conversation today. Start with the 100 blocks section with a link to my post on building your perfect week......

How's it going?
I hope that this continued journey through uncertainty is not getting you down too much. I have spoken to quite a few people recently who are dreading the autumn/winter months being cooped up inside, if you are feeling the same way, a couple of the articles below hopefully will give you some ideas.

If you are needing some social time and/or a listening ear, I am happy to grab a mood-boosting virtual coffee with or without a camera :)

I am going to be annoying and state that I am enjoying the season change to autumn and the excuse to be able to snuggle up most days and not go out. I am already wearing my scarf and dressing gown when I can, inside, during the day.

I had big plans to share some great articles about collaboration and have a nice list, but I have come across so many good articles about a life well lived and how to navigate the next few months of winter that I want to share them whilst they are still relevant! In my efforts to remain flexible in uncertain times, I am taking my own medicine :)

I hope you enjoy!

Warmest Wishes

100 Blocks a Day

Imagine that you had 100 blocks a day to do with what you will, how would you use them? Now look at how you actually use them. This is the small step towards building your ideal week that I encourage everyone to do.
HT Josh Spector
Link to article

Dreading a Dark Winter Lockdown? Think Like a Norwegian

Studies show people living in the Arctic Circle are armed with a mindset that helps combat the long ‘polar night.’ It might come in handy for us all…
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The eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life

There is always too much to do, remember that, you can't complete it all......I have read a lot from Oliver Burkeman and I love his sceptical yet practical approach to a lot of the wellbeing and happiness industry. This is a lovely article that reminds us what is actually important and what we should be focussing our energies on.
Link to article

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

This has done the rounds in the last few months and I have come across it a few times, this time so many resonated with me more than they did before, so it felt apt to share it. If you are feeling like nothing works, nothing fits, something isn't quite right, I think this may help you feel better and give some ideas to get going again. Great advice to give to the young people in our lives.
Link to article

Optimism2020: A Manifesto

Trevor McKendrick's is a staple newsletter into my inbox and he has good insights, his manifesto for 2020 was written before Covid-19 and it gives a positive perspective on how much we can choose our own behaviour improvements with all the uncertainty around us.
Link to article

A great book!

Wonder by RJ Palacio
This is a lovely book (and film) that I was recommended for my daughter, but read first. It offers a perspective of growing up that many of us have no experience of. August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school—until now. He's about to start 5th grade at Beecher Prep.
Check out our previous recommendations on Goodreads

Podcast worth a listen

Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor
This is the podcast that inspired me to start writing again. Write for your younger-self. Candice Braithwaite talks about her journey to become a well-known author about being a black mother in the UK. Sophie carrys on with whatever is going on around her, open and honest.
We have a spotify playlist that include our recommendations Thanks for the idea Uyen Vo!
If you have any little gems of articles, podcasts or books we should know about and can share, please let us know!
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