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January 18, 2015  |  Volume 1  |  Issue 4
Hello Eastern Canada Circle K Members,

This special issue of The Current is devoted to the details on our upcoming District Convention. Following are many of the details that you need to know to prepare for an amazing experience at this year's DCon.

Be sure to connect with us on social media (details below) for all the latest updates on District Convention 2015 and much more.

As always, feel free to email your District Board with any questions.

Hoping to see all of you at District Convention 2015,

The Eastern Canada District Board

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Official Call to Convention

Eastern Canada Circle K Members,


It is our distinct pleasure to invite everyone to attend the 2015 Eastern Canada Circle K District Convention.


This year, the convention will be held in Waterloo, Ontario, hosted by the University of Waterloo Circle K from February 19th to 21st.


At convention, we will enjoy key note speakers, learn how to better our clubs in workshops, select our next team of district leaders and much more.


Hoping to see all of you at the 2015 District Convention.



Yours in Service,


Katie Wyslocky                  Benita Etey

District Governor               Host Committee Chair

Check out our Facebook event page for more information.
2015 Eastern Canada District Canada District Convention
2015 Eastern Canada District Canada District Convention
Convention Registration

To register for District Convention 2015, please refer to the attachment titled "Registration Guide". In this document, you will find 4 simple steps to register and the links to all of the registration forms. Please don't hesitate to contact District Administrator Jan Alexanian ( with any questions or concerns.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest convention updates.
Official Call for Nominations

Eastern Canada Circle K Members,


With the 2015 District Convention fast approaching, it is once again time to begin the process of selecting the next district leadership team.


At District Convention, we will be electing our next District Governor and District Secretary as well as appointing our next District Editor, District Webmaster and District Committee Chairs.


Nominations are now open for the positions named above and detailed in the attached 2015 Information for Delegates & Candidates.


Yours in Service,


Katie Wyslocky                    

District Governor

Convention Workshops

President’s Training

Are you a Club President? Then this workshop is perfect for you! Come and learn about different ways to lead and how to be an effective leader and communicator within your club.


Secretary’s Training

The must attend workshop for all Club Secretaries. This workshop will cover the Secretary’s job in detail and give every Secretary the tools and tips they need to succeed in their upcoming term.


Recruitment & Retention

Possibly the most challenging issue faced by our clubs is how to not only get people to join our organization, but how to get them to stay with us. In this workshop, we will cover strategies for recruitment and go on to discuss how we can better engage our members to make them want to stay.


K-Family Relations

Come and participate in a panel discussion on how to get your club even more connected with the K-Family than it already is.


Advisor Training

As a Club Advisor, you can never have too much help. Get the information, know-how and advice that you need to succeed from the experts.


Public Speaking

Public speaking is often the most challenging and stressful aspect of leadership. In this workshop, get expert advice and guidance on public speaking from the University of Waterloo Toastmasters.


Fundraising Ideas

Executing successful fundraisers can be difficult. Attend this workshop to get expert advice on how to plan for and achieve success with your future fundraisers.


Service Project Ideas

Get together with representatives from other clubs to participate in a discussion on what makes a successful service project and share ideas for future projects.


Marketing & Promotions Using Social Media

In this day and age, social media is everywhere! Join us to learn about how to effectively use various social media platforms to promote your club and your events to your school and community.


The Eliminate Project

The Eliminate is in its final year, and we still have funds to raise. Get inspired and learn more about how your club can still contribute to this major global health initiative.

Convention Service Opportunities

On the Thursday of Convention, attendees will be able to participate in one of several service opportunities in Waterloo.

More details on the service opportunities will be distributed soon.

Convention Awards & Contests

Each year at District Convention, awards are presented to Clubs and Members in recognition of outstanding achievements in various areas.

There are also several contests held at the District Convention that Members of Clubs can participate in.

A new contest this year is the Club Service Display. At convention, each club is invited to participate by preparing a display to showcase a service project that their club has done in the past year.

For more information about District Awards and Contests, please refer to the attachment titled "2015 District Awards & Contests".

Club Officer Elections

Each Club of the Eastern Canada District should hold an election for its 2015-2016 Board of Officers prior to the 2015 District Convention. Electing the new class of officers prior to convention allows the new Club President and Secretary to attend the appropriate workshops at convention where they will learn about how to excel in their new position.

Electing the new officers earlier also allows time for the incoming officers to work with the current officers until the end of March and gain experience in the position before taking it over themselves.

Please feel free to email District Secretary Jordan Dunlop ( with any questions regarding Club Elections.

District & International Dues Reminder !

Club Officers & Advisors: Please be advised that both District and International Dues are due as of January 31st, 2015. Many clubs have yet to pay their dues and should address this matter immediately.

The Eliminate Project Update


As of January 11, 2015, Kiwanis-family Service Leadership Programs have raised US$3,685,670 in total funds. This is an incredible increase of more than US$100,000 since the last week. CKI Clubs have contributed an amazing US$3,369. Make certain you celebrate these accomplishments with the members of your CKI clubs! 


145,000 LIVES protected: Will the Detroit Octopus be kissed?

Tune into Circle K's and The Eliminate Project's social media on January 23 to see what will happen in Detroit, during the anniversary celebration, and if CKI's goal for The Eliminate Project has been reached! 


Show your Love, Save a Life this February

Love is in the air; can you feel it? Valentine’s Day is on the way and is a perfect time to show your love for others while saving lives. Circle K clubs on campuses worldwide will again host Show Your Love, Save a Life events for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal-neonatal tetanus. Use the guide at to plan events or create projects. Enlist the help of your Kiwanis friends, too; they’ll love the chance to show their love for CKI and The Eliminate Project.

District History Minute

On March 31, 1958 Carleton University became the sixth Circle K Club within the Ontario-Quebec-Maritimes Kiwanis District.  The Club stayed active until its charter was revoked in 1969.


In 1958, with six Clubs, the Ontario-Quebec-Maritimes Circle K District became an official District.  The six Clubs were  University of Western Ontario, Ryerson Institute of Technology, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Waterloo College, Carleton University and Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology (the precursor to Algonquin College).