February 18– April 4
Psalm 50:7-15
Mark 9:2-9
Psalm 19:1-11
Mark 8:31-37
Psalm 1
John 2:13-22
Psalm 108:1-5
John 3:36-21
Psalm 119:105-112
John 12:20-33
Psalm 118:19-29
Mark 11:1-11
Out of My Mind- A Note from Rev Franz
Here is another poem from Ted Loder; this time to help us with our Lenten preparations.
Catch me in my anxious scurrying, Lord,
and hold me in this Lenten season:
hold my feet to the
fire of your grace
and make me
attentive to my mortality
that I may begin to die now
to those things that keep me
from living with you
and my neighbors on this earth;
to grudges and indifference,
to certainties that
smother possibilities,
to my fascination with
false securities,
to my addiction to
sweatless dreams
to my arrogant insistence on
how it has to be;
to my corrosive fear of
dying someday
which eats away the wonder of living this day,
and the adventure of losing my life
in order to find it in you.
Catch me in my aimless scurrying, Lord,
and hold me in this Lenten season:
hold my heart to the
beat of your grace
and create in me a resting place,
a kneeling place,
a tip-toe place
where I can recover from the
disease of my grandiosities
which fill my mind and calendar with busy self-importance,
that I may become
vulnerable enough
to dare intimacy with the familiar,
to listen cup-eared for
your summons,
and to watch squint-eyed for your crooked finger
in the crying child,
in the hunger of the street people

in the fear of the contagion of terrorism in all people,
in the rage of those oppressed because of sex or race,
in the smoldering resentments of exploited third world nations,

in the sullen apathy of the poor
and ghetto-strangled people,
in my lonely doubt and
limping ambivalence;
and somehow,
during this season of sacrifice,
enable me to sacrifice time
and possessions
and securities,
to do something…

something about what I see,
something to turn the
water of my words
into the wine of will and risk,
into the bread of blood and blisters,
into the blessedness of deed,
of a cross picked up,
a savior followed.
Catch me in my mindless scurrying, Lord,
and hold me in this Lenten season:
hold my spirit to the
beacon of your grace
and grant me light
enough to walk boldly,
to feel passionately
to love aggressively;
grant me peace
enough to want more,
to work for more
and to submit to nothing less,
and to fear only you…
only you!
Bequeath me not becalmed seas,
slack sails and
premature benedictions,
but breathe into me a torment,
a storm enough to make
within myself
and from myself,
something new,
something saving,
something true,
a gladness of heart,
a pitch for a song in the storm,
a word of praise lived
a gratitude shared,
a cross dared,
a joy received.
A Stewardship Moment
We are getting very excited about our upcoming Stewardship Campaign for 2015/2016, because there is so much positive electricity flowing in our congregation and so much we hope to do in the coming year for God. Our theme for this year’s campaign will be "From Bread and Wine To Faith and Giving". God gives to us at the Table and in turn God's giving empowers us to give to help others.  Will your gift to others through the Church represent the depth and breadth of God's love?
As you prayerfully consider how you will answer monetarily God's call for commitment on Consecration  Sunday, March 22nd, also prayerfully consider offering your time and talents to God by helping in one or more of the numerous opportunities to reach out in God's love to our community and farther to  help those less fortunate than we are. 
In Christ,
Darrell  McHaney
Co-chair, Stewardship/Finance              
Do you like reading these Stewardship Moments? Then head over to our website, where we have compiled them all together in the Stewardship Blog!
Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers over the last month as we welcomed our baby girls into the world. We are excited to have them home and healthy. Emma Kate and Charlotte can't wait to meet their FCC family when cold and flu season is over! Please continue to keep us in your thoughts as we settle in at home. 
Julie & Josh Outlaw 
Week of Compassion
On the Sundays of February 15 and 22 we will be taking up the special offering for the Week of Compassion.  This special offering enables us to do the life-saving ministry of emergency relief, development, and refugee work that changes the lives of many people in North America and around the world.  We hope you will dig into your pockets to support this special ministry.  The funds collected go directly to assist those in need.  Responses just in the last two weeks include:  Wisconsin Fire Relief, Virginia Refugee Assistance, China Earthquake Relief, Democratic Republic of Congo Storm Damage, and Bosnia Interfaith Dialogue.  Special offering envelopes will be included in the Sunday bulletins.  If, however, you are not in attendance or misplace your envelope, you may send your donation to the church earmarked “Week of Compassion”.
Thanks for your support.
World Outreach
Coming Up
February 18-25

Wednesday, February 18
Ash Wednesday
7a AA
10:30a Spiritual Life Group
5:30p Pancake Supper
7p  Ash Wednesday Service
Thursday, February 19
7a AA
11:45a Book Club
12p High Noon AA
6p Worship Band
6p Foster Parent Training
Friday, February 20
3p Youth Fieldtrip to Defy Gravity
Saturday, February 21
7a AA
9a-3p, 6-8p Seventh Day Adventists
Sunday, February 22
8:45a Turning Point
8:45a CWW (Room 2)
9:45a Coffee Fellowship
9:45a Sunday School
11a Traditional Worship
Monday, February 23
7a AA
12p Al Anon
6p Girl Scouts
Tuesday, February 24
7a AA
12p High Noon AA
6p Caduceus 12-Step
6p Foster Parent Training
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Please bring in
Put it in the wagon in the hallway
2nd    Dave Ferris
        Zola Boston
        Lucy Lee
3rd   Phyllis Powell
5th    Laura George
6th    Diane Richardson
        Jim Lee
11th  Jerry Roberts
12th   Lee Bryant
13th   Lucille Allen
        Jacob Reinger
        Kathryn Emmart
15th   Phyllis Snyder
        Garrett Anderson
16th   Joanne Stout
17th  Amanda Koester
        Myra Ferris
19th   Duane Luse
21st  Adam Mills
        Tim Whitehead
27th   Ann Boston
In some parts of Mexico, hot springs and cold springs are found side by side. Because of this natural phenomenon, local women have the convenience of boiling their clothes in the hot springs and rinsing them in the cold springs. While watching this procedure, a tourist said to her guide, "I Imagine that they think old Mother Nature is pretty generous to supply such ample, clean hot and cold water here side by side for their free use. The guide replied, "Well, actually, no. There is much grumbling because Mother Nature supplies no soap! Also, there is a rumor that in some parts of the world, there are machines that do the work." Some times we compare our lives to others - what they have that we don't have.  So count your blessings today!  If you own one, start with.....a washing machine

Serving February 22

11:00 Communion Table Prayers
 Millie Griffin & Margaret Jarman
Homebound Communion
 Ranny Gardner & Jerry Roberts
Turning Point
 Duane Luse
February Deacons
Ann Boston, Christina Stakely, Libby Stanton,
Vivian Vaughan, Judy Flaherty, James Lane
Joy Roberts, Margaret Respess
February Communion Prep
James Lane, Joy Roberts and Margaret Respess
8:45  Ralph George
11:00 Vivian Vaughan & Joy Roberts
Lay Reader
Duane Luse
Sunday Door Lock-up
 John & Jeannie May
Who, What, When and Where?
Notices & Reminders
2/19                                                       Book Club
11:45am. Cape Fear Seafood
2/25                                       Supper Plus Begins
5:30pm. There are lots of activities and classes being offered this go round! Prices TBA
During the month of February, Book Club memb-
ers will be reading a very unique book by the new author, Wiley Cash. Cash, a local author, has won numerous awards with his first two books that highlight dysfunctional families in quite unusual situations. Book Club has now returned to its regular meeting time on the 4th Thursday, February 26 at 11:45 am at Cape Fear Seafood at Monkey Junction. Everyone is welcome to join in with our delightful lunch and meeting. A few books are still available to check out in the Church Library.
The DWM Retreat is scheduled for March 20th and 21st at Camp Caroline.  If you are interested in attending and would like to ride up EARLY Saturday morning, 3/21, Faye Hodges will be driving the Church Bus...Yes, Faye will be taking us.  Please contact Elizabeth and let her know; she will have a sign up sheet.  We need 15 to commit so that we can take the bus.  Maggie Archibald will be the Keynote Speaker.  What a fun day this will be.  Also, you will need to register for the Retreat....copies of the forms are on the DWM Bulletin Board and must be in the Regional Office by March 11.  If you have questions you can call Sherry Hickman at 297-1368.
Jim Price would like to announce the birth of his granddaughter on February 13, 2015. Lyra Underwood Lennon Price is the daughter of Suzzanne and Jim Price, IV. She is Jim’s little Valentine.
Camp Caroline Work-Day Feb 28 The Camp has small-large work needs including a chainsaw and anyone with a log splitter to help clean-up some downed trees, electrical and plumbing needs for specifically gifted folks in those areas, and if you are a drywall specialist they have a need for your help! If the weather permits they are hoping to get Ward Hall Painted and the Pool House painted, too.
Youth Information
Registration for Chi Rho Spring Retreat due February 25th. The retreat will be March 6-8 for students in middle school. If you are interested in going we need the forms turned in as soon as possible.
Calling all youth interested in serving during the 11:00 worship service. We need acolytes and lay readers. Please let Heather know if you might be interested.
Fundraising for youth to attend Winterfest in Gatlinburg at the end of the year. We have teamed up with Funding Factory to recycle used printer cartridges, old cell phones and much more into money for this trip. There are boxes in the Narthex and fellowship hall for drop off.  Any questions, contact Heather.
February 20th  
Youth in grades 5-8 going to Defy Gravity (don’t forget to bring a friend!)
February 25th  
Supper Plus Starts - This particular night we will conduct a service project here at the church
March 6-8th
Spring Retreat  for Grades 6-8 (Paid for by the church) More info coming soon!
April 19th
Youth Service Day Bake Sale after 11:00 Worship (Proceeds to benefit Good Shepherd)
June 22-26th
Camp Caroline ALPHA Camp for grades 1-3
June 26-28th
Camp Caroline Sailing & Kayaking Camp for grades 4-7
Attention Flower Lovers!
I am looking forward to sharing some tricks I have learned about flowers.  On March 4, 11, 18 and 25th, we will meet after the meal at Supper Plus. I need to have a sign up list, in order to provide handouts and needed supplies.  I plan on having simple, inexpensive supplies for you to purchase. You will have the opportunity to make your own little tool/ supply kit.  Please save an adult sized shoebox or buy a plastic one.  We will use these supplies in some hands- on flower arranging, bow tying, air grafting and other flower fun!
Please don’t let $$ keep you from being a part of this group during Supper Plus!   A few, gracious FCC folks are contributing money towards scholarships for others who would like to take the workshop, but do not have funds available to do so.   I will need to limit the group to 15 folks this time, so please get your name on the list ASAP! If these classes go well, they will be offered again later and a waiting list will begin after the initial 15 students. Your best bet would be to email me at  Please be sure to leave a phone number. You could call me at 540-0216 (cell) or at 686-1393 (home).   I need to order the supplies by Tuesday, February 24th.I am looking forward to sharing the chance to showcase God’s glorious blossoms and to learn your ideas, too! 
Colby Westbrook - a Brownie Scout with Troop 3681 (FCC’s sponsored Troop) - is selling delicious Girl Scout Cookies. We would like to send a huge, sparkly THANK YOU to all of those who have already purchased cookies! Through the end of February, Colby will be taking and filling orders for any who are interested. For more information or to order online, please email Colby’s mom Alesha (
A Note From The Communications Team
Just a reminder.  Please submit any articles you may have for News and Views to Elizabeth Cosper in an email or as an attachment to an email by 1100 am on Mondays.  Please check to see that your article has the correct time and date - if it is an event - and that it has been proofed for typos, spelling and grammar.  This will cut down on editing time and mistakes in the final issue.  If you do not have access to a computer or email, please contact Ellie Duckett and she will help get your information ready for publication. Please do not call the church office and dictate an article over the phone or drop a hand written note in the church inbox. Your help in these areas will insure that we can more efficiently publish a weekly newsletter without negatively impacting other church business. Thanks in advance for your help with this.
Recent Attendance
DATE 8:45 11:00 TOTAL
01/04/15 no count 75 75+
01/11/15 54 72 126
01/18/15 39 75 114
01/25/15 61 96 157
02/01/15 76 102 178
02/08/15 77 70 147
02/15/15 58 83 141
Prayer Concerns

Church Family
Michelle Allen, health issues
Vanessa King, breast cancer/recovering from surgery
Vivian Vaughan, recovering from surgery
JC Davis, health issues/surgery on 1/8
Hugh Cason, health issues
Barbara Anderson, recovering from surgery
Vivian Vaughan, recovering from surgery
Roger Bullock & Family, he is serving in Afghanistan 
Hunter Singletary
Ann & Bill Boston, for the loss of Zola

Our Friends and Family
Nancy Shelton, Mike Brown's niece
Laura Cochrane, Barbara Capps' sister, health issues
Ernest Duckett, brother of Ellie Duckett & son of Jane Duckett, diagnosed with colon cancer
Alison Grimes, niece of Joanne Stout, in clinical trial for cancer
Cristi Pollock, friend of many church members, diagnosed with central nervous system vasculitis
Christy McGirt, Nancy Cherry-Simcox’s friend, undergoing chemo and radiation
Lilly Millis, dealing with her mother, Christy’s, illness
Scott Corbett,  friend of Ray Gardner, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation
Marji Hillard Johnson, friend of the Mays, husband was killed by a drunk driver
Frances Childers, Mother of Tena Perry, with shingles in one eye
ŸMillie Bless, dealing with health issues
ŸVerta Blake, Pam Furr’s Aunt, recovering from shoulder replacement
Maria Kinzer
Ella Sue Stanton, Libby Stanton’s Mother, health
John Montgomery, Tena Perry’s Uncle, kidney cancerŸ 
Troy Law, Jane Duckett’s brother, health issues
Kelsy Mills, health issues
Susan Johnson, friend of the Emmarts, recently diagnosed with rare liver cancer

Penny & Kevin Phipps, friends of the Mays, health problems
Kredrick Brown, friend of the Stakely-Coffeys, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 
It’s Time For Supper Plus Again!
Classes Offered
Young Children (4 years to 4th Grade):
Learn Worship music and art activities in preparation for Palm Sunday
Older Children (5th Grade and Up): Activity TBA
Flower Arranging with Millie Griffin
Young Parents Class with Bill DeLeo
Lenten Bible Study: Challenges of Social Justice with Rev Bob
Meal Schedule
2/25 Potluck Supper
3/4 Spaghetti Dinner
3/11 Elders Providing Meal
3/18 Catering by Duke’s Old South BBQ
3/25 DWM & CMF Providing Meal
FCC Wilmington Staff

Robert Franz Interim Minister
Cheryl Cribbs Music Director | Dr. Patricia Slomanski Organist
Brad Dean, Turning Point Director | Heather Fahnestock, Youth Director
Myrtle Sanders Financial Secretary | Elizabeth Cosper Administrative Assistant
Tammy Connell Nursery Attendant/Cleaning Service | John Lanier  Janitorial Service

Russ & Carlotta Smith Spiritual Directors

910-762-1389 | Spiritual Directors 910-616-5846 | CareNet Counseling Partner 910-799-1071
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