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Pastor's Ponderings
This time last week, I was in our new apartment off of Eastwood Road, helping (mostly just watching) two of the most impressive movers I’ve ever seen bring all our stuff into our new place. Our apartment is on the third floor and these two guys must have made around 60 trips with their arms fully loaded. They were machines. It is a strange feeling to see the full weight of all your stuff manifest itself in the sweat and hard work of two strangers.
I like to think that I’m not a “stuff” guy -- that I don’t covet a lot of material goods and that I try not to attach my emotions too often to objects. But while I may have won some battles, the sheer quantity of all these boxes made me think that I was losing the war. As I stared at the cardboard mountain that took over what would become our dining room, I was overcome with a tantalizing thought: we had lived without this stuff for over a month, and been just fine; why not find someone willing to just buy it all as a lot, sight unseen, watch them take it all away and start over from scratch? There’s something so appealing about utter simplicity.
Well the thought passed, and a week later, all the boxes are unpacked and put away (thanks to my amazing wife, who did at least 99.9% of that work). But that urge for simple living remains. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with stuff. With the stuff we buy under the false promise that it will finally bring us happiness. With the stuff of messed up relationships and other people’s emotional baggage that we are trying to carry for them. With the stuff of schedules that never stop, that are bursting at the seams, making us perhaps the busiest and yet least fulfilled people in history.
God understands how easily we can become buried in all this stuff. And God, in the very beginning, tried to teach us how to resist. Remember? On the seventh day, God rested. Almost 15% of creating the universe included doing nothing at all, because even God knew that if all you do is work, your work will ultimately be fruitless without rest. This is now our call to practice Sabbath. To fight off the wave of “stuff” that is constantly threatening to crash over your head.
You don’t need to come to church to earn points with God or impress others. What you do need is to simplify and give your soul room to breathe amidst all the stuff of life. As a minister, it is often hard for me to practice Sabbath on busy Sunday mornings so I have to work to find it in other places; that may be true for some of you who share so much of your time serving others at church. But everyone needs to find Sabbath practices that feed your soul. It is the beautiful act of worship that is the only way to resist a world threatening to fill your home, your head and your schedules with too much stuff.
New Member Welcome
Last Sunday, October 4, we welcomed Claire Kenney as the newest member of FCC during the 11 o’clock service. Welcome Claire and thank you for bringing us closer to the Kingdom of God.
Supper Plus
Join us on Wednesday for Supper Plus at 5:30pm. We will be sending out a detailed email this weekend with information on classes and price. 
Fall Yard Sale
The Fall Yard Sale sponsored by the CACS team has been changed to October 17th so now you have extra time to clean out your attics, garages, cabinets, closets and anywhere else you have stuff you can do without.  Proceeds will help fund the "Coffey Family FUNraiser" (see separate article).  Please wait until after October 4th to bring items for the yard sale since we will be hosting the Interfaith families and have no extra storage space.  Thank you for your support.  The CACS Team

Spiritual Life Group
The Spiritual Life Group (which met from January 2013 through spring 2015) will reconvene on Wednesday, October 14.  We will meet at 10:30 a.m. in the parlor.  Pastor Brad McDowell will be joining us at that time to discuss what we have done in the past and how to proceed in the future.
Book Club
Book Club has started it’s fall season.  And would you believe we have been going since March, 2003?  It’s truly unbelievable.  For the month of October we are reading The Language of Flowers, written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  It is the story of a young woman who had grown up in the foster-care system with no family and whose only connection to the world is through flowers and their meanings.  This is a book you won’t soon forget.  We will meet at our regular time on the 4th Thursday, October 22 at 11:45 am at Cape Fear Seafood at 5226 S. College Road (Monkey Junction).  A few extra copies of the book will be in the Church Library in the “Book Club Basket”.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, October 10
9a Choir Rehearsal
9a-1p; 6-8p 7th Day Adventists
Sunday, October 11
8:45a Turning Point Service
9:45a Sunday School
11a Traditional  Service
1:30p CROP Walk
Monday, October 12
7a AA
10:30a Prayer Shawl Ministry
12p Al Anon
Tuesday, October 13
7a AA
12p High Noon AA
6p Caduceus 12Step
6p Elder’s Meeting
Wednesday, October 14
7a AA
5:30p Supper Plus
6p Handbells
7p Chancel Choir
Thursday, October 15
7a AA
12p High Noon AA
5p Girl Scouts
Friday, October 16
7a AA
Service Calendar

11:00 Communion Prayers
Nancy Manning & Chris Furr
Homebound Communion
Jerry Roberts & Millie Griffin
Turning Point
Faye Hodges
October Deacons
Christina Stakely, James Lane, Vivian Vaughan,
Joy Roberts, Judy Flaherty, Charles Manning
October Communion Prep
 James Lane, Joy Roberts, Charles Manning

Don & Valerie Hartsell
Vivian Vaughan & Joy Roberts
Lay Reader
Chris Furr
Sunday Door Lock-up
Pam & Chris Furr

Google Plus
Google Plus
FCC Youth
FCC Youth
Belk Charity Sale
 It's that time again.  The Outreach Ministry team will be selling Belk Charity Sale tickets for the next few weeks.  We are raising funds to help purchase food items for the Guardian ad Litem Thanksgiving Baskets.   Each ticket costs $5.00 - you get the full amount deducted from your purchase at Belk and FCC keeps the full $5.00 you pay for the ticket.  Truly a win-win situation.  The sale will take place on Saturday, November 7th from 6am to 10am, with huge savings on items rarely discounted.  Not to worry if you are busy that day, you can purchase items early in a pre-sale - sort of like a layaway.  You still get all of the sale prices and benefits and can pick up items after November 7th.  So if you want a ticket, can help sell tickets or need more information about how the sale works, please see Ann Boston or Ellie Duckett.  Your support is appreciated.  The Outreach Ministry Team
CROP Walk Info
It’s that time of year when we as a congregation support Church World Service’s fight against hunger by walking in the Wilmington Crop Walk.  The Crop Hunger Walk benefits the efforts to address global hunger by the Church World Service and locally the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC at Wilmington. For every $1 donated, $0.97 are used for food and food programs.  This year we have 22 family units walking in the Crop Walk on Sunday Oct. 11th at Hugh MacRae Park.  Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help fight hunger throughout our world.  Also, a percentage of money raised will return to First Christian Church to help with the Food Closet. If you wish to walk, please see Tena Perry for a donation envelope.  There is also a link on FCC’s Facebook page to where you can make a donation online. 

Our Walkers are:

1. John and Jeannie May
2. Christie & John Reaves
3. Lizzy and Troy Pierce (Phyllis Powell’s grandchildren)
4. Jorja & Brock Powell (Phyllis Powell’s grandchildren)
5. Tena Perry
6. Ann & Boston
7. Pat & Steve Brooks
8. The Griffin-Palanza Family
9. Millie & Harry Griffin
10. Chris & Pam Furr
11. The Reinger Family
12. The Westbrook Family
13. The Adams Family
14. The Ensign Family
15. The Tarrant Family
16. The McDowell Family
17. Faye Hodges
18. Bobbie Wilson Family
19. Ken Wood
20. Val & Don Hartsell
21. Robbin & Mike Capps
22. The Roberts Family
Operation Living Room
I have chosen a mission as your new minister and I will need your help to complete it. It is my goal to meet every person in the church in your living room in the first 18 months of my ministry here. For those that are retired or at home, this shouldn’t be too hard to schedule, but for other families that are busy like ours, I know what a challenge it is. So for those that are busy during the day, I am going to betray the years of teaching from my mother in proper Southern etiquette and invite my family and me over to your house for dinner. Don’t worry, we’re happy to help with the food, it’s just very important to me to get to know you better and meet you where you are. If you want to get a jump on this, you can get first dibs on your preferred time by calling me or Elizabeth in the office. She will be updating a copy of my schedule, so you can contact her anytime. Operation Living Room is my new mission and I have chosen to accept it. This message will not self-destruct.
The remaining Board Meetings for 2015 are on 10/18 and 12/20.
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