Wow <<First Name>>! You're alive.

How did it go?

Your brain might feel like mashed potatoes after that ordeal. Your back might feel calcified after hours of sitting like a statue. At least now you know that ~you can do anything if you try~ or something like that.

But congrats on preparing for and taking the February bar exam. It’s over for now...

Now, yet another difficult part called “waiting” begins. It might be harder than the actual prep.

To do:
1. Make sure all your answers are uploaded ASAP (if you typed).
2. Figure out how to spend “free time” again. What is that? Is it edible?
3. Help me out a bit?


Do you consider yourself a helpful person?

Before you block the past few days/weeks/months from your memory, I would super appreciate if you did one or more of the 3 quick favors below.

Most of my efforts over the past few months went into making sure you got some value out of these emails. I spent a lot of time on them and hopefully you found the material helpful, so I think it's a fair deal.

I mean what else are you gonna do now... STUDY? Thanks in advance, fam.


1. I’d love to get your thoughts on your experience

Can you fill out this anonymous one-page survey? It’ll just take a couple minutes.

This will help me understand how to help future students. And that was a result of others sharing their thoughts. It only works if you (yes, you) lend me some of your energy.

It’s not just for me. We’ll revisit these questions in a few months, like a time capsule for those who will tackle the beast in July.

Let it all out! Scream into the void... JK, I personally read all responses.


2. Essay donations

Want your desperate struggles to have meaning? Don't burn your old essays in a bonfire just yet! 

Please consider donating any returned essays that you got back from previous exams (any state bar and any year is fine). They will be publicly offered in my essay answer bank for future generations of bar takers. It’s run entirely by donations.

Simply email me scans/photos and scores. Or just ship them because un-stapling these little shits is hazardous. I’ll take care of the rest.


3. Word of mouth

The most common regret-compliment I get from readers is that they wish they found me sooner.

Rather than promoting and scaling, I’ve focused primarily on continuing to improve my products and the quality of my content over the years regardless of the size of my audience (my first email went out to 6 people!). I believe that slowing down, speaking from the heart, and focusing on creating high-quality material, over the long run, creates a community of givers I can rely on.

One of my goals for 2019 is to market myself more. Because “if you have something the world should hear about, it’s your obligation to get it in front of as many people as possible.”

Having grown mostly on organic referrals (word of mouth and Google deciding to rank my pages), MTYLT is becoming a recognized underdog in bar prep. And it’s going to keep getting better.

But I’m just one man. I love creating but only have so much time and energy after work. I could really use your help in taking the next step and getting the word out.

If you’ve enjoyed the work I’ve been doing, this is your chance to get involved. Two ways:

1) Let me know if you (or a friend) have access to...
  • An audience of bar takers (blog, podcast, or social media following)
  • Connections from law school (profs, deans, student orgs)
  • Any other assets that might be valuable for getting in front of new readers who would benefit from my resources for the upcoming May-July season
Just let me know what you’re willing to offer and what it might be good for. I can write or speak on other platforms if needed. I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer.

2) Otherwise, just talk about my resources at Make This Your Last Time ( with your friends, on forums or social media, study groups, etc. List of communities where you can find more help and drop me a shoutout as appropriate: Don't keep me a "best-kept secret." A rising tide lifts all boats.


What’s next?

First, let me first reflect on my goals I laid out for this February bar season. I do this every time I send these post-mortem emails (results in bold):
  • Build a more course-like structure for Passer’s Playbook, as well as create additional tools. If you’re a customer, you got an update and more info about this a few weeks back. Look out for version 3.0 by November.
    • Nope... I did find a makeshift tripod so I can record videos eventually.
  • Finalize and pretty up Mental Engines, add audios and supplemental material, and put it into a more course-like structure.
    • Yes! I launched an awesome product for bar students who want to overcome their overwhelm, stress, and anxiety to become more focused, optimistic, and productive.
  • As MTYLT grows, so must its infrastructure. I’ve been shopping around for a more robust delivery platform. If you’re a customer, please look out for a likely switch to another service away from Gumroad by November. This switch will also enable the above two plans.
    • After research, seems like Gumroad still has the most features and convenience I want despite some hiccups, for now.
  • Implement a list of tweaks for Magicsheets. All updates are given at no extra charge. Thank you for your support.
    • Done and done.
  • More resources on the website itself, such as a Start Here page and other guides. These resources will also become more readily accessible to those in the private MTYLT Facebook brain trust.
    • Yes, added a few new pages: Start Here, California Score Analyses, Downloadable Collection of Essays and PTs/MPTs.
  • UBE/MEE sheets. Maybe this time? If you created your own short outlines and attack sheets that I can start off with, let’s talk.
    • FWIW, I started studying for Secured Transactions, so that's a start. One of my big goals before May. I will need to recruit beta testers. Let me know if you want an invite to test when ready.
    • If you have any resources (made by you) that would help jumpstart, feel free to send over.
  • Promote. Example: See if I can get AdaptiBar to give away a subscription in a contest... 👀
    • Like I said, 2019 goals.

Here are my goals for the July season (roughly in order of importance):
  • Study the UBE subjects that are not currently included with Magicsheets and Approsheets -- Secured Trans, Conflicts of Law, Family Law -- and create beta versions of sheets. Let me know if you have resources that will help or if you want to be invited to the beta.
  • Publish those case studies
  • Marketing (could use your help, see above)
  • Passer's Playbook 3.0 (shooting for 2020 Feb season)
  • Video content and interactive content
Otherwise, I’ll mostly be silent.

You deserve a break from the madness! Get yourself out of that zombified state. Like a battery (not the tort), you run out of juice and need to recharge when you’re “on” for days.

Also, if I squeeze you really hard you have an indicator that lights up saying how much charge you have left. *strong handshake*

Keep me posted. See you around!


PS: Please take a minute to fill out this anonymous survey so that I can understand you better and share your responses in a few months.

If you have old returned essays for my essay answer bank (run entirely by donations), I would really appreciate that.

If you have resources, connections, or means to put me out there, I'd appreciate that as well. See details above.
Recommended Tools
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Magicsheets (condensed outlines)

Stop getting overwhelmed. Focus on practice and memorization with these condensed rule outlines organized in logical groups and indentations.

Approsheets (essay approach checklists and flowcharts)

Go from blank page to finished essay/outline. Identify all the relevant issues with these attack sheets so you don't leave any points on the table.

Passer’s Playbook 2.0 (self-study tools)

Step-by-step blueprint, study schedules, cheat sheets, guides, and other tools designed to help you orient yourself and propel you toward improvement. Passing is inevitable if you continue to improve.

Mental Engines (mental support program)

A course on dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of bar preparation, to take you from overwhelmed to focused, unmotivated to productive, and anxious to calm.
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