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It’s finally the new year. How have the last few weeks been?
I’m not letting you off the hook thinking “new year, new me!" and NOT following through with your plans.

The moment you break past one plateau, you see there are greater plateaus. But each win boosts your motivation and the will to go on. Flywheel of progress!

But it can all be so overwhelming. So you stare at outlines and questions, unsure but hopeful that the time you put in will be enough on the exam. You’re tired. You take shortcuts. You gamble. You wonder if maybe you should push it off until next time.

Well, you have no choice but to succeed. You can do it now. The biggest hurdle to passing the bar is thinking that you aren’t the type of person to DO IT.

At a certain point, you don’t need more information. You need transformation.

If you can find some reason that you can’t do it, then congratulations, you are correct.
That’s why I want to show you indisputable PROOF, not platitudes. I’m not wagging my finger and saying you NEED to pass the bar (since there are alternative paths).
But if you’re serious about passing the bar, I will destroy your excuses and show you that it is possible for anyone, with hard work and smart work.
You don’t need to be a legal rock star. You don’t need to be a “natural.” You just have to pass the bar, and a new world will open up.
Here are some examples to help you audit your beliefs and turn your pessimism into optimism:

Case study: Samantha V, a repeater who passed the 2018 July California Bar Exam (40% pass rate) despite a 9% chance of passing

Case study: Joe, who passed the UBE by learning how to rack up more points on essays

Case study: Samantha E, who passed the Georgia Bar Exam on her first attempt despite a 30% chance of passing

Case study: Lars, a foreign attorney who passed the 2018 July California Bar Exam on his second try

Case study: Tom, who passed the 2018 July California Bar Exam after MANY (##) attempts (he wanted to keep the number between us)
I personally interviewed these unlikely candidates on how they DID IT. How they took steps forward despite own unique challenges. Just because you’re a special snowflake doesn’t mean you can’t leave your mark on the world.
Here’s more proof:
  • Success stories from non-traditional students: a 63-year-old non-typer, non-native speakers, people working full time, foreign attorneys, moms from unaccredited schools, a former convict of 30 years.
  • Hundreds of other readers telling me that they DID IT. Here’s a collection of their accounts from this year alone.
  • Me. I should have been a mere statistic with a GPA that must not be said. I passed the California Bar Exam on my second try by taking my own deliberate approach. You’re the dean of your own studies.

I said last week that the only currency when the world goes to absolute shit is “skills.” And skills are learnable with the will to act.
It’s not all doom and gloom. This isn’t unrealistic. It’s easy to let pass rates take the fall (as I did), but plenty of people do pass.

And you can be one of them. Don’t shy away from success.

“If you want success, figure out the price, then pay it.”—Scott Adams


In case you didn’t know, I’ve spent years developing tools to help you succeed on the bar exam:

MAGICSHEETS: Flagship condensed outlines. UBE subjects are now available.
APPROSHEETS: Essay-approach checklists and flowcharts to help you identify all the relevant issues because you won’t get any credit for issues that are never raised. UBE subjects are now available.
PASSER’S PLAYBOOK 2.0: Blueprints for how to prepare for the bar exam (with a California and UBE bias) that works for any state. Learn how to eliminate time-wasting tactics and focus only on the highest-value items to move the needle in your learning.
MENTAL ENGINES: Change the way you think so that you are no longer overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated about bar prep. I’m not aware of anyone who took this course but didn’t pass.

You get immediate lifetime access and updates. Each of these has a 30-day refund policy (send me a note if it isn’t for you, no sweat. I’ll even eat the transaction fees). 

Catalog + samples here
Overwhelmed people always ask, “What if I don’t have time? What if I’m not motivated? What if I don’t know what to do?”
That’s when it’s MOST important to orient yourself instead of sinking further into your chair. Use your hunger to put yourself in motion. I’ve already sent seven emails to get you started. I’ve given you more PROOF that you can do this than anyone could ever need.
So if you want to stop “figuring things out” and stop delaying your success, there’s no reason not to kickstart the new year with these tools.
“Will it work for me? Can I really do this? What if it doesn’t work?!”

What if it DOES work? 

What if you could put this hurdle behind you once and for all, instead of impregnating yourself with anxiety and despair? You don’t get back the months of your life that you spend preparing and waiting for results, each time you retake the bar.

Successful students don’t wait for perfectly tailored advice; they apply the advice they do get to their own situation.

But from one professional to another, you should be DECISIVE either way. That’s my hope for you. Worse than a bad decision is no decision. Elimination is one way to progress.

If you’re tired of feeling stagnant, is it time to make a change?

Regardless of your choice, I’ll see you next week. I look forward to seeing you start—and end—2020 strong. It’s your year of transformation.

(BTW, I have personal yearly themes too, so I’m not just making you do the work.)


PS. Catalog of my tools is also below. You can also use the detailed case studies and success stories I linked above as inspiration, but you have to promise me to ride that wave when motivation hits. We’ll get back to more substantive strategies next week.
Recommended Tools
Click here to see catalog
Magicsheets (condensed outlines)
Not retaining any information from your bar course? Not enough time? Stop getting overwhelmed. Focus on practice and memorization with these condensed rule outlines organized in logical groups and indentations.

Approsheets (essay approach checklists and flowcharts)
Go from blank page to finished essay/outline. Identify all the relevant issues with these attack sheets so you don't leave any points on the table.
Passer’s Playbook 2.0 (self-study tools)
Step-by-step blueprint, study schedules, cheat sheets, guides, and other tools designed to help you orient yourself and propel you toward improvement. Passing is inevitable if you continue to improve.

Mental Engines (mental management course)
Organize your emotions and deal with the mental barriers of bar preparation, to go from overwhelmed to focused, unmotivated to productive, and anxious to calm.
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