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One click! Beginning in 2015, you will be one click away from discovering your constitutional rights in education.
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Your education rights:
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The LRSP's awareness campaign on constitutional language rights in education has been launched!

Since the end of February, informative messages are being broadcast in French throughout radio stations that are members of the Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada. Starting the 2nd week of March, English-language messages will be broadcast throughout several community radio stations in Quebec. These radio messages will be available online soon.

During the month of March, check your community newspapers for the LRSP's special insert in English in Quebec and in French in provinces and territories outside Quebec.

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Education in the Language of the Minority - Constitutional Language Rights
What are education rights in the language of the minority?
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Applications for interventions

During its meeting on March 2nd, the members of the Panel of Experts adopted the following resolution: applications for interventions will be received during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

For further information on how to apply for funding, visit the Funding section on our website.
on language rights

The LRSP provides a press review and/or studies from different research institutes and universities on constitutional language rights and on official language minority communities.


13  - Des Cordes à son arc: Entrevue avec le PADL sur les droits linguistiques (avail. in French only)

Legislative rights: Caron case

February 7 - Revendiquer l’héritage de Louis Riel (avail. in French only)

February 7 - L'unilinguisme de l'Alberta et de la Saskatchewan en Cour suprême (avail. in French only)

February 9 - L'ACFA se prépare à une audience historique en Cour Suprême (avail. in French only)

February 9 - Unilinguisme anglais : l’Alberta et la Saskatchewan en Cour suprême vendredi (avail. in French only)

February 10 - Cause Caron-Boutet : une vitrine sur l'histoire de l'Alberta et de la Saskatchewan (avail. in French only)

February 10 - Le droit à la législation en français pouvait-il être abrogé par l’Alberta? (avail. in French only)

February 10 - Audiences de la Cour suprême sur la cause Caron : un grand moment pour l'ACF (avail. in French only)

February 10 - Parution d’un livre sur la cause Caron à quelques jours de l’audience (avail. in French only)

February 11 - Cour suprême : Droits linguistiques des minorités francophones hors Québec (avail. in French only)

February 12 - Gilles Caron: l'homme au coeur de la cause, fier d'être francophone (avail. in French only)

February 12 - Cause Caron : potentiel d'un « changement psychologique chez les francophones », selon Me Lepage (avail. in French only)

February 12 février - Audiences sur la cause Caron à la Cour suprême : Me Roger Lepage plus prêt que jamais (avail. in French only)

February 13 - Alta. bilingualism case affects Sask 

February 14 - Le statut du français dans l’Ouest scruté par la Cour suprême (avail. in French only)

February 14 - La cause Caron devant la Cour suprême : Entrevue avec Edmund Aunger (avail. in French only)

February 14 - La cause Caron entre les mains de la Cour suprême du Canada (avail. in French only)

February 17 - La cause Caron (avail. in French only)

February 17 - L’Alberta préférait ne pas avoir d’intervenants dans la cause Caron-Boutet (avail. in French only)

February 19 - Droits linguistiques : La cause Caron entre les mains de la Cour suprême du Canada (avail. in French only)

Education rights

February 7 - La francophonie à rude école (avail. in French only)

February 16 - Ministry will fund only half of French Catholic school 

February 20 - Nunavut French school board seeks new classrooms, more staff 

February 23 - Le rôle et l’importance de l’éducation en français en milieu minoritaire (avail. in French only)

Rights to communications and services

February 17 - Querelle à Ottawa sur le bilinguisme officiel sur Twitter (avail. in French only)

February 24 - Plainte entourant le sous-financement des journaux en milieu minoritaire (avail. in French only)

Upcoming meetings of the Expert Panel

June 8th, 2015
September 14th, 2015
December 7th, 2015
March 4th, 2016

In the January 2015 newsletter, in an article called "New member of the Panel of Experts", the article stated that Ms. Marie-Claude Blais was native of New Brunswick when it should have stated that she is a resident of New Brunswick.
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