LRSP Live - February 2016

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Imagine an ideal program

On February 22, leaders of official language communities and lawyers practicing in the field of language rights gathered in Ottawa for the LRSP's Round Table of National Dialogue.

This year, participants were tasked with conceptualizing the best possible program for the advancement of language rights. During this brainstorming exercise, participants discussed and proposed ideas relating to the scope of an ideal program; alternative dispute resolution and the advancement of language rights; as well as the promotion of language rights in Canada.

The ideas put forward by the participants will help define a new vision of the LRSP and stimulate discussions for the renewal of the LRSP’s Contribution Agreement with Canadian Heritage.
Discussion tables at the meeting
Participant discussions during the LRSP's Round Table of National Dialogue
People in background and lesson plans in foregroundFrancophone Teachers' Symposium
On February 17th, the LRSP participated in the Francophone Symposium of the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF).

Speaking to the Network of Francophone Liaison Officers, Geneviève Boudreau, Director of the LRSP, presented the LRSP's mandate and services. Afterwards, Marie-Lynne Robineau, Communications Manager, asked for the support of the network to test the lesson plans on constitutional language rights newly developed by the LRSP. The goal of these lesson plans is to present concepts related to constitutional language rights in plain language and to encourage critical thinking from high school students. The lesson plans are a tool that allows students to strengthen their cultural identity by learning about constitutional language rights and also helps teachers further develop the content of their courses.

(Photo courtesy of Ronald Boudreau, CTF)
Did you know...Professionals in a meeting

That an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process can benefit parties following a court's decision because it can help the parties implement the ruling?

To find out more about funding for alternative dispute resolution, visit our website.
on language rights

The LRSP provides a press review and/or studies from different research institutes and universities on constitutional language rights and on official language minority communities.


Constitutional language rights

Education rights

February 3 - Anglophones warned English school boards could be abolished by spring

February 15 - Bill 86: Quebec's proposed school board reform could violate Anglo rights, expert says

February 16 - Après les contestations : Les commissaires du Nord en mode de négociation (available in French only)

February 16 - Dual language bus issue hearing begins in Court of Appeal

February 16 - School board hearings begin Tuesday at National Assembly

February 22 - Philippe Couillard announces emergency cabinet shuffle; addresses Moreau’s health

February 25 - La frustration des parents de l’École Rose-des-vents (available in French only)

February 26 - Sport étudiant: le ministère de l’Éducation entendu en Cour (available in French only)

February 26 - (Audio file) Le méga procès pour l'éducation francophone tire à sa fin (available in French only)

Rights to services and communications

February 4 - Online French-English translator for federal workers erodes bilingualism, MP says

February 4 -
Accueillir en français des réfugiés syriens hors Québec : des attentes irréalistes? (available in French only)

February 4 - Les langues officielles en retrait (available in French only)

February 8 - Le grand recensement renaît de ses cendres (available in French only)

February 16 - Les questions du Recensement de 2016 dévoilées (available in French only)

February 16 - State Of Canada's News Media To Be Studied By MPs Again

February 19 - Budget fédéral: les trois priorités de la FCFA (available in French only)

February 23 - Le Bureau de la traduction, une priorité (available in French only)

Legislative rights

February 2 - La sénatrice Maria Chaput démissionne (available in French only)

Language rights and communities

February 1 - Crise financière des organismes francophones: La FCFA veut changer le discours fédéral (available in French only)

February 2 - Yvon Godin déplore l’absence d’Acadiens sur le comité aux langues officielles (available in French only)

February 4 - Loi 8: un appui pour Oshawa mais sans passe-droit (available in French only)

February 6 - French community in Edmonton growing despite concerns culture isn’t being passed on

February 11 - Droits linguistiques : Une plainte avec un impact national (available in French only)

February 11 - Sink or swim: Commissioner of Official Languages sees linguistic minorities mobilizing
February 15 - Transfert de gestion de programme de santé au N.-B. : inquiétudes de la commissaire aux langues officielles (available in French only)

February 16 - Langues officielles : Qui remplacera les champions Godin et Chaput ? (available in French only)

February 16 - Des députés à Ottawa vont se pencher sur la crise des médias locaux (available in French only)
February 19 - Services en français : la Nouvelle-Écosse présente son bilan 2015 (available in French only)

February 21 - Kathleen Wynne apologizes formally for 1912 ban on French in schools

February 22 - Kathleen Wynne présente des excuses officielles aux Franco-Ontariens (available in French only)

February 22 - Les Fransaskois solidaires avec les Franco-Ontariens sur le Règlement 17 (available in French only)

February 22 - Interdiction du français dans les écoles : la SFM ne demandera pas d'excuses (available in French only)

February 23 - Bilinguisme: Ottawa cas unique pour les revendications (available in French only)

February 24 - Un comité pour soutenir la francophonie albertaine (available in French only)


Office of the French Language Services Commissioner – “Achieving adequate bilingual capacity in the justice sector
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