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Your constitutional language rights. Know them. Use them!

Appearance before the Justice Committee

On April 12th, Geneviève Boudreau, Director of the LRSP, accompanied by Pierre Foucher, Professor and Analyst, appeared before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

As part of the Committee’s study on Access to the Justice System, different stakeholders were invited to speak about access to justice for minority groups, re-establishing the Court Challenges Program (CCP) and the Language Rights Support Program. 

During her presentation, Ms. Boudreau explained how the LRSP operates, its role in clarifying and advancing constitutional language rights and the type of funding offered by the LRSP. She also presented statistics to illustrate the total funds granted to applicants since 2009, the areas of law most funded and the number of alternative dispute resolution files submitted and resolved, among other things.

The Director also outlined the evolution of the LRSP’s information and promotion activities over the years. She specified that, during the first few years, the LRSP consulted official language communities in every Canadian region to identify their needs in terms of language rights. In recent years, the activities have instead consisted of projects initiated by the LRSP as well as collaborative initiatives with organizations.  

To read the full transcript of the presentations, visit the Parliament of Canada website.

Teacher standing in foreground and students sitting and working
ALEF-APEF Conference
On April 22nd, the LRSP facilitated a workshop during a conference organized by the Association locale des enseignantes et enseignants fransaskois (ALEF) and the Association provinciale des enseignantes et enseignants fransaskois (APEF) – the local and provincial association of teachers – in Saskatoon.

The conference, organized under the theme of “life balance”, offered teachers of every division a diverse selection of professional development workshops on topics such as wellness, nutrition, arts and culture as well as updates on various core subjects.

As for the LRSP's workshop, it was provided in two parts. The first part offered an overview of constitutional language rights. The second part consisted of consulting high school teachers on the lesson plans to educate students on language rights. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding language rights in Saskatchewan and also give their professional recommendations to improve the LRSP’s lesson plans.
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Culture and communication
On April 8th, Eric Cormier, Legal Advisor of the LRSP, presented on constitutional language rights to students in the French as a Second Language Program at the University of Ottawa. 

During the Culture and communication class taught by Professor Alexis Maltais, Mr. Cormier explained why constitutional language rights are important for the preservation of the francophone culture and in preventing assimilation.

In this class, students can learn how the understanding of a culture can help improve the quality of the language learned, among other things.

For more information on second language programs offered at the University of Ottawa, visit the website of the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute
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Multiple choice questionPoints d'interrogation dans 4 phylactères de différentes couleurs

Constitutional language rights

Among the choices below, which of these are constitutional language rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
a)  The right to have access to a service from the government of Alberta in the official language of your choice
b)  The right to send your child to a school of the English or French linguistic minority, no matter where you reside in Canada 
c)  The right to use English or French before a federal court 

To find out more on the conditions required for these constitutional language rights to apply to you, visit our website

*The correct answer is at the end of the newsletter.
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on language rights

The LRSP provides a press review and/or studies from different research institutes and universities on constitutional language rights and on official language minority communities.


Mentions of the LRSP

5 avril - Le citoyen et sa défense (available in French only)

13 avril - Défense des droits linguistiques: la FCFA veut aller plus loin (available in French only)


Constitutional language rights

Judiciary rights

28 avril - «Parfois, on se demande si on n’aurait pas dû plaider en anglais» (available in French only)

29 avril - Cour suprême: Meilleur favorable au bilinguisme des juges (available in French only)

Education rights

7 avril - English and French school boards unite to oppose Bill 86
7 avril - British Columbia's French schools still facing issues with overcrowding

8 avril - East-end parents lobby for French-language high school

11 avril - Les francophones s’installent au campus de Kemptville (available in French only)

11 avril - Not all school board elections will be abolished: Quebec education minister

13 avril - Le ton monte pour une école francophone dans l’est de Toronto (available in French only)

13 avril - Schools serving learning disabled, deaf to remain open for now: Sandals

15 avril - École Saint-Paul parents ponder constitutional challenge over closure

18 avril - Parents to file injunction against EMSB over restructuring of parents committee

Rights to services and communications

13 avril - La «machine à traduction» sème l'inquiétude
 (available in French only)
19 avril - 50 ans après le rêve de Pearson
 (available in French only)

19 avril - Gazouillis unilingues: Fraser a déjà rencontré des ministres (available in French only)

27 avril - Des agents de la GRC unilingues sur la colline du Parlement (available in French only)
27 avril - English-only RCMP officers on Parliament Hill spark complaints

Legislative rights

11 avril - Une contestation constitutionnelle veut raviver les langues autochtones (available in French only)

Language rights

3 avril - QCGN proposes a liaison office

4 avril - Multilingualism: speaking with one voice

4 avril - U Saskatchewan students get option for bi-lingual law course

5 avril – (Audio fil) Une série d'ateliers sont offerts dans les écoles secondaires par l'AJEFO (available in French only)

7 avril - Un nouvel observatoire prêt à déboulonner les «mythes» canadiens (available in French only)

13 avril - SAQ looking into bilingual signage for some outlets

14 avril - Des alertes Amber maintenant disponibles en français en Ontario (available in French only)

18 avril - Pas de tapis rouge pour la langue de Molière  à l’aéroport international de Kelowna (available in French only)

20 avril - Quebec’s English-speaking community fighting to maintain disappearing institutional base built over centuries
20 avril - La FANÉ veut redonner son lustre à la Loi sur les services en français (available in French only)

22 avril - Justice en français: exporter les initiatives au-delà d’Ottawa (available in French only)
26 avril - Le Québec dit soutenir la francophonie minoritaire (available in French only)

27 avril - Trent sending parking sign language issue back to legal experts

29 avril - Le Centre albertain d'information juridique a un an (available in French only)
Next meeting of the Panel of Experts

* June 13th, 2016 *

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Answers to the multiple choice question:
b) and c) are constitutional language rights.

Under certain conditions, citizens have the right to send their children to a school in the language of the English- or French-speaking minority in their province.

Any person has the right to use English or French before the federal, Quebec, New Brunswick or Manitoba courts.
Programme d'appui aux droits linguistiques
Language Rights Support Program

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