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You are invited to the LRSP's Annual Meeting

The LRSP’s Annual Meeting promises to be particularly interesting this year because constitutional language rights will be explored with both a historical and legal lens.

The Annual Meeting will be held on October 24th and is titled “The past, present and future of language rights in Canada”.

The LRSP is pleased to welcome as speakers the following lawyers: Ronald Caza, François Larocque, Michael Bergman, Paul Marshall, Roger Lepage, Michel Doucet, Mark Power, Pierre Foucher and Nicolas Rouleau. Our nine lawyers will discuss, among other topics, the “lessons learned” during the last few centuries, “mixed observations” in the field of education law, the “small step policy” and “the importance of adjusting to exogamy”.

The Annual Meeting will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. and will end at 4 p.m. It will be held at the Sala San Marco Banquet Hall, located at 215 Preston Street, in Ottawa.

There is no registration fee and a complimentary lunch will be served. All travel related expenses are at the participant’s expense.

To register, please contact Ms. Aminata Barry by email at

For more information on the meeting, visit our website.

Registration will be open until October 11th.

We look forward to seeing you! 

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LRSP evaluation by Canadian Heritage

Last year, Canadian Heritage conducted an evaluation within its Departmental Evaluation Plan 2014-15 to 2018-19. The evaluation covers the 2009-10 to 2013-14 fiscal years and was recently published on the Canadian Heritage website.

The evaluation report addresses issues such as the relevance and the performance of the LRSP. The evaluators based their conclusions on research which included a documentary review and interviews with key stakeholders.

The report addresses important issues as well as aspects to improve. It notes that the stakeholders that were consulted by the evaluation team at Canadian Heritage agreed that “LRSP resources are used appropriately, but that the overall budget is not sufficient.”

Generally speaking, the results of the LRSP’s evaluation are positive. The report concludes, in terms of the LRSP’s relevance, that the program “meets a real, continued, current and future need, highlighted by the increasing number of funding requests received and by the unanimous opinion of key stakeholders consulted regarding its necessity for the equality of both official languages.”

Multiple choice questionsSpeech bubbles with question marks inside

Constitutional language rights - Legislative

Among the following choices, what language rights are set out in Section 133 of the Constitutional Act, 1867?

a)   Either official language may be used in the records of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of Quebec.
b)   The Acts of the Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of Quebec shall be printed and published in both official languages.
c)   Either the English or the French language may be used by any person in the debates of the Legislature of Quebec.

To find out more about constitutional language rights in the legislative field, visit our website.

*The answer is at the end of the newsletter.
on language rights

The LRSP provides a press review and/or studies from different research institutes and universities on constitutional language rights and on official language minority communities.


Mentions of the LRSP

July 14 - Message d'un commissaire à l'autre, une «refonte majeure» s'impose (available in French only)
July 18 - L’heure du bilan pour le commissaire Graham Fraser (available in French only)

Constitutional language rights

Judiciary rights

July 20 - N.L. to remain without Supreme Court of Canada appointment due to lack of bilingual judges

Education rights

July 4 - Inscriptions et infrastructures scolaires: La négociation porte fruit dans les trois territoires
 (available in French only)

July 4 - Toronto: le CSF veut plus d’écoles françaises (available in French only)

July 6 - Majority of Quebecers want curriculum to include history of minorities

July 28 - Les négociations se poursuivent pour l’éducation en français dans le Yukon
 (available in French only)

Rights to services and communications

July 5 - Langues officielles : au tour de la francophonie torontoise de se prononcer
 (available in French only)

July 5 - Les centres francophones de ressources à la famille de la N.-É. manquent de financement (available in French only)
July 6 - Offre active: le commissaire Fraser demande au gouvernement d’agir
 (available in French only)

July 15 - Les sénateurs réclament plus d’argent pour le bilinguisme (available in French only)

Language rights

Next meeting of the Panel of Experts

* October 21st, 2016 *

Please be advised that funding applications submitted 
after FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th will not be studied during the
October 21st, 2016 meeting, without exception.

For upcoming meeting dates, visit our website.
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Answer to the multiple choice question:

The following statements are true: b and c.

The Act also states that both official languages shall be used in the records and journals of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of Quebec.
Programme d'appui aux droits linguistiques
Language Rights Support Program

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