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Your constitutional language rights. Know them. Use them!

Meeting with youth in Manitoba

On March 21st, the LRSP was invited by the Conseil jeunesse provincial (provincial youth council) of Manitoba to speak about language rights as part of one of their cultural identity projects on language rights. During a dinner meeting, both the Legal Advisor, Eric Cormier, and the Communications Manager of the LRSP, Marie-Lynne Robineau, met a few young francophones and francophiles in Manitoba. During the meeting, the participants learned about constitutional language rights and had the opportunity to ask questions so they could better grasp the scope of language rights in Manitoba. 

Logo Conseil jeunesse provincialThis event was part of a series of monthly meetings with speakers from various sectors who discussed rights and services offered in French in Manitoba. The youths participating in this cultural identity project have been mandated to create information tools for young people aged 14 to 25 to help clarify language rights in Manitoba. Once they are created, the tools will be disseminated through various social media platforms.

Update on funding applications 
submitted to the LRSP

The members of the Panel of Experts received and processed 16 funding applications on March 7th, 2016. After a thorough analysis of the applications, the Panel decided that:
  • 10 funding applications are accepted;
  • 2 analyses are carried forward;
  • 2 eligible applications are denied for lack of funds; and
  • 2 applications do not meet funding criteria.
As a reminder, information about applications remains strictly confidential and will not be reported in this newsletter or on the LRSP's website unless the applicant has formally authorized the LRSP to do so.

For more information on funding offered by the LRSP, visit our website.

Multiple choice questionQuestion marks inside 4 different colored speech bubbles

Communications and services in both official languages

Among the choices below, which of these are federal institutions that have linguistic obligations under section 20 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

a) Farm Credit Canada (located in Saskatchewan)
b) Public Health Agency Of Canada
c) Royal Bank of Canada

To find out more on your right to receive communications and services in both official languages from the federal government, visit our website.

*The answers are at the end of the newsletter.
on language rights
The LRSP provides a press review and/or studies from different research institutes and universities on constitutional language rights and on official language minority communities.

Mentions of the LRSP


Constitutional language rights

Rights to services and communications

March 2 - Les gardiens de sécurité dans les édifices gouvernementaux doivent être bilingues, selon la commissaire d'Entremont (Available in French only) 

March 2 - Commissionaires at provincial offices should be bilingual, report says 

March 2 - Immigration francophone: inquiétudes et critiques (Available in French only)

March 2 - Immigration francophone : Ottawa veut rétablir un programme jugé « très efficace » (Available in French only)

March 3 - Immigration : Le contexte francophone en immigration (Available in French only)

March 3 - Réfugiés syriens : les organismes francophones veulent plus de financement (Available in French only)

March 4 - Site web de CBC : une plainte contre des commentaires irrespectueux envers les francophones (Available in French only)

March 7 - Le Bureau de la traduction devant le Comité des langues officielles aujourd'hui (Available in French only)

March 8 - Le Bureau de la traduction justifie sa stratégie (Available in French only)

March 8 - Accueil des immigrants : « On est tous arrivés au cours de migrations » (Available in French only)

March 9 - Propos francophobes : une centaine de francophones se plaignent à CBC (Available in French only)

March 12 - Front commun contre les propos francophobes (Available in French only)

March 15 - Comité des Langues officielles du Sénat : Trois espoirs de la présidente Claudette Tardif (Available in French only)

March 15 - L'immigration en Acadie sous les projecteurs (Available in French only)

March 15 - L’intégration des immigrants en milieu minoritaire discutée à Regina (Available in French only)
March 16 - Langues officielles: le NPD réclame des changements (Available in French only)

March 17 - Propos francophobes: un phénomène isolé? (Available in French only)
March 22 - Une politique de bilinguisme ne saurait reposer uniquement sur la traduction (Available in French only)

March 28 - Budget fédéral: les communautés francophones laissées de côté (Available in French only)

March 29 - Bureau de la traduction: Choquette insiste (Available in French only)

Education rights

March 1 - C.-B. : fin du mégaprocès pour l’éducation en français (Available in French only)

March 3 - Hamilton: dénouement pour la construction d’une école catholique (Available in French only)

March 3 - L'éducation des malentendants franco-ontariens menacée? (Available in French only)

March 3 - Ententes dans l’enseignement : Les conseils scolaires veulent participer aux négociations (Available in French only)

March 4 - Francisation au N.-B. : les nouveaux arrivants (Available in French only)

March 8 - After delays, Quebec school board reform hearings start again 

March 8 - Anglo groups tell Quebec not to meddle with school boards 

March 9 - QESBA ‘optimistic’ after Bill 86 hearings 

March 10 - School board reform 'potentially disastrous' for English-speaking community, QESBA tells minister 

March 10 - Commission scolaire francophone : Vers une directive assouplie? (Available in French only)

March 22 - English school boards find unlikely ally in PQ over Bill 86 

March 25 - L’article 23 inclut-il le préscolaire ? (Available in French only)

Language rights and communities

March 1 - Louis Riel reconnu parmi les premiers ministres du Manitoba (Available in French only)

March 2 - Règlement XVII: L’Ontario suscite la discussion (Available in French only)

March 4 - Division autour de l’Université franco-ontarienne (Available in French only)

March 7 - Bientôt des alertes Amber bilingues en Ontario (Available in French only)
March 8 - L'ARC du Canada recommande la création d'un programme d'appui destiné aux médias minoritaires (Available in French only)

March 8 - Les médias locaux souffrent, dénonce la FCFA (Available in French only)

March 8 - L’avenir du bilinguisme en pointillé (Available in French only)

March 9 - Réfugiés francophones LGBT: financement incertain (Available in French only)
March 9 – (Audio file) Médias locaux – quel avenir ? (Available in French only)

March 9 - Élections: la belle occasion pour les Fransaskois (Available in French only)

March 10 - L'enseignement clandestin du français au Manitoba sous la loi Thornton (Available in French only)

March 10 - L'enseignement du français au Manitoba ne se limite pas aux classes d'écoles (Available in French only)

March 13 - Les médias en milieu minoritaire réclament un financement stable (Available in French only)

March 14 - Panel examines the French perspective on P.E.I. health care 

March 15 - Les francophones de Charlottetown fêtent l'inauguration de leur école et du centre communautaire (Available in French only)

March 15 - Glendon a obtenu sa désignation (Available in French only)

March 16 - Lutte au VIH/SIDA: le financement se fait attendre (Available in French only)

March 16 - Une occasion manquée pour les Franco-Manitobains (Available in French only)

March 17 - Francophonie : le défi de vivre en français en situation minoritaire (Available in French only)

March 22 - Un allié de taille pour les francophones de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador (Available in French only)

March 22 - What do Quebec seniors need? Advocacy group takes concerns to government 

March 28 - Yukon hospitals looking to improve French services 

March 29 - P.E.I. seeks health care workers who can speak even a little French 

March 30 - 
Anglo Quebec seniors want access to English services
Next meeting of the Panel of Experts

* June 13th, 2016*

For upcoming meeting dates, visit our website.
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