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Learn how our Dispensing Solutions are a Return on Investment

EXACT designs meter/mix and dispense  “Solutions” to not only meet the RFQ “System Requirements” of our clients but to deliver a high RETURN ON INVESTMENT.
ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of several investment options (Example: different meter/mix and dispense systems from different vendors). EXACT is concerned with not only the short-term cost of our solutions but the longer-term duration and productivity of your investment.  
When EXACT looks at delivering the best ROI for our clients we try to engage you in not just the benefits of our hardware but the fit we provide to you for the short, medium and longer term. This fit in many cases leads us to discussions that may include a review of your processes or even in some cases your product design. We are ready to “partner” with you where we are needed as long term production partners.
There are many factors that drive ROI – we make sure to look at them all. Our corporate investments in WET Testing and custom system design pays attention to all the ROI factors.
Thanks for considering EXACT Dispensing Systems and our range of standard and custom designed solutions.

Doug Jaeger | General Manager

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Application Story 
Fuel Management - Electronic Encapsulation

Challenge: The company manufactures “pulsers” used for measuring fluid dispensed at service station fuel pumps.

The customer was potting the sensor section of the pulser assembly using twin cartridges and a hand gun. Shot size repeatability was erratic due to hand control as parts were presented on a carousel made in house. The cartridges were expensive and they knew they could realize a significant savings by moving to bulk containers of the adhesive.
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Vacuum Conditioning
"The air is there" 

Dan Murray | Service & Quality Engineer

Fluid in your supply tank looks “bubble free" so it must be ready to use… Right?

Well, not exactly. Your dispensing system has fluid circuits much like the brakes in your car. A small amount of air in your brake lines results in soft brakes or failure to stop the vehicle.
This condition within a precision metering system is the leading cause of “off ratio” and product failure.
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