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EXACT Dispensing Fundamentals - The Linked Diverter Valve

EXACT’s 9450, 1450 and 860-5 metering systems are proven “Workhorse” solutions and leaders in the industry. We combine positive displacement metering cylinders with mechanically Linked Diverting Valves (LDV). EXACT will NOT use check valves like most offerings available in the industry.
LDV: Our Linked Diverting Valves are Mechanically tied together with a common pneumatic actuator. The mechanical actuation insures simultaneous, on ratio, A and B fluid flow to the dispense head. (See animation demonstration below). This mechanical linked actuation eliminates unsynchronized delivery common when thick and thin materials cause out of phase, slow and fast, check valve closure times. Higher ratio materials also benefit from the LDV simplicity. No phasing adjustments are allowed or needed on an EXACT Metering system.

Check valve “metering” is routinely offered by competitors and it relies on fluid pressure to close or open the “ball” against gravity or spring load to seat or open the fluid path. This is typically marginally successful in low viscosity fluids which are unfilled. The ball/seat closure timing suffers when “Thick-Thin” viscosities and/or wide ratios exist. These conditions, or the combination of both make “on ratio” during each cycle nearly impossible! The same is true with offerings that use violent “Suction Lift” methods to fill the positive displacement metering cylinders. When the required mix ratio is wide, such as 4x1 or higher, the comparable results become more evident. Often, a position of “Good enough” is used as well as long static or “dynamic mixers” as a “band aid” to disguise the discrepancy in ratio.
EXACT does not rely on the “Good Enough” approach. We provide robust system solutions that are designed for long term industrial use. They are designed and engineered to meet or exceed your application and production requirements. We not only guarantee our performance to the quoted specifications, we prove it to you! We test every system with your formulation (and your parts if you wish!) and ensure we’ve done our job so that you can do yours!

Doug Jaeger | General Manager

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