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As digital information becomes more and more common in the daily activities of businesses, AW-Lake continues to strive to improve our online presence by delivering our messages in more channels and formats.  From our company website to partner sites, email and social media platforms, we are attempting to reach all of our customers in a variety of mediums:
AW-Lake is continually developing new videos to inform, educate, and entertain our customers. We have recently added a Spanish library of videos for our Spanish-speaking constituents. Go to our AW-Lake YouTube Channel and check them out:
Company Website:
We are committed to making our website the best it can possibly be by continually adding information, tools, and functionality to it. Just last week we added a tool to look up a LAKE part number from a competitor’s part number, making it easier than ever to switch over to LAKE!
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Product Literature:
We have three new Product Line brochures (Positive Displacement, Turbine and Variable Area) available for download from our website! They can be found on the Downloads page here: or right from our home page in the slide show.  
Social Media:
Our growing social media channels are continually sharing valuable news and updates to our followers and connections in a faster pace for those who want their information condensed and at their fingertips. Be sure to check us out on
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So no matter where you are, what your mood, how much time you have to look something up, we are there for you… delivering our information where you are most comfortable receiving it. Stay tuned in January for more videos, more web content, and more cutting-edge functionality.

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WellKeeper Specifies SignalFire Remote Sensing System in Wellhead Monitoring Solution

Monitoring tubing and casing pressures from wellheads helps operators optimize well production while gaining a better understanding of long-term performance. Feedback can also provide valuable information about well safety.  Wellkeeper Inc, a pioneer of reliable and..

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It’s a Great Time to Re-Calibrate your Flow Meters

A critical aspect of any business with an established quality system, be it ISO/TS/QS standard based or just an internally established system, is knowing that flow meters are reading accurately.  The typical re-calibration interval is 12 months, so send your flow meters in now as part of your year-end maintenance and avoid any quality or audit related issues due to a flow meter being out-of-spec or past its re-calibration date. Our repair department will return your meter cleaned and calibrated and ready for another year of service.

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Application Story

Coriolis Flow Measurement for Marine Fuel Consumption Management Program
NSB GROUP is one of the world’s leading container shipping companies, with a fleet of 74 ships around the world, including container ships, tankers and offshore installation vessels. NSB Group chose TRICOR Coriolis Technology for a fuel consumption management program.
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Application Story
Combining Technology from Litre Meter & AW-Lake

Various chemicals are injected into a deep water well to prevent corrosion, paraffins, hydrates, and scale. The flow rates for the injection are generally very low and need to be metered precisely to prevent under or over-dosing a well. 

Products Supplied:
VFF series:
LF03, LF05, and LF15

HM turbines:
HM-007 and HM-009/TC-AC/S-EX

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Litre Meter, SPE Offshore Europe 2015
SPE Offshore Europe TV asked us to explain what our meters were and how innovation kept Litre Meter thriving. This is the off-the-cuff response by our CEO, Charles Wemyss.
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