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“Air Free – Hydraulically Solid – On Ratio”

EXACT Dispensing Systems are engineered to provide superior reliability. This reliability is driven in part to our careful attention to system design criteria that assures the resins being pumped and metered are “air free”. When the materials are air free – they allow the system to be hydraulically solid – leading to on ratio - precise metering results.
There are many lower cost competitive offerings that “suck” resin into the metering device. This consistently leads to air in the metered resin. When there is air in the mix the mix ratio accuracy is compromised.
EXACT Dispensing always includes several basic steps in our system design process:

  1. Properly condition the resin before it is to be metered and dispensed. You should always consider “vacuum degassing” the resin before feeding it to the metering module.
  2. Pressure feed the metering module - though more costly pressure feeding always leads to a better more positive metered result.
  3. Purge the metering system of all air before you start production. Air is compressible and when trapped in a metering system it always leads to off ratio results.
  4. Never allow your system to run empty of resin – completely purge compressible air from all fluid circuits. Systems that “suck” are subject to air getting into the device every cycle of the meter!
If you haven’t already learned these lessons we encourage you to review the EXACT Webinar “Potting and Encapsulation – Application Problems – Practical Solutions”. The hour you invest can lead to big payback over time. 

Doug Jaeger | General Manager

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Filter End Cap Potting

Potting filter end caps using a fast setting, plural component urethane.

The Challenge: 
The project required EXACT engineers to design and execute a large scale, fully integrated mobile platform on which a full meter/mix system, including feed drums, could be mounted. Additionally, they were tasked with providing a removable work platform on which a Circular Bead Dispenser could be situated.
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Tips & Tricks 

From: Dan Murray 
Service & Quality Engineer

Air Free is the Way to Be!

All 2k meter-mix dispense systems must be hydraulically solid (free of air) to provide a consistent and reliable volumetric ratio.

EXACT's Piston Metering Systems simultaneously positively displace both "A" and "B" components at the precise "parts by volume" (PBV) ratio.

Air within ANY metering system will expand and contract due to changes in system internal pressures, thus adversely affecting the actual volumes of the fluids being metered and dispensed. 
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Check out our video on XYZ dispensing motion platform demonstration.

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