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In a town where > 85% of the citizens are white conservatives, history was made when a Hispanic Democrat (Mary Calixtro) won a seat on her city council, by a margin of 12 votes (3.5% victory). And in t-minus 12 hours, a mayoral townhall will be hosted in that same city, where all candidates who are serious about representing ALL of their constituents, will be present to answer questions, provide information, and get to know YOU. Instead of rooting for Taylor Swift or the Boston Celtics, it is time to cheer for and support people at the local and state level who champion YOUR values. Tonight’s meeting is 07pm at 716 South Rock Street in Georgetown (78626)… bring a friend! 
#DadeForMayor is bigger than little ole’ Georgetown. There is an old school of thought asserting that a few guys with the power and or money control who will be placed in office, but thanks to the democracy that is America, which Jonathan Dade fought to defend, the reality is your voice matters in politics. And it does not matter if the local favorite is up against an incumbent or handpicked successor, when the people rally in support, grassroots style, for the candidate they think is best, the earth shakes. If you want officials with Values, Transparency, Strategy, and Kindness, it is time to join our Facebook Group, email Jonathan, and make a contribution to a worthy cause. 
Oh and did we tell you someone put their entire strategy, promises, and campaign platform in writing, and will be handing them out? Checkmate.
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