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As reported in the front page of The Sun on Oct. 13th, Jonathan Dade posed a question to a standing room only crowd at his campaign announcement party… “what should I run for?” “Mayor”, dozens of people shouted, then as the room quieted in suspense, his response was “my name is Jonathan Dade, and I’m running for Mayor of Georgetown, Texas!” They cheered, and we invite you to watch and listen as the people (not an oligarchy), rallied in support of the candidate THEY choose. America is in desperate need of officials with Values, Transparency, Strategy, and Kindness, and those are precisely the leadership characteristics that have been forged into Jonathan Dade's life. 
While many of us focus on the national politics that divide, few realize it is the local and state legislatures who effect the most social, political, and economic impact to our daily lives. Whether you are fiscally conservative and concerned about debt, or socially progressive and inclusive of all people, the Jonathan Dade Campaign Facebook Group is here to connect you with others who want the right kinds of people to run for office. Email Jonathan to host a meet and greet. Buy the special edition of his book which details his campaign in 14 pages. Meet us at Mesquite Creek on Oct. 25th, 3:30-5:30pm, to get door hangers and stickers. Lastly, support us with a campaign contribution
In 2020 it may be too late… now is the time to get engaged about the social, political, and economic issues concerning you. Let your voice be heard. 
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