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In our last e-newsletter, we spoke on how 25-33% of new year’s resolutions fail in January, and 90% do not make it balance of year, unless three things are done. For you, it is not too to do those things but for Georgetown TX, KVUE News reported on a 100% renewable energy commitment the city made, and it is now proving to be a financial nightmare. Add in an allegation of bullying, reported by CBS Austin, from a local Editor’s alleged interaction with the town Mayor, and you begin to see the importance of ensuring your commitments and resolutions are wise (and honest). That said, enough about resolutions and news… have you heard the name Lewis Howard Latimer?
Most people have not, and during #BlackHistoryMonth, let us shed a little light on the issue. In 1881, with segregation and the marginalization of blacks in full swing, the United States was not ready to recognize Mr. Latimer for patenting carbon filaments that allowed light bulbs to burn for hours. Mr. Latimer also drafted the drawings for the first telephone but Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, two white men, were credited for those inventions, respectively. There is only a couple days left this month, to give credit where credit is due. Spend some time researching, sharing this email with friends, and discussing the contributions and struggles of black people, in America. 
And if you need further insights on what it means to grow up black in America, check out The Church and The Community. It will make light bulbs go off.

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