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By Gail Hunter
When you’re running a race or registering for an event at one of the All Comers track meets, you may not always notice the marshal who is cheering for you, or the woman who is helping with registration.  But you might notice the very white wavy hair with – what? – purple highlights.  The woman rocking that hairstyle is Marlys Thurow, who has been a member of the Boulder Road Runners since 1990, when she and her husband Ken moved to Boulder. 
Marlys grew up in Ramona, South Dakota, a town that in the 2010 census boasted a population of 174.  The population of the surrounding county was slightly over 11,000.  Marlys’ father was a trucker, and they lived in town.  Marlys was the eldest of three girls.  Her mother stayed at home and handled the phone calls for her husband’s jobs.  Marlys first met Ken at a summer Bible school. Ken’s family lived outside the town, on a self-sustaining farm that raised grain and livestock, so Ken attended country school, while Marlys attended school in town. 
The high school population included residents of both the town and the surrounding countryside, so when they reached high school, Ken and Marlys became classmates. They started dating as seniors and married at the age of 19 after two years of college. The two years of college earned them teaching certificates that qualified them to teach elementary school. Both taught that first year, Marlys teaching a combined class of 5th and 6th graders, while Ken taught 7th and 8th.  They had had supervised teaching experience in college, and there were no discipline problems.  Marlys described having one boy who talked out, so she made him sit in the front row where she could keep an eye on him, and there was no trouble. 
Marlys was always active and athletic.  In high school, she was a forward on the girls’ basketball team, and physical education was her minor in college.  One year in a very small school she told her principal that she didn’t enjoy teaching science.  He confessed that he didn’t like teaching girls’ P.E., which was part of his job, so Marlys and the principal traded – he taught her science classes and she taught his P.E. classes. 
Ken taught for just one year, after which he was encouraged to return to college by a guidance counselor who was able to find tuition for him.  He attended a seminary in Iowa and was ordained in 1963. In 1990 he was called to serve as the pastor of Atonement Lutheran Church in Boulder.
Marlys had delayed her education for a while, but after their three children were born (in 1958, 1961, and 1965), she learned about a program that provided tuition money to encourage teachers to complete their degrees. She received a year’s tuition, and by using the money carefully was able to attend college in Madison, South Dakota, for two years.  She received her undergraduate degree in 1972.  Later, she moved to the college town of Aberdeen, SD, and in 1980 obtained a master’s degree in special education.  
Marlys took a job as a Chapter 1 Reading Teacher in a K-12 school that didn’t have a special education program.  Shortly after she was hired, the school asked her to begin psychological and educational testing as part of the task of setting up the special education program for the entire school.  She ran the program alone for three years, after which the school was able to add staff to help her. 
Ken and Marlys moved to the Boulder area in 1990.  Marlys spent the first years doing substitute teaching, then worked for two years in the Longmont schools’ “severe and profound” program.  She finished her teaching career at Birch Elementary in Broomfield, then subbed and worked in afterschool programs.
When Ken and Marlys moved here in 1990, they began to run and learned to ski.  They went to watch the Bolder Boulder and said to themselves, “We can do that!”  They joined the Boulder Roadrunners, and became connected with the running community, attending speeches, doing volunteer work, and participating in the Saturday runs of the Purple Runner.  Marlys has run the Bolder Boulder 24 times, and any time the Boulder Road Runners need marshals, she and Ken can be found volunteering.  She’s now mainly a fast walker, but she isn’t slowing down very much.  At the Purple Runner, she’s walking the longer courses.
Marlys had been a quilter for many years, but she took it up more seriously after she retired 13 years ago.  She used to sew clothing for her children, and she began quilting with the scraps.  She now belongs to the Quaking Aspen Quilt Guild, whose activities include making quilts and pillowcases for poor children to take to camp and then take home to keep.  She also belongs to a group of 9 quilters who do various activities and support and learn from each other.
Ken retired from Atonement Lutheran in 2000. After serving several “interim” positions he is now retired (again) and Marlys & Ken are members of Lutheran Church of Hope in Broomfield, where Marlys volunteers in a variety of programs, including knitting mittens and hats and sewing quilts to give to individuals or organizations which need them..
One of the highlights of Marlys’ running career was the Vancouver marathon, which she ran at the age of 65, after training with an American Heart Association Group.  Shortly thereafter, she ran the Death Valley Half-Marathon.  She is looking forward to running her 25th consecutive Bolder Boulder this year, and to at least one more when she is in her 80’s.  Marlys is a good athlete, but she is much more.  Her generous, enthusiastic spirit makes her a perfect ambassador for the Boulder Road Runners.            
Anne Bartuszevige presents the check for $2,200.00, raised from CFS Turkey Trot 5K, to Tammy Palombo of Community Food Share.  On race day $400 in cash and 400+ food donations were also collected.
Boulder Road Runners
Key Activity Signup
Task Leader Notes
Sunday Run
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Tom O’Banion  
Sunday Run: Great Harvest Food Tom & Joyce LeMire  
Sunday Run: Announcements Dan Pierce Upcoming events, race results, interesting tidbits
Communication: Social Media posts    
Communication: Website updates Benji Durden Content created by others
Communication: Monthly newsletter (Gail?)  
Social: First Monday arrangements Don Janicki Expert beer taster
Equipment storage & transport to events John Bridges (?)  
PowerBar sponsorship liaison & product storage Tom O’Banion  
Turkey Trot Race Director    
Summer Track Meet Series Dan Pierce Anne Bartuszevige as Lead Timer, Lorraine Green as Starter
Olympic Day Deb Conley  
Masters Team Organization Devin Croft / Bruce Kirchner  
Bolder Boulder Liaison Don Janicki Key Volunteer positions
Other Races- volunteers, etc   Downtown series, etc.
Elections for Board and Officers will be at the February First Monday
… this is quite tentative, but those interested include:
Bill Buffum
Deb Conley
Devin Croft
Don Janicki or Dan Pierce.  Or both
Tom O'Banion – willing to stay on, but also willing to step-down to make room for a tbd candidate.  A couple of us need to stay involved to help “bridge” the new folks

Club also at an unelected post as an advisor to the club.  Board can ask someone to fill this post.

John Bridges will be very active in helping with the transition.

USATF Grand Prix 2016
For all our Master's Runners, and especially 60+ and soon to be 60+ runners:
From our recent experience in competing in several of the 2015 USATF Master's Grand Prix Circuit events, we know clubs that plan in advance have the best chance of success in reaching the top of the standings. There was no better example than the excellent planning and work that Jeff Dumas undertook from October of 2014 leading up to the Boulder Road Runner's sterling 1-2 finish at the USATF Cross-Country Nationals this past February. With that in mind, it's a good idea to look at the proposed 2016 USATF National Masters Grand Prix schedule and see if there is interest in sending teams to events on the schedule. Here are the proposed dates and locations of the 2016 Masters Championship events and there are some significant changes, including the addition of a half-marathon (also found at That should be of interest to some of our runners who specialize at the longer events:
Date Championship Location
Feb 6 USATF Cross Country Championships Bend, OR
Feb 28 Masters 8 km - Brea 8K Classic Brea, CA
Apr 24 Masters 10 km - James Joyce Ramble 10K Dedham, MA
Jun 5 Masters Half Marathon - Rock 'N Roll San Diego Half Marathon San Diego, CA
Aug 19 Masters 1 Mile -  HealthPlus Crim Michigan Mile Flint, MI
Oct 2 Masters 5 km - Syracuse Festival of Races 5K Syracuse, NY
Oct 29 Masters 15 km - Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run 15K Tulsa, OK
Nov 6 Masters 5 km Cross Country Championships Tallahassee, FL
Dec 10 USATF Club Cross Country Championships Tallahassee, FL
Subject to change as races are added  
This past year we concentrated on organizing 60+ Men's division teams but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be attempting to organize Men's and Women's teams in other divisions as well. We learned some lessons about how to approach the task and will be able to readily assist anyone wishing to 'captain' a team in any of the other gender/age divisions.
It would be nice to send a team to Bend, OR to defend the title we earned in February of this year. Especially since we had the tables turned on us at the Club Cross Country Championship in San Francisco a week ago and suffered our only defeat of the year, ending up fourth. We've already had a few runners interested in going to Bend, OR in February to defend our 2015 title. At an elevation of 3623' above sea level it doesn't quite duplicate our altitude advantage of last February but it's high enough that 'flatlanders' will still feel it and give our Colorado-based runners a slight edge. 
If anyone is interested in ANY of the upcoming Grand Prix events, let me or Bruce Kirschner  know of your interest and we'll keep track of everyone's preferences, update them on the current status of each team and provide information on travel and lodging. In order to be organized in a timely fashion, please let us know of your interest by January 6, 2016.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: It definitely helps to recruit fellow runners who are in your age group OR about to enter your age group and might be interested in participating in one or more series races as a member of BRR. As you meet up with your fellow runners at area events, don't hesitate to encourage them to join BRR to be part of a competitive Master's team. Some of your Colorado colleagues may already be attending these events as an individual and might enjoy the chance to be a member of a team instead. 
Thanks for your interest and support,
Devin Croft

Up Coming Events


February 1st, First Monday, Avery Brewing 5:30 to 7 p.m.
February 6th, USATF National Cross Country Championships, Bend, OR.
February 26-28, United States Snowshoe Association National Championships,      Powder Mountain Resort, Ogden, Utah

February 28th, USATF Masters 8 km, Brea, CA

March 4-6 USATF Indoor Track and Field Championships, Albuquerque, NM:

April 24, USATF Masters 10 km, James Joyce Ramble 10K,
  Dedham, MA

June 2, BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
June 5 USATF Master Half Marathon, Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon,
  San Diego, CA

June 16, BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.

July 7,  BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 21, BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.

August 4, BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
August 18, 
BRR Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
August 19, USATF Master 1 Mile, Health Plus Crim Michigan Mile,
  Flint, MI

October 2, Masters 5 km, Syracuse Festival of Races, Syracuse, NY
October 29, USATF Masters 15 km, Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa  
  Run 15K, Tulsa, OK

November 6, USATF Masters 5 km Cross Country Championships,
  Tallahassee, FL

December 10, USATF Club Cross Country Championships, 
  Tallahassee, FL
Wednesday Fun Run at Flatirons Running- 6:15
Monday Fun Run at Fleet Feet- 6 p.m. 
The BRR Mission Statement
The Boulder Road Runners were formed in 1979 to encourage and promote running and running related activities for people of all ages and abilities, from the casual recreational runner to the serious competitor. Ideas for new club activities are always welcome and the involvement of members is encouraged.
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