Meet Heath Hibbard/Avery Brewing Weekend/Saturday Track Meet
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by Gail Hunter
On February 7, 2015, the Boulder Road Runners’ Men’s 60’s teams at the USATF Cross-Country Championships contained some names that were new to some of us.  Heath Hibbard was recruited by Chuck Smead and joined the BRR for an impressive race.  Heath lives seven hours away, in Montrose, but he has a Boulder County connection.  His younger daughter, Corey, has been working at Pearl Izumi in Louisville since last fall.  His older daughter attended the Colorado School of Mines and presently is working in engineering in Anchorage, Alaska.       
Compared to many Boulder Road Runners, Heath is a relative newcomer to running.  He was born in Orange, California, and grew up in Costa Mesa, Ca. where his activities were surfing, skiing, and racing motorcycles.  He did well in PE in high school, but his father didn’t want him to waste time on sports.  Motocross racing, which he describes as the second most physically demanding sport in the world (soccer is the 1st) and working construction kept him in top physical condition for years.  He is still employed.  He still does construction work, and he is spending increasing amounts of time restoring vintage motorcycles.
Heath and his wife Sue moved to Colorado in 1991.  They had come out for a ski vacation in Telluride in 1981.  They knew they wanted to live in the mountains, so they bought 80 acres of land in an area called Log Hill Mesa, 40 miles south of Montrose.  The land was in two parcels, and they later sold one and moved onto the other, living in a travel trailer while Heath built their house.  Their house, which was finished in 1992, has a view of Mt. Sneffels from the south windows. 
When Heath turned 50, his eyesight had started going bad.  He was afraid of getting hurt racing motorcycles so it was time to change sports, and he decided to try running.  On May 15, 2003, his 50th birthday, Heath ran two miles.  It hurt, but a couple of days later he tried again, then again.  On July 4th, he entered a 10k race in Ouray.  He finished 7th overall, in about 43 minutes.  For a new runner, that was a pretty big deal.  That fall, he was able to get into the Imogene Pass trail race because he was a local.  His wife Sue had run it, and he would drive to Telluride and meet her at the finish.  He’d look at the finishers and think, “I could do that,” so in 2003 he decided to try Imogene. He ran in swim trunks because he didn't own any running shorts and he won his age division. For the next several years, he ran and rode his mountain bike for cross-training, entering races for the enjoyment of competition.  He met Chuck Smead at a trifecta of races in Snowmass, and they became good friends. Chuck was a long-time runner and helped Heath a lot with his training and support. Heath has long held a lot of respect for Chuck and it was evident again when he saw Chuck give up his gold metal from the USATF cross country race in Boulder and give it to Bruce Kirschner who was also on the winning B team.
In 2007 and 2008, he ran the Boston Marathon, coming in 25th in 2007 and 18th in 2008, when ran a 2:53, his fastest marathon time. In 2009, he set the state record for the 55-59 age group in the Slacker Half-Marathon.  His time was eclipsed by eight seconds two years ago.  Six years ago, he began having problems with one of his hips.  During a run, his leg would go numb, and he would stumble.  The problem would last for two or three days, and then he’d be able to run again.  His hip problem was the result of a motorcycle racing accident when he was sixteen.  The bones were misaligned and didn’t heal properly.  Eventually, they were bone on bone.  Heath was losing his range of motion, and couldn’t ski, run, or ride his bike.  He consulted with Dr. James Rector, in Boulder, who had performed chromium resurfacing on of one of Frank Shorter’s hips.  Surgery was scheduled four months out, but Dr. Rector had a cancellation, and Heath was able to get in much sooner.  He was on crutches for four days, and after eleven he was riding his mountain bike.  Heath was supposed to be on an exercise bike, but the scenery was better outdoors. 
Heath was prohibited from running for a year, while his hip healed.  Once the year was over, he returned to running with enthusiasm.  He runs with the San Juan Mountain Runners, and a group of four trained for the 2015 Boston Marathon.  The group consists mainly of older people, and running with them got him motivated to structure his workouts.  He is faster than most of the people in the group, but he’d start out with them and rejoin them at the end of the runs. 
With his hip repaired, Heath entered the Colorado Marathon in 2014 and ran a 3:06, setting a state record for the 60-69 age division.  He qualified easily for Boston, and this April he won his age division in 3:01.  He’d been training to run 2:50, but the weather was bad: cold, rainy, and with a 20 mph headwind.  Heath doesn’t do well in cold weather, and he was wearing three layers, including long pants that became totally soaked and felt like a wetsuit.  Heath saw 3:05 on the finish clock and thought that he couldn’t possibly have won.  After 26 miles of running in the cold and wet, he had forgotten that the race was chip timed, and that it had taken him four minutes to cross the starting line.  He was in the seventh corral (out of eight) of the first wave, and he had run in a zig-zag pattern, passing a lot of people, when he first started the race.  He learned afterwards that the top ten runners in each age group were given age numbers to wear on their backs.  Heath wasn’t ranked in the top ten, so he didn’t have a target on his back. There were 926 starters and 899 finishers in his age division for Boston.
Heath’s next race is the Rebel Half-Marathon, which goes from Evergreen to Morrison.  He’s off to a good summer. 
Heath running  Imgene Pass Run.
We are 3 for 3, track meets cut short by lighting and rain.  A standing applause for the all the meet workers who stuck it out. And particularly those who stayed to complete the take-down during the rain. 
The Avery Brewing 4K on the 4th was a great success.
 Monday is First Monday.  The First Monday buffet menu is a burrito/taco bar.
Larry Avery and Nancy Antos,with her winnings, at the post race party.
Below event look interesting.
Anyone interested in forming some teams?

Denver Area Running Club Team Presidents, Coaches and Coordinators,
The United States Corporate Athletic Association (USCAA) is holding a Colorado Regional meet on Saturday, July 18, at  Potts Field, University of Colorado at Boulder.
We are inviting club teams to participate in the event. Club teams will participate with the corporate teams but be scored separately. This is a great opportunity for club team members to participate in an additional meet with friendly competition. 
Club teams can enter 1-2 events or numerous events depending on the size of the team.  The meet includes relays, individual events and 4 field events.
Corporate teams entered are AT&T, GE, Northrop Grumman and Aerospace.  Corporate team members include a wide range of abilities -  from world-class runners in some of the older age groups to everyday runners.
Attached is a flyer about the meet. For additional information go to The description of the events are about halfway down the Rules and Regulations tab.
Here are some of the key points about the meet:
  • No team entry fee for clubs.
  • $20 per person regardless of the number of events entered.
  • Events available for all age groups.
  • Distances from 100m to 3K.
  • Events for men and women with some mixed relays.
For questions contact Meet Director Kevin Holtzclaw,, 303 506-5130 or me.
We hope to see your team at Potts Field in Boulder on July 18!
Lou Putnam
National Captain – AT&T Running Team
June 18th, 2015.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Olympic torch.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Lorraine Green starts Olympic Day Track Meet with the National Anthem. Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Armed and fabulous, our starters John Zamora and Lorraine Green.    Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Let the games begin.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Competition is intense in an early heat of the 100M.  Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Winner, by a large margin, in her heat of the mile.  Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Sandrock kicks in his heat of the mile.  Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Frank Shafer and Lynne Zimmerman officiate the long and triple jump.   Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Pat Tolleson, Bill Faulkner and Roger Wittner managed the high jump with 16 competitors.  Potts Field is truly a scenic location for a track meet.  Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Not only was it Olympic day, but we hosted the Colorado Junior Olympic hammer throw championships.   Photo by Johnny Chapin.
Lindsey Malone competes in the hammer throw.  Picture by Johnny Chapin
Olympic Day organizer, Deb Conley with Mike Sandrock.  Thanks Mike for supporting and promoting this event.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Lilly Johnson, Fleet Feet and BRR sponsor, with Deb Conley.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Frank Shorter, the man that inspired so many of us to dare to take up running (again) or keeping on running.   Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Here they are...Photo by Tevis Morrow.
So much work went into putting this event on.  Dozens of volunteers made it work!  Thanks to Benji (1980 Marathon Olympian) and Amie Durden for timing.  
Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Future Olympian?  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Don Janicki directs finishers..  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
Sometimes running on the track is so confusing. "Which way did they go?"  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
The 3 meter officials relay.  Photo by Tevis Morrow.
All you loyal volunteers or new ones, please arrive by 5:30 and see Anne Bartuszevige for assignment.  We are asking every one to sign-in when they arrive and sign-out when they leave.  The reason is to establish the man-hours being donated to the CU track program and to document who qualifies for the thank you gifts at the end of the season.   

Left to right-Connie Harmon, Chuck Lowrie and Nancy Antos

2 Mile: (60-640)  W 1. Jan Hughes

                              2. Lorraine Green
                          M 1.Doug Bell
                               2. Jim Martin
               (65-69) W 1. Edie Stevenson
  10K      (60-62) W 1. Connie Harmon
               (65-69) W 1. Nancy Antos
                            M 1. Chuck Lowrie
             (75-79) M 1. Paul Turley
Results courtesy of Chuck Lowrie
Picture from Nancy Antos
Avery 4K on the 4th
Volunteer Race Day Reminders from Rich Castro

(Good Advice for all Participants)
Greetings Everyone: You are receiving an updated map and assignments for the race on the 4th of July at the Avery Brewing Co.  Here are a few reminders.
1.No race day registration, so let your friends know to sign up in advance. Entries are limited.
2.Packet Pick up is at the Taproom and begins at 7am until 8:30am. Race time is 9am. Breakfast and awards  follow the completion of the race.
3. There is a special parking lot designated for volunteers. Please find its location on the map attached.
4.Your name should be on the map, if you can’t find it please contact me.
5. Bring your insect repellent for race morning. Mosquitoes should be out in force with the Twin Lakes adjacent to the course. 6.Parking will be our biggest challenge on race day since this is a new venue for participants. I will be there early to help check in volunteers and set up our parking assignments. Dick Valent will handle the north side parking along with Jeff Dumas and Ron Harmon. I will handle the south side with Sharon and Austin Connolly. 
7.The START is to the east of the brewery. #1 and #2 mile marks are noted.
8.The AID Station will be coordinated by Dave Smith and be set up directly in front of the brewery.
9.There is no direct access to the course once we close Nautilus Ct. We will need to accommodate individuals wanting to utilize the Twin Lakes recreation area.
10.It will be a warm morning so still hydrated and let me know if you need a marshal vest. Thanks for volunteering.
Rich Castro (303) 829-8186
Founder Boulder Road Runners 1978
Boulder Track Club Ambassador

Heads-up on parking for this event.  We have a reserved an area for volunteers and BRR members to park.  The address is 4750 Nautilus Ct.  There are 30 spaces.  As you arrive at the intersection of Nautilus Drive and Nautilus Ct., Dave Hardwick will direct you across Nautilus Ct. to me, to access the lot.  To use this lot please be prepared to stay until awards are competed.
West End 4K Marshals

Summer time is here.  West End 4K is on July 23rd.  The BRR is marshaling this event.

We need about 10 more marshals.  See Frank Shafer at the Sunday run or First Monday to sign-up.  Or contact him at  

Marshals receive a $10 gift card to Flatirons running and a race shirt.  

I would like to invite marshals to a post race social at a local watering hole.  First around will be covered.  
Downtown Series (sponsored by New Balance)

Downtown Series (sponsored by New Balance) 
Shirts for all races will be mens S - XL and womens XS - XL and  for the West End 4k and Pearl St and kids S-L
Series Prizes will go to the top man and woman (TBD whether that will be based on time or place)
West End 4k
Entry fee: $25/30, kids $15
Start and finish location: 11th and Pearl
5:00 pm packet pick-up
6:00 kids 2k
6:30 Corporate Challenge
7:00 pm Open
7:30 Elite
Register for the West End 4k
Pearl St Mile
Entry fee: $20/25, kids $15
Start and finish location: 14th and Pearl
4:30 pm  packet pick-up
6:00 pm kids
6:30 open
7:00 Elite Women
7:15 Elite Men
Register for the Pearl St Mile
Remember to post your running pictures and results on the Boulder Road Runners Facebook page.
Monday Fun Run at Fleet Feet- 6 p.m. 
Sunday Run 

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of early morn, stays the BRR runners from the swift completion of their Sunday Social Run".

The Sunday Social Run meets no matter the conditions.

Upcoming Events

TBD:  This summer we will have a strategic planning meeting.   The purpose is to generate new energy, ideas and a club plan.  All members are encouraged to attend this meeting to share ideas and be ready to roll up your sleeves to make that plan a reality.

June 28th,Flatirons 10k, 8am 
July 2nd, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 6th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
July 23rd,Thursday, West End 4k, 
   6 pm  Kids 2k
   6:30 Corporate Challenge 
   7:00 Open
   7:30 Elite Men and Women
July 16th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 23-26, USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships
August 3rd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
August 6th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
August 12th, Wednesday, Pearl St Mile 
   6:00 Kids
   6:30 Open
   7:00 Elite Women
   7:15 Elite Men
August 20th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
September 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
September 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.
Sept. 19th, Boulder Backroads Marathon and Half Marathon             Water Station Caption:  Jerry Greenwald

October 5th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
November 2nd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.

February, USATF National Cross Country Championships, Bend, OR.
March, USSA National Snowshoeing Championships, Ogden, UT.

The BRR Mission Statement
The Boulder Road Runners were formed in 1979 to encourage and promote running and running related activities for people of all ages and abilities, from the casual recreational runner to the serious competitor. Ideas for new club activities are always welcome and the involvement of members is encouraged.
The training group will continue to meet at the Colorado Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m.  
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