Bolder Boulder/Track Meet
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Oh, Yes you did!
Selected Women’s
             Age Division, Place and Time Results
Libby James     78       1st        53:37+
Marlis Thurow   78       44th     1:37:37+
Judy Smythe     77       1st        1:27:09+
Betty Valent       75       3rd       1:05:54+
Anita Gonzales 70        2nd       59:00+
Sandy Edmonson 70               2:05:16+
Laurie Rugenstein 67    1st         48:38+
Rima Laurie         67      2nd       51:17+
Mary Dahlstrom   67      12th     1:14:40+
Pat Tolleson         66      12th     1:05:00+
Nancy Antos        65       3rd         53:49+
Jan Hughes          64      2nd        50:52+
Paula Vaughan     63      7th         56:59+
Connie Harmon     61     6th         57:06+
Eola Scott              57                1:28:33+
Vicki Hunter           54     2nd         47:31+
Laurie Dirkes         54                 1:00:14+
Karen Jones          53     2nd         48:58+
Genevieve Jacobi  49   26th         54:19+
Karen Fuchs          46                   58:08+
Cory Hooten          43     1st          43:32+
Anne Bartuszevige 40                2:05:59+
Cait Ball                  31                1:04:57+
Lindsey Buffum       30    20th        46:17+
Amanda Scott  27(backwards)   1:28:33+          
Daisy Fuchs            17       5th       47:47+
Slipper Jones          17    32st        53:29+
Vivian Jacobi           14    22nd        54:18+
Rose Paine                8                1:26:13+
Selected Men’s Results
            Age Division, Place and Time Results   
Rod Symthe              85       2nd       1:28:411+
Mike Fenerty             83       1st        1:05:04+
Don Hayes                83       3rd       1:21:29+
Paul Turley                78       1st        1:03:44+
Ken Thurow               78       6th       1:24:27+
Henry Kaplan             75                  1:01:37+
Bill Faulkner               73       2nd         55:40+
Andy Edmondson      72                  1:32:53+
Tom LeMire                71       2nd        48:37+
Bill Buffum                 70                     57:14+
Bill Allen                    70                  1:26:13+
Joe Cirelli                   69       19th   1:03:00+
Dave Dooley              68       1st        44:43+
Will Dillard                  68                1:09:55+
John Bridges              65                1:18:00+
Doug Bell                    64       1st       36:37+
Heath Hibbard            62     1st          41:03+
Rich Sandoval            61      1st        43:39+
Bruce Kirschner         61       4th        43:56+
Ted Kennedy              58       3rd       42:52+
Steve Ackman            58      10th       46:54+
T. D. Kehoe                 53       1st       38:21+
Frank Shafer               52       26th     49:02+
Scott Hooten               43       9th       40:00+
Jesse Wisniewski        33     48th       45:50+
Greg Castro                30        14th     39:11+
Blaine Ramsdell          22   16th       39:36+
Alex Hooten                15       8th       39:37+
Nickolas Jacobi            8       6th        54:19+

The first track meet is June 4th at 6 p.m.  All you loyal volunteers or a new ones, please arrive by 5:30 and see Anne Bartuszevige for assignment.  We are asking every one to sign-in when they arrive and sign-out when they leave.  The reason is to establish the man-hours being donated to the CU track program and to document who qualifies for the thank you gifts at the end of the season.   More on this later.

by Gail Hunter
Last week the Bolder Boulder brought Dee Dee Beard back to town to prepare for her role as volunteer coordinator for Mile 6.  Dee Dee and her husband Larry spend half of their time in Carbondale, having been drawn to the mountains by Larry’s love of trout fishing.  Dee Dee became interested in running in 1983, after driving around the University of Colorado campus with Larry after he took part in a trap shoot competition near Erie.  Boulder was full of people walking around wearing bib numbers and looking really happy.  Dee Dee reasoned that if all of those people looked happy about running, she should run more herself. 
Dee Dee was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and received a degree in education from Florida State University in 1972.  She had been interning as a teacher in Miami, but there was a shortage of teaching jobs.  Three weeks before graduation, she interviewed with Eastern Airlines for a job as a flight attendant.  They offered her a job, starting immediately.  She accepted, but said that she wanted to graduate first.  She began her career as a flight attendant a week after graduation, flying out of Miami at first, then transferring to Atlanta.  She flew for fifteen years, commuting to Atlanta from Nebraska, then Colorado, for the last five.  When Eastern Airlines filed for bankruptcy in 1988, she enrolled at the University of Colorado, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Education and began substitute teaching.
Dee Dee and Larry were married in Atlanta in 1981.  In 1982, Larry’s employment as a commodities trader specializing in cattle took them to McCook, Nebraska, where he opened an office.  McCook had a population of about 5,000 (it has since grown to a thriving metropolis of almost 8,000), and Dee Dee is a city girl.  Larry’s employers allowed him to move his office to Colorado in 1983.  They first moved to Fort Collins, then to Louisville and Boulder in 1986.
When Dee Dee met Larry, he was a runner, and she was not.  Larry’s workday starts very early.  He’d finish working at around 2:00 P.M. and go for a run, encouraging Dee Dee to join him.  If you have lived in the Southeast, you’ll understand that 2:00 P.M. in Atlanta is not a great time to go for a run unless you’re in training for an event that requires acclimation to serious heat and humidity, such as a marathon in a rainforest on the Equator.  Dee Dee would run for a couple of miles, but she didn’t really enjoy it.  In fact, she borderline hated it.  Larry would run ahead and encourage her that there was just another turn before they were finished.  Liar!  The turns, hills, and heat just kept coming. 
When Larry and Dee Dee moved to Colorado, she began running regularly in her neighborhood in Louisville.  She met Colleen Cain at Flatirons Athletic Club, and in 1995 she and Colleen took a trip to Chile, where a group of 22 people set out to climb to the top of a volcano.  Dee Dee and Collen, who were in running shoes, were two of only three people who made it to the top.  She and Colleen concluded that if they could summit the volcano then maybe they could run a marathon.  Yes, very naïve runners.  Someone at Flatirons recommended that she join the Boulder Road Runners.  She met Joyce Sherman, now Kelly, and she has stayed with the group ever since.  The marathon she decided to run was Chicago, in October of 1995.  She ran it in 3:45 and qualified for Boston.  Naturally, she ran that, too, but says it was her least favorite.  Catching a bus at 5:00 A.M. to be bused to the start of a race that commenced at noon was not her idea of fun.  Except for working as a Bolder Boulder volunteer, she has rarely experienced a day that long.  Not wanting Boston to be her final marathon experience, she ran Twin Cities in 1999 and Grandma’s in 2002, where she ran a 3:42.  Last year she ran New York, where despite being injured during training and only doing one 16-mile and one 17-mile training run, she felt great and ran a 4:34, qualifying to run again this year.  She is still questioning why this sounded like such a good idea.
Dee Dee has run a wide variety of races.  Her favorites have been the relays:  Hood to Coast, which she has done 14 times since 2000, missing only 2008, when she had a stress fracture; Reach the Beach in New Hampshire in 2010; the Red Rocks Relay which ends in Zion, Utah; and the Colorado Relay she ran in 2011.  She loves the group atmosphere and describes Hood to Coast as the epitome of racing fun.  Dee Dee is looking forward to doing Hood to Coast again this year.  Cross-country is her least favorite form of racing; she’s not fond of uneven surfaces AND falling. 
Dee Dee ran the Bolder Boulder sixteen times, and has been volunteering with the Bolder Boulder since 1996.  That year, she picked up elite runner Elana Meyer at the airport and had the fun of seeing her win.  From 1997 through 2007 she worked with the elite athletes.  She helped Sally Mohr with the marshals at Mile 2 beginning in 2008, and four years later she took over Mile 6.  Dee Dee is thankful for the large number of Boulder Road Runners who volunteer with the Bolder Boulder.  She says that the amount of volunteer work that goes into the race is amazing. Dee Dee noted that 75% of the volunteers on her mile at the Bolder Boulder are over 50.  Last summer she was the volunteer coordinator for an inaugural half/10k in downtown Boulder and that she called and e-mailed every running group in Boulder looking for volunteers, getting only one or two. The Boulder Road Runners is the only group whose members volunteer…consistently.  Dee Dee is impressed by the organization that goes into the running of the Bolder Boulder.  This year, in the week before the race, the company that provides the 55,000 lunch bags found that it had been tracking the wrong shipment.  No one had any idea where the 55,000 bags were.  The organizers of the Bolder Boulder found and ordered new bags, and they arrived on the Friday before the race. 
The Bolder Boulder isn’t Dee Dee’s only volunteer activity.  In 2002, after the death of their son Kyle, Bob and Darcy Fan began riding in the Courage Classic to benefit Children’s Hospital.  In 2004, Dee Dee bought a bicycle and joined them, participating for the next four years.  She stills joins Bob and Darcy’s individual project, named Kyle’s Project, in which volunteers meet to paint ceramic heart boxes that are given to the parents of children who have died.
Apparently the Courage Classic wasn’t far enough for Dee Dee.  In 2008 and 2010 she joined a group organized by Gavin Slater to participate in RAGBRAI, the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.  With 20,000 riders, the ride is the largest non-competitive ride in the world, with cyclists traveling approximately 67 miles a day for seven days. Iowa is not flat, so the route can be challenging.  In 2010 the riders encountered extremely hot weather, as well as rain and hailstorms.  The people of Iowa are amazingly friendly, allowing riders to camp on their lawns and, if reservations are made in advance, to sleep in their homes.  Gavin’s wife Pam provided support for the group, driving and pulling a trailer with the group’s tents and other gear, and pitching the tents so that they would be ready when the group arrived.
Dee Dee’s travel adventures have included hiking in Switzerland in 2000 and 2001, Italy in 2013 (with 5 other Boulder Road Runners) and rafting and hiking in the Grand Canyon, in Idaho on the Snake River, and Alaska. 
Dee Dee’s athletic accomplishments are impressive.  What is most impressive, though, is her dedication to volunteering and giving back to the community.  Her experience and organizational skills make her a credit to the world of running.  However, she is most appreciative of the people she has met through the sport.  The workouts, races, and events are all memorable in their own right, but the friendships are what it’s all about.         
Hello Everyone,
Here's the latest news about how our 60+ Men are performing these days and what is on the horizon in the coming months. 
Great Performances by BRR 60+ Men on Memorial Day
Jan Frisby, one of our team members from the February USATF Cross-Championships in February ran in the Marin Memorial 10K and set a new US 70-74 age group record of 40:14 (6:29  per mile!) in winning his division. A dominating performance by any standard. If that was not enough, he followed up that race one week later on May 31 by running in the USATF Master's Half Marathon Championship in San Diego and winning his age group again with a 1:35:41 performance.  
At the Bolder Boulder several other BRR 60+ men from our XC teams also turned in great performances: 
Rich Sandoval    43:38
Bruce Kirschner 43:56
Heath Hibbard    41:03
Doug Bell           39:00
USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships August 21, Flint MI
BRR now has a team for the next stop in the Grand Prix Series of races. Doug Bell, Jan Frisby, Devin Croft and John Victoria have committed to run this event to make up the minimum three man team needed to score in the team standings, which are based on cumulative time. There is room for one more runner to make up the maximum five man team for this event. And based on previous experience having 4 or 5 runners on a team provides that extra insurance against injury, illness or someone having a bad day on race day. If you are interested in being part of the team, let Bruce, or Devin,  know so you can be added to the database for further updates on the race.
The USATF site for Master's registration is not open yet. For more information about the race the event home page is at:
Those of you who have been around for a while will recognize this event as the former Bobby Crim Festival, now known as the HealthPlus Crim Festival of races.
The Men's Masters mile is on Friday night at 7:30 pm, while the 5K, 8K and 10 mile races take place the following morning. Anyone not too tired from the mile race may want to stick around and compete in one of the other races on Saturday morning.
There is a Holiday Inn Express located approximately a half mile from the start line of the course:
If you are interested in joining the team it might be a good idea to make reservations early as this is a big event in Flint, MI every year. And as always if we have more then the minimum 5 members we can always form an additional team as we did at the Cross-Country Nationals in February. Pushing the competition further down in the standings by taking more than one spot only helps.
To see what it took to win the team title in 2014, team results are available here:       
As always, if you are not interested in receiving further updates regarding the BRR 60+ Men's group, let Bruce and Devin know so we can remove you from our list. 
Devin Croft
"A champion does not tell others what he can do - he shows them" - Barry Magee
Hello Everyone,
An alert Chuck Lowrie noted that my information and the link to the results of the 2014 Master's Mile Championships was incorrect. The USATF results showed BOTH the Men's 60+ teams and the Men's 70+ teams with the same title and I was referencing the latter set of times in the email. So in fact, the team split last year for the winning Ann Arbor Track Club in the 60+ division was actually an amazing 17:17 total, with their runners going 5:43, 5:46 and 5:48. So the Flint course is still a pretty fast one despite the all the turns shown on the course map. And any team out to beat them has their work cut out for them. 
Keep in mind there are still several more USATF Master's Team events left in the Grand Prix series after the Flint Mile:
10/4/2015 USATF Masters 5 km Championships Syracuse, NY 
10/18/2015 USATF Masters 5 Km Cross Country Championships Saratoga Springs, NY
10/31/2015 USATF Masters 15 km Championships Tulsa, OK
11/15/2015 USATF Masters 12 km Championships Alexandria, VA
12/12/2015 USATF Nat’l Club Cross Country Championships   San Francisco, CA
Right now the standings in the series show BRR 3rd overall in the standings:
Ann Arbor Track Club     = 160
Genesee Valley Harriers = 150
Boulder Road Runners A = 100
Boulder Road Runners B =  90
We've already shown we have the runners to beat both of the two teams ahead of us in the standings. In fact, the XC nationals proved we can field TWO teams capable of finishing ahead of everyone on the Ann Arbor and Genesee teams when we show up in force. Let's see if we can at least prevent them from having TOO easy a time of it piling up points in the overall standings. 
No firm teams have been set up for these remaining events though a number of people have expressed interest, so look at your plans for the remainder of the year and let us know if you wish to be on a team for any remaining events. And keep in mind the ultimate goal is to repeat our results in the XC Nationals Feb 6, 2016 in Bend, OR.
"It's not the best athlete who wins, but the best prepared" - Arthur Lydiard
The BRR Mission Statement
The Boulder Road Runners were formed in 1979 to encourage and promote running and running related activities for people of all ages and abilities, from the casual recreational runner to the serious competitor. Ideas for new club activities are always welcome and the involvement of members is encouraged.
Amie Durden suggested this event.  Looks like it could be fun for all you USATF X-C veterans.  Team captains front and center, start your recruiting engines!

Sunday, June 21st, 9 a.m

Powder Keg x.c Race Series!

Triple Creek Ranch 4255 Nelson Rd. Longmont, CO 80503

The Powder Keg Brewing Cross-Country Series includes several old-school, card-scored races held on area courses that feature a unique blend of trail, path, twists and turns. For a low entry fee, team and individual participants will not only receive a retro t-shirt and a coupon for beer (21 and older only, of course) but the chance to experience the kind of bonding not commonly found in today's races.


Would this be a great "field trip" for a Sunday run?

Estes Park Marathon & Half 
Discount Offer for BRR Members
I am contacting the Boulder Road Runners to offer discounts for10 members at the Estes Park Marathon & Half, June 21st, Sunday.   
We can offer 10 discounted rates: 
Half: $50.     
Marathon: $65. 
Have runners send us a request and we will send them the discount code! 
June 20th, Saturday:
*Packet Pick- up & Registration at Estes Park High School (EPHS) commons, 9:00-5:00pm
*Kids bike & run event, at downtown Bond Park, a FESTIVAL with live  music!
*Jeff Galloway, former US Olympian and creator of the RUN, WALK, RUN method will be speaking and presenting his exclusive RUNNER'S SCHOOL, 9:30- 12:30PM , $99. fee, located at EPHS,    Jeff Galloway will be running in our Marathon with his wife, Barbara. 
June 21st, Sunday:
Marathon: 6:00AM in front of Estes Park Middle School
Marathon Relay: 6:00AM
Half Marathon: 7:00AM in front of Estes Park Middle School
10K: 7:30AM west of Estes Park Middle School
5K:  8:30AM at Lake Estes Marina, please take the free trolley to start line!
West End 4K and Pearl Street Mile
The ownership of these two races has changed.  Flatirons Running, Henry Guzman, now own them.  These have been popular events, for us, to participate and to volunteer.  We are still going to be doing so.  We will need lead and follow bikes plus a dozen or more course marshals.  Anyone interested in marshaling either of these events, contact Frank Shafter:

The volunteer coordinator for the BRR water station at the Backroads Marathon, on September 19th, is Jerry Greenwald.
Remember to post your running pictures and results on the Boulder Road Runners Facebook page.
Monday Fun Run at Fleet Feet- 6 p.m. 
Sunday Run 

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of early morn, stays the BRR runners from the swift completion of their Sunday Social Run".

The Sunday Social Run meets no matter the conditions.

Upcoming Events

TBD:  This summer we will have a strategic planning meeting.   The purpose is to generate new energy, ideas and a club plan.  All members are encouraged to attend this meeting to share ideas and be ready to roll up your sleeves to make that plan a reality.

June 4th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
June 14th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 8 a.m.
June 18th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
June 28th,Flatirons 10k, 8am 
July 2nd, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 6th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
July 23rd,Thursday, West End 4k, 
   6 pm  Kids 2k
   6:30 Corporate Challenge 
   7:00 Open
   7:30 Elite Men and Women
July 16th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 23-26, USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships
August 3rd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
August 6th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
August 12th, Wednesday, Pearl St Mile 
   6:00 Kids
   6:30 Open
   7:00 Elite Women
   7:15 Elite Men
August 20th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
September 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
September 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.
Sept. 19th, Boulder Backroads Marathon and Half Marathon             Water Station Caption:  Jerry Greenwald

October 5th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
November 2nd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.

February, USATF National Cross Country Championships, Bend, OR.
March, USSA National Snowshoeing Championships, Ogden, UT.

The training group will continue to meet at the Colorado Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m.  
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