Meet Mike Sandrock/60's Team Updates from Devin/80's B Team Breakfast
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Sunday's Track Meet is CANCELED.
Sunday Run will still be from Boulder HS parking lot, 9 a.m.
The timing crew, at the May 3rd Mountain Lion track meet.
Bill Buffum, Don Janicki, Bernard Mendonca (BLDR. Optimist Club), Herb Chamroy (BLDR. Optimist Club), Frank Shafer, Anne Bartuszevige andZach of Fleet Feet.
The BRR Mission Statement

The Boulder Road Runners were formed in 1979 to encourage and promote running and running related activities for people of all ages and abilities, from the casual recreational runner to the serious competitor. Ideas for new club activities are always welcome and the involvement of members is encouraged.

May 10th meet is canceled.
Next Sunday track meet is May 17th
Meet at 
Boulder High School Track 
for Sunday Social Run
Afterwards are the 
Mountain Lion/Fleet Feet 
(BVSD Kids Life Long Leaning)
Youth Track Meets
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Volunteers get $10
Fleet Feet gift Card
for each meet 
We need 12 volunteers: starter, 2 clerks, 6 timers and head timer
Great opportunity to sharpen timing skills for our summer track series.
Current Volunteer List:  Anne Bartuszevige, Bill Buffum, John Bridges with Frank Shafer pending

Sunday May 24
Scott Carpeter Park
Pre-Bolder Boulder 
Pot-luck Breakfast
9 - 11 a.m. 

National USATF Championsships
The USA Track and Field National Cross Country Championship 8K race was held at the Flatirons Country Club in Boulder on February 7, 2015.  An 80+ men’s team that includes Frasier Meadows resident Chuck Howe took home a second place plaque and medals for their division.
The team, sponsored by the Boulder Road Runners, consists of local runners Chuck Howe, Rod Smythe and Ken Wright.  The team members report that the race was held on a lovely, sunny day with perfect conditions for completing four times around the course.
Chuck Howe is a Professor of Economics and former Chair of the economics department at CU.  He enjoyed the race and is inspired to race more.
The team met with Boulder Road Runners President John Bridges at the Chautauqua Dining Hall in May to thank John for BRR’s support and to take a team photo.  Shown in the photo from left to right are Rod Smythe, John Bridges, Chuck Howe and Ken Wright.
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Mike Sandrock hanging with a few of his First Monday pals.
Left to Right
Front row:  Mike Sandrock, Louise Adams, Carl Mohr
Back row:  Clarence Harrison, Sally Mohr, John Bridges, Ted Kennedy & Sharon Connolly
by Gail Hunter
If you have lived in Boulder for a long time, you already recognize Mike Sandrock’s name from his articles in the Colorado Daily or the Daily Camera, and those of you who are fast runners have probably run with him.  On a First Monday at Avery’s, you may have heard about his trips to Cuba and his collecting of running shoes for those in need.  His history is remarkable.
Mike was born in 1958 and grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, the home of Hillary Clinton, and eight miles from Ernest Hemingway’s home in Oak Park.  Mike was never interested in making money.  He was one of five children, and his family was not wealthy.  He had a paper route, and he would read the Chicago Tribune as he folded the papers before beginning his route.  One morning, he read of the death of J. Paul Getty, who at that time was the richest man in the world.  The article quoted Getty as saying that he would have given all of his money to be happy for just one day.  Mike took that lesson to heart.  He reasons that humans are biological creatures, living in a universe that is now 14.5 billion years old, and he does not believe in an afterlife.  A driving force of his existence is to make the most out of life while he is here.
Mike grew to be six feet tall in 8th grade, and he played basketball.  He entered Maine South High School, but to his surprise, he did not make the basketball team.  He made the soccer team, but although he was fast, it wasn’t a good sport for him.  He then went out for track and cross-country, where he found his niche.  In his sophomore year, he set the sophomore school cross-country record.
Mike began his running career in 1973, and he has never missed more than two days of running.  His having been able to do that is amazing, as is the fact that he has never been injured, except for a slight hamstring twinge after running 200 meter intervals at Potts Field with former 5,000 meter world record holder Said Aouita. (That led to Mike’s beginning a yoga practice.)  Mike came to the University of Colorado in 1976, where he was a walk-on to the C.U. cross-country team.  He lettered and graduated cum laude in "general studies," while his degree was in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. His independent studies project was under the mentorship of Noboru Sueoka in DNA-RNA hybridization (and where he met BRR member and long-time friend Scott Winston). He later worked for Keith Porter, a pioneer in electron microscopy, the discoverer of endoplasmic reticulum, and for whom the Porter Biosciences Building is named.  Mike received a Master’s Degree in Business while working at CU and received the Clairabell Kendall Award for the graduate best combining the humanities with business. He took a job as an organic chemist in the lab headed by Marvin Caruthers, who later founded Amgen. Caruthers and his lab invented a way to synthesize DNA -- deoxyribonucleic acid, the building block of life -- on a machine that is now in the Smithsonian Institute.   
In 1986, Mike began working for Steve Bosley at the Bank of Boulder and coaching at Fairview High School.  The combination of Mike and banking was not a good fit.  When the U.S. Information Agency sent out a request for an American to run in a marathon in Cameroon, West Africa, through then CU coach David Troy, Mike quit his job; left the bank-repossessed house at Lake of the Pines he was staying in; pared his possessions down to those which would fit in his 1966 Volvo; parked the Volvo at the bank, and headed for Cameroon.  Cameroon was hot, and Mike hit the wall.  He had been running with a young man from Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, who was about his age and was running in blue plastic sandals.  Mike’s companion had cut his foot but maintained his pace while Mike dropped back.  Mike continued on, following the trail of blood left by his former companion.  Mike finished tenth overall, and after the finish, found that his companion was waiting for him at the finish with a hug and a smile.  Mike's new friend wore the same size shoes that he did.  Mike gave the young man his shoes.  That was the first pair of over 250,000 pairs of shoes that Mike and a group of volunteers, ranging from little kids to Olympians, has collected, washed, sorted and donated.   
Mike went on to do a classical studies tour of Europe, where he stayed for nearly three months, studying under Dr. Walter Weir, head of the Honors Department at CU.  When he returned to Colorado, he needed a job, and Jay Johnson suggested he apply to do freelance writing work at the Colorado Daily newspaper.  He was asked if he had writing experience and replied yes, as he had written dozens of papers in college on topics ranging from "King Lear" to "Zorba the Greek." It took him a full day to write his first six-paragraph story, something he could now do in 30 minutes.  He learned to write from reading the works of great writers such as Shakespeare, Hemingway and Camus.   
Mike led a somewhat Bohemian existence, sleeping on "The Purple Runner" author Paul Christman’s couch for a time, writing for the Colorado Daily and then for the Daily Camera, and, of course, running.  He coached high school track and cross-country, and in 1986 he began the non-profit organization Shoes for Africa.  He had seen that, compared to most people in the United States, the runner in Cameroon had no opportunity.  At the same time, he was training on his own, attempting to make the Olympic trials.  He ran three 2:24 marathons and had the experience of running with the elite runners who lived in or passed through Boulder, including Steve Cram, Steve Jones, Arturo Barrios, Lorraine Moller, Rob de Castella, Rosa Mota, Ingrid Kristiansen, Constintina Dita, Colleen De Reuck, Garry Bjorklund and Priscilla Welch, as well as the following generation of runners who have passed through Mark Wetmore's CU program.  His best 10K was 30:23.  As a writer he traveled widely and has interviewed poets, senators, and runners such as Emil Zatopek, Kip Keino, Alberto Juantoreana, Haile Gebresallsie and Lasse Viren.
Mike is presently doing full-time freelance writing, publishing in the Daily Camera, Running Times, Runner’s World, Marathon & Beyond, Competitor and Trail Runner.  He is the author of two books, Running with the Legends, published in 1996, and Running Tough, published in 2000. His Shoes for Africa project, founded with the help of elite runners Lorraine Moller, Arturo Barrios, Frank Shorter and Steve Jones, has grown tremendously and is now named One World Running.  Over 250,000 shoes, as well as t-shirts and shorts, medicine and art supplies for children have been delivered to people in foreign countries, on Native American reservations, and in homeless shelters.  Volunteers may now participate in trips to distribute the shoes and to organize races. 
Mike is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Colorado Press Association, where he has won several awards for Best Sports Story of the Year.  He was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame is 2013.  He has run with the Boulder Road Runners since the old gatherings at the Boulder Public Library, and he stands in high regard of Rich Castro’s and Carl Mohr's contributions to the community, both the community of runners and the community of the needy, and how John Bridges has kept the BRR going.  In Mike’s view, we are all one world.    
Hello everyone,
Although we weren't able to field a team for the 10K race in Dedham on Sunday due to the very short time frame, Jan Frisby represented BRR in superb fashion. Jan easily won the USATF Men's 70-74 individual title with a 41:36, 6:42 per mile pace for an Age Graded result of 87.92%. That's the equivalent of a 30 year old runner finishing in 30:35 ! (80% and greater is considered national class performance, 90% and above is world class performance). He won the division by over 4 minutes!
He is USA Track and Field's leading performer in the Individual Grand Prix standings for 2015, 70-74 division, with 300 points from three 1st place finishes in the Cross-Country Championship in Boulder Feb 7; the 8K Masters Championship in Brea, CA Feb 22; and Sunday's 10K Masters Championship in Dedham, MA. Congratulations to Jan for such a dominating national level performance. We wish him luck in the pursuit of the 2015 Individual Grand Prix title.
Another pair of runners from our successful USATF Cross Country teams also turned in some great April performances:
Congratulations to Bruce Kirschner. On April 12 he represented BRR at the Presidio 10 Mile race in San Francisco, site of the Road Runner's Club of America National 10 Mile Championship for 2015. His first place finish on a very hilly course in 1:08:35 earned him the 60-64 Championship by nearly 7 and a half minutes! The Age-Graded performance is another national class 80.91%.
And if the performances of Jan and Bruce weren't spectacular enough, Heath Hibbard turned in a stellar 3:01:41 in the Boston Marathon for first place in the 60-64 division by 3 and half minutes. His time works out to an 84.12% age graded performance. 
From sea to shining sea, BRR members are showing the rest of the nation how dominant Boulder Road Runners are in the Men's 60-64 division!
Meanwhile, the Master's Team competition in the Grand Prix series is very much up for grabs. The unofficial standings after 3 events in 2015 are as follows:
Ann Arbor TC =                  160
Genesee Valley Harriers =   150
Boulder Road Runners =     100
The series now takes a break until 8/21 with the Master's Mile Championship in Flint, MI. This is in the backyard of our arch rival, the Ann Arbor Track Club. They won the team title there in 2014. They also traveled to Pittsburgh to win it in 2013. They are counting on an uncontested 'three-peat' in 2015. One mile may seem an unlikely choice for a club loaded with such an abundance of distance running talent. But we have at least 2 and possibly 3 BRR runners already expressing interest in contesting this event (Doug Bell, Devin Croft and possibly Jan Frisby). So there is room for at least two more runners to make a full 5 man team (top three are scorers based on cumulative time). A minimum of three is needed but we already know from previous experience that at least 4 runners will assure we can make up for any last minute injuries/illnesses and five really is optimum. 
This is a race for anyone who began their career as a middle distance runner, for anyone who harbors a dream of finally contesting a classic distance that is rarely run OR for anyone who just wants to see what they can still do for one all-out mile.
If you are interested in being part of the team, let Bruce, or Devin, know so you can be added to the database for further updates on the race.
To see what it took to win the team title in 2014, team results are available here:  
The winning team split covered the span from 6:05 to 7:41.
A much faster winning team split covered 5:26 to 5:46.
So if you see yourself running anything comparable to those times, then you're a candidate for a BRR team at Flint.
The remaining Team Grand Prix events after the Flint Master's Mile are all clustered from October to December as follows:
10/4/2015 USATF Masters 5 km Championships Syracuse, NY 
10/18/2015 USATF Masters 5 Km Cross Country Championships Saratoga Springs, NY
10/31/2015 USATF Masters 15 km Championships Tulsa, OK
11/15/2015 USATF Masters 12 km Championships Alexandria, VA
12/12/2015 USATF Nat’l Club Cross Country Championships   San Francisco, CA
As the dates get closer and your plans for the year become clearer, let us know of your interest in these other remaining events as well. We can always field more than one team as we did at the XC Championships in February.
Non-Team Masters Events
We did not bring it up earlier but there are also USATF Masters Championship events this year at other distances that are not part of the Grand Prix series or that involve team competition. We realize there may be runners in the club more interested in these than the ones mentioned above. The remaining Masters Championships for 2015 are:
Oct. 4   USATF Masters Marathon Championships Location to be announced
If anyone is interested in going to either race and wants to connect with other like-minded BRR 60+ runners, let us know and we can get you paired up and possibly reduce travel/lodging expenses.
As always, if you are no longer interested in these updates for the BRR Men's 60+ events, let us know so we can delete your name from the email list. 
"It's not the best athlete who wins, but the best prepared" - Arthur Lydiard
Bolder Boulder Training Run
The Tuesday/Thursday running group is planning two Bolder Boulder training sessions and Paul Turley has invited us for breakfast afterwards. 
  • Saturday May 2nd - 6:15 am
  • Saturday May 16th - 6:15 am
Plan on meeting in the Turley's parking lot at 6:15am ready to run.  Please don't take the prime parking spots in front of the restaurant.
Update courtesy of Steve Boselli
The gang at the May 4th, First Monday gathering.
Right Mike Sandrock, Bruce Kirschner, Devin Croft and Karen Lechman.
In the background is our host, Larry Avery.
Annual Pre-Bolder Boulder Pot-Luck Breakfast

Where:  Scott Carpenter Park
When:   9 a.m. to 11 a.m
Who:     Bring family and friends
What:    Bring food and drink to share
West End 4K and Pearl Street Mile

The ownership of these two races has changed.  Flatirons Running, Henry Guzman, now own them.  These have been popular events, for us, to participate and to volunteer.  We are still going to be doing so.  We will need lead and follow bikes plus a dozen or more course marshals.  If anyone is interested in being the volunteer coordinator for either, or both, of these events, contact me ASAP.

The will also be a 10K on Sunday June 28th.  If anyone is interested in helping at this event, please let me know.

We need a volunteer coordinator a water station at the Backroads Marathon on September 19th.
Small Personal Item Belt

Our friends at SPIbelt are providing us with free @SPIbelts for the folks who attend this Sunday's run. Perfect for carrying your phone, keys, etc. Show up, get a free belt, go for a run! It’s that easy.  Quantities limited!
First Monday Social, June 1st:
Join us for this month’s happy hour.  We’ll have @SPIbelts on hand for those who don’t have one. This is an effortless way to carry your phone while out on a run. Supplies limited, come early to receive yours.
Winners of the essay contest will be announced in the BRR update for the week of May 11th.
 Essay Contest!

Write an essay on running with the BRR and win a prize.  There are two categories: inspirational and humor.  First place in each category will receive a $100 gift certificate and runner-up, in each category, will receive a $50 gift certificate. The essay must be 300 words or less.  Send to  Winners will be announced during the June, First Monday Social, at Avery Brewing. Dead line for essays submissions is noon May 10th.  
Anyone interested in helping with the judging, contact me at the above address.
Three entires have been received.  
Opportunity to Support a Promising Athlete
My name is Sarah Dains and I am trying to help a good friend of mine pursue his high jumping dreams!
Briar Ploude graduated from Emporia State University in December with a secondary education degree and wants to be a middle school social sciences teacher. Before he pursues his teaching career he wants to chase his dream of competing at the World Championship meet in high jump. While Briar was at Emporia State University he was a 5 time National All-American in the event. He is now living in Hays, Kansas where he is training and coaching. He is currently tied for 16th in the world! He plans on traveling to Europe in June to compete and try for that World Championship qualifying mark which he is currently 2 inches from! Unfortunately money is holding him back from this endeavor and it would be disappointing for him to not be able to seize this opportunity due to finical reasons. That being said there is a go fund me account that has been set up to help him out and share his full story. I’m not sure if there is anything you can do to help but I figured informing more people couldn’t hurt. If you or anyone you know would be able to help him out the website is: . Any little bit would help!
Thank you for your time
Sarah Dains
Ottawa University
Human Services
Remember to post your running pictures and results on the Boulder Road Runners Facebook page.
Monday Fun Run at Fleet Feet- 6 p.m. 
Sunday Run 

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of early morn, stays the BRR runners from the swift completion of their Sunday Social Run".

The Sunday Social Run meets no matter the conditions.

Upcoming Events

May 2nd, Bolder Boulder Training Run, Turley's, 6:15
May 3rd, Sunday Run from Boulder High School
May 3rd, Happy Half Marathon at the Rez.
May 3rd, Fleet Feet Youth Track Meet, Boulder H.S. 10-2, 
May 4th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
May 9th, Colorado Middle School Runner Challenge 3K
May 10th, Sunday Run from Boulder High School
May 10th, All essays submitted by noon
May 13th, Cross Country Clash, visit for complete                schedule
May 16th, Bolder Boulder Training Run, Turley's, 6:15
May 17th, Sunday Run from Boulder High School
May 17th, Fleet Feet Youth Track Meet, Boulder H.S. 10-2, 
May24th, Pot-luck Breakfast, Scott Carpenter Park 9 a.m.
May 25th, Bolder Boulder!
June 1st, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
                Winners of essay contest to be announced
June 4th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
June 7th, Sunday Social Run time change to 8 a.m. 30th & Iris
June 14th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.
June 18th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
June 28th,Flatirons 10k, 8am 
July 2nd, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 6th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
July 23rd,Thursday, West End 4k, 
   6 pm  Kids 2k
   6:30 Corporate Challenge 
   7:00 Open
   7:30 Elite Men and Women
July 16th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
July 23-26, USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships
August 3rd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
August 6th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
August 12th, Wednesday, Pearl St Mile 
   6:00 Kids
   6:30 Open
   7:00 Elite Women
   7:15 Elite Men
August 20th, All Comers Track Meet, Potts Field, 6 p.m.
September 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
September 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.
Sept. 19th, Boulder Backroads Marathon and Half Marathon             Water Station Caption:  Jerry Greenwald

October 5th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
November 2nd, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 7th, First Monday at Avery Brewing, 4901 Nautilus Ct.
December 13th, Fleet Feet Social Run and Shopping Day 9 a.m.

February, USATF National Cross Country Championships, Bend, OR.
March, USSA National Snowshoeing Championships, Ogden, UT.

The training group will continue to meet at the Colorado Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m.  
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