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September 30th marked the last coaching session of the Boulder Road Runners’ training group by Rich Castro.  Rich began conducting a training session for ordinary runners in Boulder in 1978, having coached collegiate athletes since 1969.  The people he coached enjoyed the training and wanted to continue running together, beginning what was almost certainly the first long-term coaching in Boulder of “citizen” runners.  For over thirty-six years, Rich has been the nucleus of the Boulder running community, inspiring runners of widely varying ages and abilities.  His inspiration didn’t stop with running—he created in the Boulder Road Runners a community which gives, not only to the other members of the group, but to the running community as a whole and to those less fortunate.  Throughout those years, Patti has worked behind the scenes to make Rich’s wide range of endeavors possible.  We wish them the best in moving on to enjoying some well-deserved time together.    
There is a country/western song that starts out, “I was country, when country wasn’t cool!”
It should be noted, that when Rich came on the Boulder scene 35 years ago, it was a time that running for the general populace was in its infancy.  Through passion, initiative, and leadership he has helped transform Boulder into a running Mecca for people of all ability.  We are all appreciative of what Rich has meant to the Boulder Running club and how we have benefitted.  But his influence has been much broader.  Using the club as a vehicle, he established a volunteering ethic, fun runs, track meets, etc., etc.
It is so enjoyable to attend such races and meets and see enthusiastic participants that range from small children, to families, to seniors, all the way to accomplished pros.  Rich has been instrumental in making that happen.  But his influence didn’t stop at Boulder.  I recall that on a trip to Mexico, Rich asked Sharon and me to hand carry and deliver a large bag of dozens of pairs of running shoes, several checks representing race winnings, etc. to Martin Pitayo.  Martin was to meet us at the Mexico City airport.  I wish that you could all have seen how appreciative he was to receive the materials that he then would disseminate to runners throughout his region.  This is just one example of Rich’s influence abroad.
As Rich closes this chapter of his career, we should all congratulate him for being “the right man at the right time.”  As an important aside, Sharon and I also want to congratulate Rich and Patti for raising two special young men who, not surprising, are also accomplished runners.
Austin and Sharon Connolly
From the first day I found the Boulder Road Runners at FAC gathered to start the Tuesday morning run, new vistas opened for me - the warmth of new relationships, as well as the training challenge.  Thanks for my 12 great years of training, for local and national goals achieved, including road racing, track and cross country, for teaching us the value of group training runs, for teaching us to keep logs (which I still have), for the summer track series, for encouraging us to volunteer and the good feelings that go along with it, for the first Monday get-togethers, for the Sunday runs, for organizing our races as well as the out of town trips to races.  Most of all thanks for founding the Boulder road Runners and all the wonderful people you have brought together.  I feel very blessed to have been a part of this group.  You have enriched all of our lives through your leadership.  Your passion for this sport is infectious - and, you made running fun. So thank you so much!!!
--Lois Calhoun   
Thirty years ago I went to Rich to learn about running and, as a bonus, received a lesson in life. We've had some wonderful times together training, racing, volunteering and just plain goofing off. Throughout it all Rich never lost his enthusiasm or his sense of humor. Thanks for being such a great coach and role model. May the glory days continue well into the future.
--Carl "Iceman" Mohr
Thank you, Rich, for the many years of positive influence you have had on the Boulder running community. For me, you have been my coach from sometime in the seventies to now.  Your coaching has sometimes been on the track, sometimes through articles you written to the face-to-face suggestions on the Tuesday/Thursday runs you have lead for years and which I have only been a part of for maybe the last five years.  Your enthusiasm to help runners do their best is so consistent and so amazing. Your coaching suggestions and tips will continue to be that “voice” that comes through so loud and clear when I’m out on the roads and trails running.  All the best to you and Patti as you move onto other paths.  It will always be a pleasure when our paths cross!
Betty Valent
During the few years I've known Rich, his generosity has been exemplary. He welcomes newbies and seasoned runners alike.  He shares advice garnered by years of experience, simple axioms like this one: figure out your running goals, and train to them.  He has given richly, not only to the running community but to the Boulder and larger Denver-area as well. His legacy will endure in his retirement.
--Richard Valent
What I admire and continue to value about Rich and Patti Castro:
Rich been a terrific coach, mentor and friend.  What I have also admired
are Rich and Patti's active help to the less fortunate which is a good
example for us to follow.
Rich -- enjoy your "retirement" from coaching.
All the Best:
--Hank Kaplan
The Castros grow very tasty tomatoes.
--Chuck Lowrie
Despite his occasional suggestion that we cannibalize fallen runners for parts, Rich has taught us not only to be better runners but also to be better human beings.  He has not only taught us use the strength of the group to improve as runners, but also to look out for one another on the trails, to give back to the sport of running, and to give to the less fortunate. He has helped us to learn from one another and to forge strong friendships.  He has been patient with our weaknesses and helped us to develop our strengths.  While doing an excellent job of coaching our running, Rich has enriched our lives. 
Rich, I thank you for all you have done and wish you and Patti great enjoyment in your retirement.
--Gail Hunter
As long-time runners who have had to phase running, for the most part, out of our aerobic repertoire, we would like to thank Rich for his welcome to us when we moved to Boulder in 1994. He introduced us to many of the folks we now call friends. Thanks also for the immense amount of work you have put into our running club, the C.U. athletic program, the Bolder Boulder, and for organizing the wonderful "clinics" we used to have with the notable runners who live or stay in our area. It has been enriching on many levels. And since Rich and I almost share a birthday date, I'll also wish you a happy birthday. What a great ultra-run it has been, n'est-ce pas? Do be well, keep it up till you die, and we'll see you and Patti out there one of these golden Colorado days.
With affection and best wishes,
--Linda and Jean-Pierre Georges
Congratulations Rich on your next retirement.  I and my running have both gained from being with you 3 X 1 week X 6 years.  You have a lot of wisdom on many subjects rolling around in there.  You are always willing to try new things, change, adapt, and keep moving onwards...great qualities.  You remind me of one of my especially demanding plebe summer squad leaders who went on to have a stellar career in the Marine Corps.  He had a great saying about achieving success that I would share with you except that it's none of your business.
--Don Price
Rich has directed my schedule, my lifestyle and my goals for 35 years.  Now what?
And how was he able to do that?  
First, he included me in the training activities, like the Sunday Fun run at the library, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Potts Field, the lectures at Frank Shorter’s, and the church--all of which he organized.  He included me in the half price meals at Turley's, the couples' picnic relay at Viele Lake, my grandson's Diaper Dash, the national XC races.  Rich searched and found the best places for us to run. And I belonged.
Second, he told us about upcoming races to run, like the Air Force XC in Colorado Springs, or the Run For The Roses.  He told us about the CU champions, some of whom he coached, and kept us up on the national and international running scene. We worked the Bolder Boulder with him. I got interested.  I belonged.
Third, he made me the best runner I was capable of becoming.  I learned about intervals, pacing, cross training, persistence, running form. I won stuff. He kept us safe on dirt trails, if he could.  He ran with us.  He cared and knew how we did, about whether we were trying hard or not.  
Finally, he is funny, and lightens the load.
So now what?
--Judy Smythe
Note:  The training group will continue to meet at the Colorado Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m.  The group will decide on the Saturday run location.
Community Food Share 5K Turkey Trot
The Turkey Trot is on and, after all, it will be held one last time at the CU Research Park, November 27, 2014 at 10 a.m.  We will need your volunteer spirt to help this be a success.  Aside from a volunteer coordinator and marshals we will need someone at our club tent, helping with prize drawing, water station help and other opportunities.  Contact: to volunteer or more information.
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