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Running is not a spectator sport.  Compete or give back by volunteering.
Congratulations to Amelia Dickerson.  She has been invited to train at the Paralympics facilities in Chula Vista CA.  Next stop Rio in 2016?

Help needed at the Front Range Championships, May 9th, at Mountain Range H.S. Contact Carl Worthington:  (303) 809-6863

                                        MEET RIMA LURIE by Gail Hunter
On Saturday, May 3rd, Rima will be lined up on the border of New Mexico and Arizona, prepared to run the Shiprock Marathon.  She’s looking forward to the start, as the first half of the race has the best scenery.  It’s a point-to-point race, ending in Shiprock, New Mexico, and proceeds from the race benefit the Navajo.  In the last two years, Rima has won the women’s 60-69 age division by over an hour.  That’s not hard to understand.  If you watch Rima run, you see a woman floating effortlessly over the trail.  Her form is economical, yet still relaxed and graceful.  She looks as though she could run for miles without tiring, and that is exactly what she does.     
Rima grew up in Woodland Valley, New York, in the Catskill Mountains.  The family home was a non-working farm, surrounded by woods and brooks.  The area was quiet and undisturbed by traffic.  When not exploring the land around the farm, Rima was busy reading.  She read about Native Americans and dreamed of running long distances. 
Sports were not a part of Rima’s life when she was growing up, and she knew little about fitness, but she began walking regularly when she was in high school.  She enrolled in college at St. Lawrence University, a small school in upstate New York, near the Canadian border.  In October of 1966, in her sophomore year, her boyfriend invited her to run with him on the golf course.  From that point on, she was a runner. 
Rima transferred to the University of Colorado in 1968 and moved to Boulder.  She received her B.A. and, later, a graduate degree from C.U.  Once in Boulder, she became more seriously interested in running, and she also began bicycling and hiking more.  In 1977 she began running with a friend who was training for the Mt. Evans Ascent.  The cutoff time for the men was 2:40, and she was happy to finish faster than that time.  It was her first race and she won a trophy.  She ran Mt. Evans for years and rapidly got faster.  She also began to meet people in the running community.  Rima entered a 16-mile race in north Boulder in 1977.  She came in first and met Rich Castro, who invited her to run with the C.U. women’s track team. 
Later that year, her mother’s cousin invited her to run the New York Marathon.  She didn’t train formally for it and had never run more than 16 miles when she stepped up to the starting line.  She was introduced to Dr. George Sheehan while she was warming up, and he predicted that she would run 3:10.  It was a great day, and she finished in 3:15. 
When Rima came to Colorado as a country girl in 1968, Boulder seemed very big to her.  She visited Gold Hill and met the schoolteacher at the Gold Hill School for whom she began housesitting. Rima’s friend Murray took her on a walk to the homestead, and across the misty meadow she saw the old homestead.  To Rima, it felt like home.  It was the beginning of a long love affair with cabin and the land.  Rima began renting the cabin, but several years later moved back to Boulder to attend graduate school and to learn other things.
In 1984, Rima had a strong feeling that she needed to visit Ann Yeager, the lady who owned the homestead.  Ann was dying, and Rima stayed and helped her.  Rima had been doing hospice care, and caring for Ann reinforced Rima’s decision to make that work her career.  Ann died without close heirs, and after her death Rima was able to purchase the homestead near Gold Hill. 
After living in the original cabin without electricity or running water for nine years, Rima built a small, earth-friendly home.  The home is off the grid, powered by photovoltaic cells.  The house is tucked into the hillside and includes a covered outside enclosure for her two cats, where they can play and still be protected from predators.  The acreage surrounding the home includes views of Mt. Evans and Mt. Bierstadt, as well as the Indian Peaks, and her home is a wonderful, peaceful place.
Rima loves nature, and her runs and races are in areas where “scenic” is a serious understatement.  Her regular runs include driving from Gold Hill down to Boulder about once a week, stashing water and energy gels on the way.  She then runs up, between five and nine miles each way, then down again before going to work.  She considers herself a better road runner than trail runner, and she recently has revisited her habits of the 1970’s and 1980’s by running to NCAR or up Flagstaff to the five mile point.  In the summer, she runs and hikes a variety of high country trails, including a 26-mile loop that includes Buchanan Pass and Pawnee Pass.  She has seen moose and bear on her runs.  Rima has run and hiked the Rim to Rim to Rim traverse of the Grand Canyon, raced the Pike’s Peak Ascent five times, and run the Rim Rock Marathon several times.    
Rima dabbles in racing, but her passion is in being out in nature and moving.  She finds running to be essential, like breathing.  To Rima, running is a celebration of life, a form of contemplation and prayer.  Running is being in nature and giving praise, and when her run is good, it is a dance. 

The annual pot-luck breakfast is Sunday, May 25th.  The run will be begin at 8 a.m. and the breakfast and volunteer appreciation will begin at 9 a.m.  The pot-luck breakfast will be held at our traditional location:  Millennium Harvest House patio: 1345 28th St. Boulder, 80302
Below is the link to the petition supporting the development of a cross country course and running track at Valmont Park.
The BRR water station captain, Jerry Greenwald is looking for dedicated volunteers for the Heart and Sole Half Marathon on June
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