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June 2014 Newsletter

We're Five Years Old!

On May 1 we turned five. We launched a Teespring campaign to print a few shirts. If you got one of the shirts, thanks for your support. 

Would you believe this is our first newsletter? It only took five years to get around to sending something out. We're glad you're here.

Who are the ExpressionEngine Influencers?

I put up a short survey today to see who you think the most influential people and web development shops are in the ExpressionEngine world. If you have a second, could you answer the 2 main questions there? EE Influencer Questions Thanks in advance!

Also, I'd love to make sure I get as many answers as possible, so if you could share the URL for the questions, that would be very helpful. Here is a link to my @masuga tweet from earlier today:

Hey #eecms: Could you answer a couple Q's: Who are the most influential people or dev shops in ExpressionEngine?

Check Out Our Forums

If you haven't been to them yet, check out the new forums that we launched at the end of April.

Last Month in Add-ons

Here is a complete list of what we saw last month: "In," by Aaron Waldon was released this week and it looks like something I've wanted for a long time, and even fantasized about making a few years ago: an alternative to embeds (and snippets) that is lightweight and only called when needed–not loaded with every request to the template engine.

Here is everything else released last month:
  • Link Vault Logger by Ron Hickson
    A simple plugin to extend the great Link Vault module. The plugin merely logs a download without generating a link which can be useful in some situations (like dynamic PDF creation).
  • Related Open by Caddis
    This extension adds links to related items in ExpressionEngine's native multi-relationship field.
  • PG by Caddis
    A tag pair to loop through all GET/POST parameters in ExpressionEngine.
  • Number by Rein de Vries
    Create a real number field with the benefits of filtering due the nature of the field.
  • Currency by Rein de Vries
    Create a real currency field with the benefits of filtering due the nature of the field.
  • Limitee by Caddis
    Limit ExpressionEngine titles, text input field types, and textarea field types to a specific character count, with a counter to let you know how many characters are remaining.
  • Snappy Concierge by UserScape
    Deliver more than a CMS to your clients. Concierge integrates ExpressionEngine with the Snappy support system to manage your client support.
  • Time From Now by jbueler (jbueler)
    Time from now will let you add a string modifier to the current time and will return a datetime string in its place. This would be useful for performing channel entries loops with the start_on and stop_before parameters. This will let you use dynamic dates in situations where you may have had to enable PHP before.
  • Hop Fasta ($) by Hop Studios
    A Hop Studios Accessory that puts a Quick Update button on the Template editor.
  • Resizer by Caddis
    Use Resizer to to resize, cache, and retrieve images with a number of options.
  • Codeebird by Dan Herd
    An ExpressionEngine wrapper for the Codebird PHP Twitter library.
  • If Template Exists by Johnathan Waters
    This plugin simply tells you if a template-group/template exists on your site or not
  • Browser Detect by thotbox
    ExpressionEngine plugin which detects browser and browser families based on HTTP_USER_AGENT.
  • SubDomain by Denik
    Adds {subdomain} global variable.
  • PaternitEE ($) by Conflux Group, Inc. (Jeremy Gimbel)
    With a couple of simple tags, PaternitEE allows you to easily replace native ExpressionEngine categories and category groups with Playa or relationships fields.
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