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Dear Alice,

Thank you to everyone who responded to my suggestion last week to donate to Crisis at Christmas. From the emails I received during the week, it is evident that many homeless people will have been helped thanks to your generosity. The people you supported will have had a much better Christmas than they might have done. I hope you too had a good Christmas and that you are looking forward to 2017 with enthusiasm. Thank you for all your support in the past 12 months; I look forward to being with you every week for the year ahead. Meanwhile, have a Happy New Year, but before you start the celebrations take a quick look below to check if you have received an OBE.

Are you about to get an OBE?

OBE Award Graphic
Today we discover who has been given an award in the Queen's New Year's Honours List. In case you were wondering, I didn't get anything...! All say "aah". 

However, not be out-done by Her Maj, I have decided to give out some of my own New Year awards this year. So, here are my ten "OBEs" - Online Business Excellence Awards. And, like last week, they are in alphabetical order - every one of these award winners is equal in my eyes.

Alice Elliott
Alice is a real expert in blogging with WordPress. She provides excellent advice on her Fairy Blog Mother website, and you can benefit it from it even if you do not use WordPress. Alice is an award-winning blogger and can help you, no matter what stage of blogging you are at. Alice gets my "OBE" because of her expertise and her advice which is so easy to understand and implement.

Catherine Jenkins
Catherine is one of the leaders of Maxx Design, a web development and graphic design business that has gone from strength to strength in recent years. I have witnessed this company grow from a print-based graphics firm to a substantial player in the digital world. Catherine gets my award this year for being a leader of a web company that so clearly understands the place of digital in business.

James White
James is the Managing Director of Media First, a specialist communications training company. Over the past year, Media First has developed an online lead generation system that has proven to be hugely successful for the company. James gets my award this year for producing a stunning pre-Christmas campaign which combined several different elements of online marketing to generate more leads.

Jon Davey
Jon is an online legend. He started tinkering with websites almost 20 years ago and quickly became one of the most well-known people in local online marketing. Now, he has moved away from his Berkshire roots to the delights of Devon. But he hasn't forgotten his web heritage. Indeed, since moving away, he has been even more active in marketing automation. Jon gets my award for putting into action what he talks about. Far too many consultants talk and don't act. Jon, though, enthusiastically embraces what he speaks about.

Liraz Margalit
Liraz is a web psychologist who works for ClickTale. She provides excellent advice on the psychology of the internet. She also shares lots of information about online psychology. Liraz gets my OBE Award this year for consistently providing highly useful information on the psychology of the web that can be applied in your business.

Lottie Hearn
Anyone who has been to a conference where Lottie is also attending will not have to wait long to meet her. That's because Lottie is a leading edge expert on online video. Before an event has even started, Lottie will be broadcasting live from the coffee lounge. Lottie is one of the leading proponents of online video and helps people get the best out of being on camera. She gets my award for her endless enthusiasm for online video and her continual desire to learn even more about it.

Nathan Ellering
Nathan works at CoSchedule where he writes some brilliant blog posts about content marketing amongst other topics. Not only that, he shares a great deal of useful information through the CoSchedule Twitter account, where he always responds to any comments you make. He gets my award for being the most engaged content marketing expert I have encountered.

Nathan Littleton
Another Nathan who is also an expert in his field. Nathan started his first online business while he was still at school at just 12-years-old. Since then he has developed a real expertise in online marketing, particularly email marketing.Nathan gets my award for demonstrating clarity in the complex world of email marketing.

Richard Stevenson
Rich works at ePages where he is Head of Marketing Communications. He has considerable experience in the world of web hosting, having spent more than a decade with the world leaders, 1&1. He also worked for Fasthosts, another top hosting company. I have yet to meet anyone in the world of hosting who is as keen as Rich to help business owners understand how to get the best out of the web. He gets my award for his creative use of online communications to help online shop owners.

Simon Hazeldine
Simon is an expert in helping businesses deliver bottom line results, but he doesn't get my award for that. Instead, he gets the OBE Award for his concerted effort in building his online Twitter network. He has developed a solid strategy for increasing his followers naturally, using Manage Flitter, amongst other methods. His Twitter following has increased dramatically - more than fourfold in a year. Simon gets my OBE for showing how a social media strategy can work.

So, there you have it, my Ten OBE Awards for 2016. If you didn't make the list, don't worry, because another set of awards will wing its way to you during 2017 so you could be on that list. I'll call it the "Birthday Honours List", and I'll be giving away some "knighthoods". You could call yourself "SIR" (yes, even women), because it stands for the "Significant Internet Results" award.

Have a fantastic New Year celebration tonight, Alice. I shall speak with you in 2017...!

Happy New Year...!
Kind Regards


Graham Jones
Internet Psychologist

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