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Dear Debbie

Well, at least I called you by the right name this week...! I am so sorry for calling you "FIRSTNAME" last week. Several people contacted me to point out my error, for which I apologise. You might as well know, I am currently testing a variety of email services to see if I need to move. All of the email marketing programs have been significantly updated in the past year or two and so I have been conducting some tests - and I like "live" tests because you learn so much more from them. You also learn to check the email coding system before you send it out...! Whoops...! Sorry. Let's hope this week I have not made any blunders, nor next week when I'll be testing something else no doubt.


Do You Need a Fancy Domain Name?

Signs showing domain name extensionsThis week saw the launch of the "Dot London" domain names, meaning if I wanted I could be "" instead of plain, boring, "".

One of my regular readers rang me the other day having seen some press coverage of the launch to ask me if they ought to get a "Dot London" address.

My answer was completely clear - yes and no...! Domain names like "Dot London" are fast coming on stream now, since the web was opened up to abolish the power of the "Top Level" domain name endings such as "Dot Com". Indeed you only have to type in or click on "" to see that new, fancy domain name endings are alive and well...!

So do you need any of them? You could well need a "Dot London" address if your business is associated with this geographical region. For instance, if you are a London-based taxi firm, then "" would be quite good to have. We sometimes forget that many searches on the web are for local services and suppliers. You can enhance your local nature on the web with these new geographical top level domains.

However, there are other domain name extensions which are now available, such as "Dot Agency", "Dot Email" or "Dot Company". There are also other potentially useful domain extensions such as "Dot Support" or "Dot Tips". Plus in the coming months you'll be able to get "Dot Associates" or "Dot Lawyer" or "Dot Author" if you want.

Hundreds of different domain names are on their way and the race is on to ensure you get the ones you want. You can order domains for a variety of existing new extensions from Domain Monster, for instance. Plus over at 1and1 you can order existing extensions as well as pre-register your interest in domain extensions that have not yet been released.

But the question remains, do you need these fancy new domain names? Geographical names have obvious uses - remember the web is more local than it is global. But do you really need your business name followed by "Dot Company" for instance?

There are some compelling reasons for splashing out the £19.99 a year on each of these names, not least of which is preventing other people from using them. I hope Marks and Spencer have lined up "" for instance...! Now that is a protected brand name, so you couldn't register it and then sell it on to M&S for a tidy sum. But what if your business does not have brand name protection? What if you are an individual? In these instances, your name could be used even by a competitor. So, claiming the obvious names - even if you do not use them - could be a wise thing to do.

There are also some good marketing reasons for choosing some new domain name extensions. For instance, if you owned "" you instantly tell people what your business is about if your new domain name becomes "". This is why these new domain extensions have value - they market your business in a blink of an eye - and considering that people have low attention spans these days and want instant answers, then these new domain name extensions provide just the kind of marketing support you need.

So there are some good practical reasons for buying these new domain name extensions.


Allow more time for travel

This week I was late for an appointment because I got lost. Well, sort of lost - my friend hadn't quite given me the right directions. Not his fault, of course, I should have checked where I was going. But it reminded me that only last week I arrived only 15 minutes before I was due to give a workshop when I normally like to arrive an hour ahead. Why was I so late? Because the online map I had looked at told me how long it would take to travel there - and my SatNav agreed. So I took their word for it. Even allowing some additional time in case of traffic hold-ups was not enough. I arrived flustered and annoyed with myself - even though my client thought that by arriving 15 minutes ahead of schedule I was early...! If you are like me you will probably use a variety of tools, such as online maps, SatNav, or public transport websites to help you plan your journey. But these systems are not as reliable as we might think. I shouldn't let myself fall into thinking they are right. I should trust my own instincts and allow more time - ignoring whatever these systems tell me. Lesson learned. Much better to arrive too early and have to stop for a coffee than get there frustrated and sweaty...!


The Best Stories and Tips from Speakers Corner

Cover of story telling bookSpeakers Corner is one of Britain's most respected story-telling training companies, run by former advertising executive, Barry Graham. Story-telling is an essential component of good business. Stories engage people and they help explain your points easily and in an entertaining way. Yet, many businesses fail to use stories anywhere near enough. This (FREE!) short book will help you do just that. Packed with stories and tips on using them, "The Best Stories and Tips" is an excellent read and something which everyone who is trying to present their ideas, give a speech or make a sale should read. Plus this booklet is entirely free of charge. You can download the PDF directly here, or visit the Speakers Corner website and download this booklet as well as other tips.


I discovered this week how certain bookshops appear to choose their "Top 10" books. I was at a bookshop in front of the Top 10 business books when a sales assistant came along to add some stock to the shelves. She put out the trolley of books she had been given and then noticed, like me, that one of the "Top 10" had an empty space. So, she looked around, found two identical books from another shelf and then simply inserted them in at the gap. Perhaps my book was never "number one" after all...!

Well, Debbie, that's it for another week. Don't forget if you want to book me to help you, check out the Consultancy and Speaking Services I offer. Or if you want to buy books and CDs, go to my product site. And for business owners there is always my Seminar Series to find out about.

Kind Regards


Graham Jones
Internet Psychologist


Telephone: +44 (0)118 336 9710

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