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Newsletter | January 2015
In the past two years, we have presented meSch related papers at a number of international conferences. Most of the papers were collaboratively written by several meSch partners from different disciplines. At EuroMed 2014 we even won the prize for the 2nd best project paperSafe to say that we find it high time we drew your attention to these academic writings!

Furthermore we are presenting you the latest updates on our progress. Find out how we evaluate our prototypes and how this helps us to evolve them into elaborate versions. We are also proud to announce that meSch technology will be fully integrated into an exhibition at the Museon. The meSch technology will help to link war and peace and connect past and present in new and hopefully exciting ways. This brings us one step closer to enabling every heritage institution to integrate smart exhibits in their exhibitions!

meSch papers
Did you know that a lot of papers written by our partners, about meSch (related themes), are published on the website? You can find them on the Ouptuts page, or take a look at some examples:

Connecting opposits: meSch technology in an exhibition

From April to November 2015 in the Museon there will be an exhibition about The Hague and the Atlantikwall, in which meSch technology will be fully integrated. It will provide an excellent setting for the visitor studies that are planned within the project. The Museon explains the ins and outs of the plan in their blog.

The meSch approach to evaluation

Assessing the impact of the meSch approach is a task of critical importance within the meSch project. Evaluation is all about exploring the short and long term impact, potential and viability of meSch and it’s products for all implicated stakeholders: museums, Cultural Heritage professionals, museum visitors, designers, tech developers and engineers. No wonder therefore that meSch has a dedicated Evaluation Work-Package (WP7).

meSch at Euromed 2014

On the week of November 3rd to November 8th, the EUROMED 2014, Digital Heritage conference took place in Limassol, Cyprus. This was the 5th edition of this International Conference that is dedicated to Digital Heritage. Read the blog to see what contribution meSch made.

The travelling loupe

In July 2014 the eCultValue project launched an Open Call to select Living Labs able to run concept validation experiments at European museums based on technologies developed within FP7 projects for Cultural Heritage. One of the awarded proposals is using meSch technology! The loupe, developed by WAAG Society, travelled to the Digital Spaces Living Lab in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can read all about it in several meSch blogs:

Going to the trenches with meSch technology

The Companion Novel multi-point auditory narrative system, was designed by the meSch team at SHU for amplifying the emotional and interpretative dimension of the visit of outdoor heritage sites with particular historical and emotive values. It was tested in a field trial at the trenches of Nagià Grom from the 21st-25th July 2014. Read more about the field test and its results in the blog the team wrote.
Interested in reading more about meSch related themes? Here are some suggestions:
Upcoming Events:
Video: meSch prototype - the loupe
This prototype was developed by WAAG Society. It's been tested in several European insitutions over the past few months.

MeSch project (2013-2017) receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme ‘ICT for access to cultural resources’ (ICT Call 9: FP7-ICT-2011-9) under the Grant Agreement 600851.

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