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On the 4th of December, I (Michael) helped add the 1,000th Bible to the Every Tribe Every Nation Digital Bible Library (ETEN DBL): the New Testament in the Kala dialect of the Umbu-Ungu language of Papua New Guinea. I posted the Umbu-Ungu Kala New Testament on in August, 2011, but adding this Scripture (and many others) to the ETEN DBL makes it easier for others like YouVersion to add it to their apps and web sites. I am also able to draw from the ETEN DBL to post some of those Bibles online, as well. We still have a long way to go to make the Holy Bible available to everyone in their own language and most useful formats, but we are making good progress. If you just look at the countries with at least one Bible translation available in a language spoken in that country, the coverage is encouraging. In the above map, countries touched by Bibles directly hosted on my Bible web sites are shown in shades of blue.  Rejoice, because God is using unprecedented cooperation among Bible translation agencies, churches, and Christian ministries furthering the goal of reaching every country, tribe, and language with the Good News of Jesus Christ!
Polga Life dancers from the Western Highlands Province
The dancers above come from the same province in Papua New Guinea where Umbu-Ungu is spoken.

As we celebrate Jesus Christ's birth, it is encouraging to know that more people have electronic access to this Good News.

May God bless you with overflowing joy!
Rachel dancing
We celebrate Jesus' birth in many ways. Here Rachel is dancing during the Christmas program at Doris Todd Christian Academy.
Children at the 2009 Goroka Show
God loves children. Praise God that these children have the Word of God available in their own language, both in print and freely available in electronic formats. These two are particularly blessed, in that they are within walking distance of the Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF). (I used to serve on their board, and got to visit with them briefly, last year.) Among other awesome things, CRMF sells inexpensive smart phones pre-loaded with offline Bibles in the local languages and dedicated audio Scripture players. They also have some portable Wi-Fi hotspots that don't connect to the actual Internet, but provide access to a Bible library.
Woman from the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea
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