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Xiphos Bible Study Software
Praise God! The new repository for Crosswire Sword modules has been officially opened! This means that a whole set of free and open source Bible study programs works with all of the Bible translations that I have been allowed to distribute freely. Currently there are 677 Bible modules in that repository, with more on the way. Thank you for your prayers and support that made this possible! For more about this, including information to get you started with this rich set of resources, please see
Hay harvest, Chafee County
In 1 Chronicles 21, Satan caused King David to take a census that didn't please God. Why was that? Was it because God would rather have us make decisions based on His leading, rather than based on our own calculations? That mistake cost 70,000 men their lives. But there were also other times when God asked for the people or their assets to be counted. May God help all of us to stay sensitive to His Holy Spirit in all that we do, how we live, how we handle money, and in who we are!

Part of the upcoming meeting of the Every Tribe Every Nation Digital Bible Library will be about "metrics". "Metrics" are numbers that measure things like how many times a particular Bible is read or downloaded from a web site, what areas people are accessing the site from, etc. These numbers associated with our ministry, or anyone's ministry, can be exciting and encouraging, but they can never tell the whole story, nor do they actually measure the true end results. Only God knows the true measure of our success. Please pray for godly wisdom, not just for me, but for the whole group, concerning what is appropriate and what is not; and what is helpful and what might potentially be harmful. I'm sure that our brothers and sisters in persecuted countries, and even in countries where Internet access is expensive and intermittent would appreciate us considering their circumstances.

No matter what we decide there, the real measure of success in ministry is when we hear Father God to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"
Numanggang people
Numanggang people (New Testament dedicated in 2006)

We thank God for:
  • Our faithful partners.
  • Great progress made in Bible translation.
  • Bible translators and translation agencies that share their work with us and the world.
  • An awesome Christian school for Rachel to attend.
  • Open doors for effective ministry.
  • Technical difficulties overcome.
  • All 4 of our awesome children.
  • Christian fellowship, both near and far.
Rachel with feather hat
Rachel enjoys the company of our new pet cockatiel, Jarjar. We left the puppy we had when she was 4 years old in Papua New Guinea, along with the cockatoo.
Rachel, 6 years ago
"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed."—Robert H. Schuller

October 2015 marks the 4th straight month where our Bible sites received over 5.2 million hits per month. For comparison, there were slightly over 2 million hits in October 2012. (Those numbers don't include or
We give away free Bibles in over 636 languages. Where copyright owners allow us (i.e. for 615 languages), these are available in many electronic formats on many web sites and via Digital Bible Society media libraries. These Bibles are not copy-protected with any sort of DRM, but freely copyable to many kinds of devices. Except for the World English Bible and its derivatives, all of these are translated by others who allow us to distribute their Bible translations. We do this because God's Word produces eternal results in people's lives. We don't require payment for any of these Bibles, but rather rely on God to supply our needs. God is well able to do that. We are truly grateful for those whom the Lord leads to support us so that we can keep doing this. We are very grateful to those Bible translators and Bible translation agencies who allow us to freely distribute their Bible translations without charge.
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