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1 Timothy 2:1-2
Do you want to know what countries people who read and download the Bibles from the sites I manage are in? Do you want to know which translations are being accessed? Now you can find out at The numbers keep increasing. Last month there were 1,608,629 Bible web site page views and downloads. Please pray for the recipients of those digital Scriptures that they would get the full benefit of God's Word in their lives.
I get lots of feedback about the Bibles we distribute with your help. A lot of them are technical questions, but they indicate that people are reading and using the Scriptures. Here is a small summary of some recent correspondence:
  • Question about the World English Bible: is attribution required with quotes? Answer: no, but you can if you want to or if it will help your readers.
  • Question from a software developer wanting a specific format of a Bible for software he is writing. Answer: select the translation in, then select "show developer formats".
  • A request to reprint the World English Bible New Testament from our PDFs. Answer: YES. No strings attached. Just a blessing. I get lots of questions like this, even though additional permission is not required. I guess it just sounds to good to be true, so I answer anyway and often get an enthusiastic thank you note in response, especially from people who had been told "No" too many times by Bible copyright owners.
  • Question: Is there a WEB Spanish version available? Answer: No, but there is a public domain Spanish translation of the Holy Bible in progress.
  • A thank-you note for having such well-formatted Kindle version of a Bible translation.
  • Many thank-you notes for freely distributing Scriptures online.
There are more, but that should help you understand that there are real people on the other end of the Bible delivery chain. 

Thank you for your partnership with us in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ into the whole world!
Rachel in soccer uniform
Rachel likes to play soccer, like her mom. If you are really observant, you can find a bird in this picture.
People who speak minority languages and people in persecuted countries need better access to the Holy Bible in their own languages.
These are the people who normally can't just go to a bookstore and buy a Bible. However, they often have access to digital devices that can display Bible text and play audio Bibles.
With your help, we are helping these people have easy access to God's Word.

For English speakers, we provide the World English Bible and its derivatives. All of the other Bible translations are translated by others who allow us to distribute their Bible translations. We do this because God's Word produces eternal results in people's lives. We don't require payment for any of these Bibles, but rather rely on God to supply our needs.
We thank God for:
  • People who pray for us.
  • Our financial partners.
  • Bible copyright owners who grant us permission to freely distribute their Bible translations.
  • Many people are reading and listening to the Bibles we provide.
Tax-deductible donations may be made to us online or by sending a check to:

MARRIETTA GA 30061-0379


Please mark donations "FUND CODE #70".

Personal mail can be sent to us at:

PO BOX 881143
PUKALANI HI 96788-1143

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