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World map of places we delivered Bibles

Dear Friend,
The above map shows a pin in each where we have delivered digital Scriptures in the last year. This map shows one way in which our ministry is expanding. Of course, this doesn't mean we are done, by any means. We don't yet have all of the languages covered that we could, nor are we delivering as many Bibles as we could into each of those regions. (You can see more details about Bible deliveries, languages, etc., at 

Friend, I get lots of email thanking us (you, me, and our partners) for the Bible distribution work we do. Usually, I don't go to the trouble of asking the senders for permission to publicly share these messages with you, but this time, I did. Here is one message that I hope encourages you:

Dear Michael,

The purpose of this email is to tell you how much I appreciate the work you have done on your website and to thank you!

I have found your WEB translation to be very good.  And, I appreciate the computer processable formats you have provided for various versions. 
In Christ,


Dr Michael Colburn
Mission Specialist
Linguistics and Translation

Again, thank you for helping us do this work. May God be glorified!

Currently, we have the Holy Bible online in 701 languages. We want to continue to provide free access to digital copies of the Holy Bible in even more languages, but we need your help.

From June 2013 through the end of December 2016, I (Michael) did some part-time contract work for the Digital Bible Society. That helped us make ends meet and gave them a great boost in digital Bible distribution quality and quantity.  Of course, we now need to focus on fund raising to compensate for this change in income. We can cover some of our living expenses with Lori's teacher salary and by renting out part of our house, but we still need regular monthly donations to cover ministry expenses.

I computed how much we spent on ministry last year and divided it by our best estimate of the number of Bible downloads plus chapter views, and it came out to less than three quarters of a cent per Scripture delivery. Our ministry bills include:
  • High-capacity, fault tolerant web server operation
  • Internet access and other utilities
  • Domain name registration fees (currently for 128 domains)
  • Software development costs (labor, hardware, software, and facilities)
  • Web site development costs (labor, hardware, software, and facilities)
  • Bible translation format conversion labor
  • Time and resources spent negotiating Scripture distribution permission
  • Travel costs for conferences and meetings with fellow laborers

Those are all annual or monthly costs. That is why we so greatly appreciate our current financial partners!
How can you help?

  • Pray for us and our ministry regularly.
  • Donate monthly. (You can do this automatically if you want.)
  • Donate for special projects, conferences, etc.
  • One-time gifts as the Lord leads.

How much should you give? Only what God puts on your heart, and what you can give willingly and joyfully.

Our prayer card
If you have questions about what we do and why, there now more details on our web site at, which now includes a frequently asked questions page. You can also download a high resolution version of our prayer card for quality printing, there.

Praise the Lord for:
  • Successful recovery from 2 hack attacks and 2 hardware failures in the last 2 months with minimal Scripture site down time and significant upgrades to site security and capacity.
  • Growth in Scripture distribution.
Please pray for:
  • Successful launching of the Solomon Islands Bible site (Isaiah 24:15, 42:12)
  • God's provision for this ministry and for our family (Psalm 23:1, Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:19)
How can we best pray for you?
Jesus Christ is Lord!
Michael & Lori Johnson
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Please mark donations "FUND CODE #70".

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