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Social Distancing and Vedic Astrology

Dear Consulters, Subscribers and Readers,

Social distancing in the current times of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is one of the foremost ways in which safety of human being is being sought to be ensured, to whatever extent possible. I have today explored the prospect of the conventionally distressing becoming at times the flip side of Rajayoga, through a discussion of the Saturn-Moon combination in the Vedic horoscope.  

My paper of today discusses the concept of social distancing as aforesaid, examined through the principles of Vedic astrology. It may be read at-
The paper establishes in part that in certain cases suffering is nothing but a blessing in disguise. Apart from the fact that all that we experience, including at the hands of others, is largely our own Karma reflected, it is also at times a gateway to all things good. Distancing and solitude, alienation and dissociation, sometimes even from one’s own self, can be catalysts, even pathways for attaining the pinnacle of one's life.  
Is it possible then to extend this principle to any affliction, at least in theory, especially of the Moon, or other planets and Karakas that define the oftentimes elusive self; there is food for thought there. There is nothing in suffering which is to be inherently celebrated or welcomed. Suffering is a conventionally malefic experience. But what we will see today through this paper, is that like life, suffering and distress can be textured and mysterious, and can surprise us in unexpected ways.  
Anurag Sharma


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