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Difference between Shri Rama vs. Ravana and Sun vs. Rahu:
There are some very important things to note in Vedic astrology in the context of the natal horoscope, on the occasion of Dusshehra (Vijaya Dashami). Remember that it is Lord Rama who defeated Ravana for the purpose of granting him Moksha, and this is not a development which can be reflected in anybody’s natal horoscope. The Vishnu Avatara is an incarnation while the other nativity is a human horoscope.

Shri Rama (Sun) is not the Sun in a natal horoscope. The Sun in the natal horoscope is a link that we have to Shri Rama. Ravana (Rahu) is not Rahu in a given horoscope. Rahu in a given horoscope carries the attributes of Ravana and establishes a human link to those qualities.

In other words, Shri Rama is Surya Avatara and Ravana was an embodiment of Rahu, a brilliant Brahmin of another type.

Shri Rama battled Ravana and won. What will happen if the Sun battles Rahu in a given chart. The Sun will lose and this is the reason for the eclipse caused by Rahu. The King of the Cosmic cabinet will lose in direct battle with Rahu.

How can this be?

This is for the reason that Rahu will use deceit while Sun will simply issue royal diktat to the army and sit

Hence the reason for remedies and to invoke the name of Shri Rama to get over curses and evils in the chart, represented by Rahu. 

Real life implications:
This is also the reason for our recommendation to not engage in battle with a person who has Rahu in certain positions from the Arudha Lagna. It will be like battling a general with exemplary know-how of all strategic war techniques, and then some more. How many of us would like to do that.

Those who themselves have Rahu strongly placed from the Arudha Lagna, have the correct mindset for the competitive realities of life and will fight and strive to achieve and hold on to material success.

If on the other hand, there is somebody with Leo Lagna who rightly identifies with the Sun, and has Rahu inimically disposed, he will be systematically thrashed by Rahu till the Sun shines with a more realistic and tempered light. If the Sun is very strong in the horoscope, then this will take time and then a balance will be achieved. Further assume for the sake of illustration that Rahu itself is very supportive from the Arudha Lagna, despite being inimical for the Lagna, then after enlarging the personality, the person will treat the Sun as the Sun, and his own being as his own being comprised of the Karma of all the Grahas in the horoscope. There is one more thing.

Sammukha and Abhimukha Rashi:
Sammukha and Abhimukha Rashi will show that which has to be confronted and assimilated and if Rahu should be here then it has to be properly and systematically assimilated in the being, else it will trouble at every step.

Rahu in the 6th House:
Shri Rama had Rahu in the 6th House from Lagna. Anybody with Rahu in the 6th House from the Lagna will face enemies of the nature of Ravana. If this happens to be a Rashi to be assimilated then the task is to understand Rahu.The seemingly inane strategies of adding a safe amount of red chillies (Sun) to the food or to eat mushrooms and other foods indicated by Rahu are all premised on these associations.

Anurag Sharma


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