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Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius: A Tapestry of Karmic Implications

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With Jupiter finally transiting to Sagittarius, having retrograded back to Scorpio previously after His initial entry into Sagittarius, the stage is now set to study the implications of this transit in our lives, especially as Jupiter is conjoined Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius. 
For this reason, the paper on the subject recently published, delves into the matter deeply- the nature of the two signs involved, Scorpio and Sagittarius, the association with the other two planets, Saturn and Ketu, the nature of Jupiter Himself, and His aspects, and so on and so forth.  
This contemplation extends specifically to each Lagna (Ascendant) rising in the twelve signs of the zodiac and therefore becomes comprehensive. Further, as we often emphasise, the impact ought to be gauged from each Arudha Lagna, given that precipitate realities are to be studied from that reference. In the result, a fair picture emerges for each Ascendant, comprising the impact of this transit and the conjunctions of the planet Jupiter. 

Importantly, the paper relates the transits, not only of Jupiter, but also of the conjoined Saturn and Ketu, to combinations that may obtain in the natal horoscope. Resultantly, some very realistic propositions emerge from a careful study of this work, more so if the recent papers on the transits of major planets are referred to alongside.  
It is a tapestry, since a myriad factors coalesce to reflect extant realities for the individual. Immediate insights and thoughts to ponder on will accrue from a sincere reading of the paper itself which is available at:
I will be accepting only those consulting requests in the month of July and August, 2019, for subsequent scheduling, which are sought in individual circumstances that are important, immediate, serious, urgent and the like, and therefore conform to the core theme at this advisory resource, of studying the core Karma for the lifetime in a given Vedic horoscope, with a pragmatic view to arriving at mitigation and solutions of specific issues in distinct areas of life. Given the heavy weight of pending consulting assigments, prioritisation in accepting requests has become inevitable at the current time.  This device may extend further in time, if the existing constraints should persist.

Anurag Sharma


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